North Central Area Committee
Monday, 17th February 2020 at 2:00pm 












  1. 1 Minutes of the North Central Area Committee Meeting 20th January, 2020
  2. 2 Questions to the Area Manager
  3. 3 Area Matters
  4. 3 a) Age Friendly
  5. 3 b) Pre Part 8 Report to initiate a Part 8 planning application for Fairview Park Tearooms
  6. 3 c) Part 8 St. Anne's Park (Overview of Part 8 Application to be made later this Spring/Summer)
  7. 3 d) Action Plan - Bull Island Management Plan Objectives
  8. 3 e) Clontarf Baths
  9. 3 f) Darndale - Waste Management
  10. 3 g) Housing Supply Report
  11. 3 h) Housing Allocations Annual Report 2019
  12. 3 i) Sports and Wellbeing Partnership Report
  13. 4 Roads and Streets Matters
  14. 4 a) Minutes of TAG Meeting held on 28th January, 2020
  15. 5 Items for following Meeting
  16. 6 Motions
  17. 6 a) Motion in the name of Councillor John Lyons
  18. 6 b) Motion in the name of Councillor John Lyons
  19. 6 c) Motion in the name of Councillor John Lyons
  20. 6 d) Motion in the name of Councillor Catherine Stocker

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