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Monthly Council Meeting
Monday, 7th October 2019 at 6:15pm 









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  1. Overall
  2. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
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1 Lord Mayor's Business
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8 Report No. 275/2019 of the Chief Executive (O. Keegan) - Draft Park West - Cherry Orchard Local Area Plan 2019, Chief Executive's report on submissions from public display of draft plan.
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  1. Mrs Ruth Dowling
  2. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  3. Overall
  4. Mr Dick Brady
  5. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  6. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  7. Cllr Seamas McGrattan, SF
  8. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  9. Mr John O'Hara
  10. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  11. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  12. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  13. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  14. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  15. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  16. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  17. Mr John O'Hara
  18. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  19. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  20. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  21. Cllr Vincent Jackson Ind.
  22. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  23. Cllr Vincent Jackson Ind.
  24. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  25. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  26. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  27. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  28. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  29. Cllr Vincent Jackson Ind.
  30. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  31. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  32. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  33. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  34. Mr John O'Hara
  35. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  36. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  37. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  38. Cllr Hazel De Nortúin, PBP
  39. Mr John O'Hara
  40. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  41. Cllr Vincent Jackson Ind.
  42. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  43. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  44. Cllr Hazel De Nortúin, PBP
  45. Cllr Vincent Jackson Ind.
  46. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  47. Mr John O'Hara
  48. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  49. Mr John O'Hara
  50. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  51. Cllr Hazel De Nortúin, PBP
  52. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  53. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  54. Cllr Vincent Jackson Ind.
  55. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  56. Mr John O'Hara
  57. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  58. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  59. Mr John O'Hara
  60. Cllr Vincent Jackson Ind.
  61. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  62. Cllr Hazel De Nortúin, PBP
  63. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  64. Mr John O'Hara
  65. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  66. Overall
  67. Mr Owen Keegan
  68. Overall
  69. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  70. Mrs Ruth Dowling
2 Ceisteanna fé Bhuan Ordú Úimhir 16
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3 To confirm the minutes of the City Council Meeting held on the 2nd September 2019, the Local Property Tax Meeting and Special Meeting held on the 23rd September 2019.
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  1. Cllr Deirdre Heney, FF
  2. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  3. Joe Costello Lab
  4. Gary Gannon SD
  5. Dermot Lacey Lab
  6. Cllr Paddy McCartan FG
  7. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  8. Ms. Kathy Quinn
  9. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  10. Mr Owen Keegan
  11. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  12. Mrs Ruth Dowling
4 To fill vacancies on the following committees and outside bodies:
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4 a) One Vacancy to be filled for the board of the Dublin Mid-Leinster Regional Health Forum.
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  1. Dermot Lacey Lab
  2. Mrs Ruth Dowling
4 b) Six vacancies to be filled for the Sutton to Sandycove Joint Commitee.
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  1. Dermot Lacey Lab
  2. Mrs Ruth Dowling
4 c) One vacancy to be filled for the Climate Change Environment & Energy SPC. (Independent)
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4 d) One vacancy to be filled for the Economic Development and Enterprise SPC.
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4 e) Two vacancies to be filled for Dublin City Local Community Development Committee.
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  1. Dermot Lacey Lab
  2. Mrs Ruth Dowling
5 Report No. 310/2019 of the Chief Executive (O. Keegan) - Nomination of External Members to the Dublin City Council Audit Committee.
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  1. Cllr Paddy McCartan FG
  2. Cllr Seamas McGrattan, SF
  3. Joe Costello Lab
  4. Ms. Kathy Quinn
  5. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
10 Reports of the Chief Executive, in compliance with Section 138 of the Local Government Act 2001 informing the Council of works which are about to commence and in compliance with the Planning and Development Regulations 2001, Part 8:
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  1. Mrs Ruth Dowling
  2. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  3. Cllr Noeleen Reilly, Ind
  4. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  5. Cllr Alison Gilliland, Lab
  6. Cllr Terence Flanagan F.G
  7. Cllr Mícheál MacDonncha, S.F.
  8. Mr Dick Brady
  9. Cllr Terence Flanagan F.G
  10. Cllr Mannix Flynn, Ind.
  11. Mr Dick Brady
  12. Cllr Mannix Flynn, Ind.
  13. Mr Dick Brady
  14. Richard Shakespeare
  15. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  16. Mrs Ruth Dowling
  17. Cllr Mannix Flynn, Ind.
  18. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  19. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  20. Cllr Sophie Nicoullaud G.P
  21. Dermot Lacey Lab
  22. Cllr Vincent Jackson Ind.
  23. Cllr Michael Pidgeon G.P
  24. Cllr Patrick Costello, GP
  25. Cllr Daithí de Roiste, FF
  26. Cllr Hazel De Nortúin, PBP
  27. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  28. Mrs Ruth Dowling
10 c) Report No. 277/2019 - Proposal to carry out upgrading works to The Hugh Lane, Parnell Square, Dublin 1.
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  1. Janice Boylan SF
  2. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  3. Janice Boylan SF
  4. Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG
  5. Cllr Christy Burke, Ind.
  6. Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick F.F
  7. Joe Costello Lab
  8. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  9. Mrs Ruth Dowling
10 e) Report No. 278/2019: Proposal to carry out the renovation and redevelopment of the existing building known as the 'Rutland Street School' and site , Rutland Street Lower, Dublin 1, for use as a community hub.
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  1. Cllr Rebecca Moynihan, Labour
  2. Cllr Michael Pidgeon G.P
  3. Cllr Tina MacVeigh, PBPA
  4. Cllr Criona Ni Dhalaigh, SF
  5. Cllr Michael Pidgeon G.P
  6. Pat Dunne
  7. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  8. Mrs Ruth Dowling
11 Report No. 266/2019 of the Executive Manager (C. O'Reilly) - With reference to the proposed name change of 65 & 67 Ratoath Avenue, Finglas, Dublin 11
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  1. Cllr Hazel De Nortúin, PBP
  2. Mr Terence O'Keeffe
  3. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  4. Cllr Tina MacVeigh, PBPA
  5. Brendan Kenny
  6. Cllr Tina MacVeigh, PBPA
  7. Mr Owen Keegan
  8. Cllr Hazel De Nortúin, PBP
  9. Cllr Tina MacVeigh, PBPA
  10. Mr Owen Keegan
  11. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  12. Cllr Michael Pidgeon G.P
  13. Mr Owen Keegan
  14. Cllr Michael Pidgeon G.P
  15. Mr Owen Keegan
  16. Overall
  17. Cllr Rebecca Moynihan, Labour
  18. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  19. Cllr Criona Ni Dhalaigh, SF
  20. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  21. Cllr Tina MacVeigh, PBPA
  22. Mr Owen Keegan
  23. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  24. Mrs Ruth Dowling
13 b) Report No. 303/2019 of the Executive Manager (R. Kenny) - With reference to the disposal of the Fee Simple Interest under the Landlord and Tenant (Ground Rents) (No. 2) Act, 1978 in 20 premises.
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13 c) Report No. 282/2019 of the Assistant Chief Executive (R. Shakespeare) - With reference to the proposed disposal of apartments in New Priory, Donaghmede, Dublin 13.
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  1. Cllr Deirdre Conroy F.F
  2. Cllr Neasa Hourigan G.P
  3. Cllr Donna Cooney G.P
  4. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  5. Mrs Ruth Dowling
13 d) Report No. 287/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed grant of a licence of a Crèche facility between blocks 5-9 Rory O’Connor House, Hardwicke Street Flats, Dublin 1.
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13 e) Report No. 288/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011 transfer in Poppintree Neighbourhood Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 11.
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13 f) Report No. 289/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With further reference to the disposal of land to the rear of 68 Brian Road, Marino, Dublin 3.
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13 g) Report No. 290/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed disposal of a plot of land to the rear of No. 8 Harman Street, Dublin 8.
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13 h) Report No. 291/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed disposal of a plot adjacent to 6 Westwood Road, Finglas, Dublin 11.
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13 i) Report No. 292/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With further reference to the proposed disposal of multiple plots to the rear of properties at 18, 29 and 41 Eugene Street, Dublin 8.
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13 j) Report No. 294/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to proposed lease of 2 Sites adjacent to Mellow Spring Crèche, Mellowes Road, Finglas, Dublin 11 to Mellow Spring Childcare Development Centre Limited.
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13 k) Report No. 293/2019 of the Executive Manager - (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed Grant of a Lease of a plot of land at Cornamona, Kylemore Road, Dublin 10.
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13 l) Report No. 295/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed disposal of a plot adjacent to 10 Gortmore Avenue and 25 Gortmore Drive, Finglas, Dublin 11.
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13 m) Report No. 296/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed disposal of 25 Cherryfield Avenue, Walkinstown, Dublin 12.
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  1. Pat Dunne
  2. Cllr Daithí de Roiste, FF
  3. Mr Dick Brady
  4. Mr Richard Shakespeare
  5. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  6. Pat Dunne
  7. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  8. Mrs Ruth Dowling
13 n) Report No. 297/2019 of the Executive Manager (P.Clegg) - With reference to the proposed lease of a plot adjacent to 90 Fairlawn Road, Finglas, Dublin 11.
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13 o) Report No. 298/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed disposal of the Council’s fee simple interest in the premises known as No. 120 Upper Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9.
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13 p) Report No. 299/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed grant of a further licence to the premises at The Red Stables, St Anne’s Park to Olive’s Room Limited.
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13 q) Report No. 300/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed disposal of the Council’s freehold interest in the property known as 22 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2.
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13 r) Report No. 301/2019 of the Executive Manager (P. Clegg) - With reference to the proposed grant of a further licence of a site at Grattan Crescent, Inchicore, Dublin 8 to the Trustees of Conradh na Gaeilge.
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14 Report No. 271/2019 of the Chief Executive (O. Keegan) - Monthly Management Report
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  1. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  2. Mrs Ruth Dowling
15 Report No. 272/2019 of the Assistant Chief Executive (B. Kenny) - Social Housing Supply and Delivery Monthly Update Report.
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  1. Cllr Alison Gilliland, Lab
  2. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  3. Cllr Noeleen Reilly, Ind
  4. Mr Richard Shakespeare
  5. Mr John O'Hara
  6. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
16 Report No. 312/2019 of the Head of Technical Services (B. O'Brien) - with reference to the National Transport Authority and Bus Connects
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  1. Mrs Ruth Dowling
  2. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  3. Overall
  4. Cllr Deirdre Conroy F.F
  5. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  6. Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick F.F
  7. Cllr Neasa Hourigan G.P
  8. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  9. Pat Dunne
  10. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  11. Cllr Anne Feeney FG
  12. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  13. Cllr Marie Sherlock Lab
  14. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  15. Janice Boylan SF
  16. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  17. Gary Gannon SD
  18. Cllr Tina MacVeigh, PBPA
  19. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  20. Cllr Christy Burke, Ind.
  21. Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick F.F
  22. Cllr Naoise O'Muiri FG
  23. Joe Costello Lab
  24. Cllr Patrick Costello, GP
  25. Cllr Donna Cooney G.P
  26. Cllr Janet Horner
  27. Larry O'Toole SF
  28. Cllr Alison Gilliland, Lab
  29. Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG
  30. Cllr Catherine Stocker S.D
  31. Dermot Lacey Lab
  32. Patricia Roe SD
  33. Cllr Hazel Chu G.P
  34. Cllr Tara Deacy S.D
  35. Patricia Roe SD
  36. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  37. Dermot Lacey Lab
  38. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  39. Mr Owen Keegan
  40. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  41. Mr Owen Keegan
  42. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  43. Cllr Deirdre Conroy F.F
  44. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  45. Mr John O'Hara
  46. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  47. Cllr Deirdre Conroy F.F
  48. Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick F.F
  49. Mr Owen Keegan
  50. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
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25 Emergency Motion(s) to be taken no later than 8.30pm followed by motions 1 and 2 on the Agenda. Revert to Business on the Agenda no later than
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26 Motions on Notice
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  1. Cllr Criona Ni Dhalaigh, SF
  2. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  3. Cllr Deirdre Heney, FF
  4. Cllr Neasa Hourigan G.P
  5. Cllr Cieran Perry, Ind.
  6. Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG
  7. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  8. Dermot Lacey Lab
  9. Janice Boylan SF
  10. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  11. Cllr Tara Deacy S.D
  12. Cllr Hazel De Nortúin, PBP
  13. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  14. Mr Dick Brady
  15. Ms. Kathy Quinn
  16. Cllr Criona Ni Dhalaigh, SF
  17. Ms. Kathy Quinn
  18. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  19. Cllr Criona Ni Dhalaigh, SF
  20. Mrs Ruth Dowling
  21. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  22. Overall
  23. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  24. Cllr Deirdre Heney, FF
  25. Cllr Neasa Hourigan G.P
  26. Cllr Hazel Chu G.P
  27. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  28. Cllr Vincent Jackson Ind.
  29. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
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  1. Cllr Danny Byrne F.G
  2. Cllr Chris Andrews, SF
  3. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  4. Cllr Chris Andrews, SF
  5. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  6. Cllr Noeleen Reilly, Ind
  7. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  8. Cllr Anthony Connaghan, SF
  9. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
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24 The City Council to discuss the following Topical Issue "The importance of safe injection facilities".
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  1. Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG
  2. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  3. Joe Costello Lab
  4. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  5. Cllr Daithí Doolan, SF
  6. Cllr Tara Deacy S.D
  7. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  8. Cllr Tina MacVeigh, PBPA
  9. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
  10. Cllr Christy Burke, Ind.
  11. Dermot Lacey Lab
  12. Cllr Vincent Jackson Ind.
  13. Cllr Michael Pidgeon G.P
  14. Cllr Criona Ni Dhalaigh, SF
  15. Cllr Chris Andrews, SF
  16. Lord Mayor Nial Ring Ind
  17. Cllr Janet Horner
  18. Cllr Donna Cooney G.P
  19. Cllr Lord Mayor, Paul McAuliffe FF
Slide selection

members we person for a moment of reflection
thanks to members
he started on the Lord Mayor's business
I'd like to first of all start with some happiness and graduate we're obviously very productive Council to members of the Chamber had babies in in recent weeks we've Oak Councillor Maria Sherlock and Councillor Claire O'Connor I think at Council shared off this actually widows to saving congratulations
and the baby out of ABN
we might get we might get more sense I also heard that anybody else
so we will move on then
for approval of a council's attendance at the energy auction fuel poverty conference on the 21st of October a secular will circulate the details on that there was a request to facilitate a meeting of the All Ireland Local Authority Sustainable energy Forum and will circulate details on that and the last one I suppose is to mark
the conclusion of Dick Brady's time here in the Chamber I won't use the word retirement because they are still a young man Members have you just have a little bit of silence Dick
saved here is the Assistant Chief Executive for Environment and Transportation and he was formerly assistant chief executive in housing and he will be retiring on the 1st of November many of the members of the chamber will have worked with him in those two capacities I think he always worked with us in a very frank manner he always took time to explain the position of management
and he did so fairly tour thoroughly and I want to thank him for all his work in the City Council unlike many of his predecessors he's he's not with us here in his last meeting and I we would normally embarrass they official with lots of praise and so on but Dickinson here to receive that but I think I am joined by all the Group leaders in thanking DECC for his time in the in the Council and wished him the very best of luck
members if I could spend Standing orders for a moment to make a proposal there are two items which which we need to deal with tonight I items 8 and 9 refer to a local area plan reserve function and it must be exercised in life and in order to give time to it I propose that we take that as the first item on the agenda and I think that's agreed with Group leaders is that agreed
the second item relates to reports 12 and 13 as you know they relate to O'Devaney Gardens with discussions with the Group leaders you've seen that some correspondence between my office and the Minister's office and the suggestion is that we will defer the item for one month to allow further discussion with the Department is that a grades
OK ITEM 8 report
number 2 7 5 2 thousand 19 of the Chief Executive draft Park West sharing Orchard Local Area Plan 20 19 Chief Executive's report on submissions from public display of draft plan could I take a proposer and a seconder Councillor Jackson Councillor Burke and then
report Number 2 7 6 20 19 of the Chief Executive own Keegan draft Park West Cherry Orchard Local Area Plan Chief Executive's report on motions from the elected members can I get a proposer and a seconder Jackson and neither Olic
just hand over to the city planner John O'Hara who is going to explain how we're going to go through the various motions emerge
if if none of you have participated in a Development Plan meeting I advise you to pay attention at this time to develop plans is going to be a significant amount of the work that you do in this Council
the LAPD's are portions of that it's a reserved function it's a really serious function requires your attendance in the Chamber and your concentration even though it may not deal with our own local area I say that because we had a previous LA pet p which failed at the last hurdle and they want to avoid that so we could ask John just to give a brief overview of the LDP process for new councillors and then we get into the into the into the motions on to read the motions that have been put forward to us if they can be done without debate during the development plan that consensus is is that they are taken without debate and agreed if councils wish to pursue them where they disagree with the manager we will allow that and causes to reserve function we have the time to do that it's not normally done at a city council meeting the normally Dummett special meetings so I would ask ask you to bear with us John
thank you Chair
the Park West Cherry Orchard Local Area Plan is a reserve function under the statutory plan it sits under the City Development Plan also made by elected Members in 2 thousand 16
this Local Area Plan has been in preparation for the past year and a half it is involve local Councillors the community and external agencies
there has been extensive public consultation carried out including a number of evening meetings or over over the last 18 months as a result of that we would out in public display we received a 126 submissions all of which have been taken into account in the first report before you 2 7 5 of 19
On top of that we receive 52 motions from local councillors and that's in the second report
the usual procedure Chair is to take a report on submissions as red at this stage given that the motions referred to the outstanding matters of concern and I trust us the way we move forward
the local area plan builds on both the local economic Community Plan and making Cherry Orchard Plan 2 2 1 7 so does not denote level it is part of a process that's been going on for two or three years now
the plan has concrete objectives to regenerate Cherry Orchard Park west by providing two 2 thousand plus new homes with associated
schools other social infrastructure shops tree lined streets and to revamp Parks a Cherry Orchard Park and a gallant tone and along the Grand Canal Park
the plan also provides for news and New Street Lincoln carry Orchard to Ballyfermot road
link and linking to the train station it also supports the provision of a horse project or Naquin centre which could be said to be a subject to further analysis in relation to capacity building and governance
the draft plan is proposed members also provides a at 4 tenure mix in each of the five city council sites which span of themselves could provide up to 15 hundred new homes
what the plan proposes is that these the tenure mix be agreed with the members of the City Council at each stage prior to development in order to achieve a sustainable neighbourhood and Cherry Orchard
I want to stress Chair that this meeting is not about the disposal of any sake it's about making a master plan a local plan that set in place the implementation programme
the Chief Executive considers that the changes proposed in both reports before you on submission and motioned do not constitute material amendments and a shortage the Local Area Plan before before you can be made by the Council at this meeting
it should be noted that the local area plan must be decided by not less than half of the members of the City Council
if material amendments are agreed or are proposing agreed the plan must go another public display for four weeks following a following a three-week assessment by ourselves which may take it over Christmas
family Chair I just like to thank the local Councillors and the community for the constructive engagement in the preparation of this plan with with my Planning Team over the past year and a half thanks to
OK so
the development were that we do it slightly differently where councils are invited to accept the managers report on the motions and you submitted a motion the manager has given her a response if you accept the manager's response it'll be the manager's response that's included
in the in in in in the final plan and obviously that able depend on matters are material change or not so I'm going to read through the 50 odd motions that are before us and ask you are accepting the manager's reports and that will then allow us to concentrate on only those motions that that you were that wants to be debated where you don't accept the managers report their themed to the not incomes in in sequence of one to 50 odd because they are in in themes so I will do it then on the basis if you will call your name Motion Number 3 Councillor Sophie Nicolau de accepted managed to support
motion by 5 thousand manager to support
motion number 19 the accepted managers report
I do I'm happy about it
thank you Motion Number 1 Do you accept the Manager supports
I accept
motion over 60 except the managers report
for councillors who are following this is on page 1 9 8 is the list emotions cancer dual emotion 21 the accepted managers report
in so far as my motion asked for the social class be all encompassing of all contracts being issued as part of the LA P why the manager response positive play for City Council contracts and I ble I firmly believe for this to have a positive long lasting legacy in the area we need to ensure employment
parental but rather than get in supplanted you
want an expansion to
On that basis no matter what I'm saying is I would like to do is expanded to ensure that we aspired all contracts being issued as part of the LAP will include a social clause Even an aspiration of that I think is important drawn just simply
there's just
for the City Council lands
just one more win Council
we can aspire to it but I would say to the current letter under current legislation is outdated outside the scope of the LEP to replace social clauses 2 to third parties we can aspire to do by writing to the Minister
or whatever with that amendment Councillor so we're clarifying
that all City Council projects will contain a social class we aspire to have a social class for all contracts as part of the LA I welcome that Grandma
thank you Councillor motion 22 councils don't
the accepted managers report
yet I do
grow Margot
motion 40 Councillor Hazel Deller tune the accept the manager support
yeah accepted
support thank you motion 42 Councillor
except that projects emotion Number 7 Councillor Sophie Nickelodeon accepted managers report
SYPTE excellent cancer Motion Number 08 Council Niccolò
I accept
motion number 26 Council DCAL and the Executive Manager support
councillor emotion number 9 Councillor Sophie Niccolò except a manager to support
I accept in the understanding that the mixed tenure will be seen prior to the development of each site is or what it is
except thank you houses
councillor Duerden motion number 23
again I accept all we can do with the council land but I think we need to be expanding the 10 per cent and again it's about trying to ensure that that that this this LEP goes above and beyond what restricted by legislation can we aspire for a minimum of 10 percent social affordable and private lands
I must I must be quite firm here
the national legislation provides for 10 percent on private land the only exception to that is if the owner of those private land offers more than 10 percent
so we can aspire to it or you can ask us to write 2 2 2 2 2 the owner in those terms
appreciate if you contact the honest and let's see what they come back with
margaret thatcher great
motion Number 10 Councillor Niccolò
Magee Motion number 11
except motion number 12
Councillor dual emotional 24 and 25 so yeah
motion number 38 Council building
Councillor Vincent Jackson motion Number 51 the accept the manager support
I do Lord Mayor yes thank you
Councillor Doolan motions number 34
motion number 35 Council I do Motion number 36
councillor Jackson motion number 52 the etc. managers report
Lord managers will one cabinet I'm well aware with the decision of the commissioner to change the divisional headquarters how difficult it will be but Cherry Orchard has some specific social issues and the provision of a small sub station of a Garda station I think would be very productive in the development of a new Cherry Orchard there so any effort that management can do on that front should be supported in relation to that but I agree with the manager's governance
you accept the managers report Kyle Sinckler your coming in on that point A
Just appoint just
before do you have a motion on the subject
the Council has accepted that the bandages report
that mean there's nothing I can see all gain saw
it is open for you to discuss it but I suppose you none of your motions were challenged by other people but OK
what I just said
just that you wear it with the notion of a U D 16 that a or the need to design out a opportunities for crime for a in buildings and spaces are be where there would be a good excuse to cut any bushes and a change to design of space and a I find it a worrying
OK it's not a great measure
motion number 29 Councillor
Motion Number 47 Councillor Jackson
most number 48 Councillor Jackson
motion number 14 Councillor Niccolò
motion number 14
sorry there's a mismatch between the electronic version on the
same motion number 13
on motion Darjina would request that the group horsepower is included in the side a 3 A and we would ask as well that is included for the whole site 3 A to the group of horsepower for equine
community a social enterprise
chair I would agree with countries suggestion to amend
the policy to continue to support the development of Cherry Orchard
both for echoed centre and for a horse per project and consider pro proposals for community stabling on-site three-year subject to further detailed analysis in relation to government governance etc.
let's agreed
motion number 30 Council doing minor minus obviously Ward for the seminar and I would hope that the City Council continue to work with horsepower many of them are here in the public gallery I think they have to be applauded for their involvement so far and applaud the Dublin City Council for working with them in producing a hotspot and support and how far they've they've got a nice reflected here in the in the manager's response to Chief Executive's response and look forward to working together to ensure that it set up and supported and house inside three I think is the most appropriate site I think it's away from residential units it can also link directly into local enterprise we hope could be house at 3 as well but most importantly of all I think this is this is one of the reasons that the LEP can deliver a positive lasting legacy for all the community and we look forward to working with the management in delivering this as soon as possible and thanks to John and all the staff were supporting and working with us on this she accept the manager to support because I have to start again
and just as amended as amended and just to acknowledge those people fund the project in the in the gallery and others many parts of the city that are very envious of the operation that used on their and well done on that
notional 44 Councillor Hastings in our town
I just want some clarification before I agree and that's OK I just wanted to see where you're says that I agree that the list of outlined outstanding documents before we can fully agree that they have to be provided to the Council but I am just wondering when will that will they have to be provided you said that it will have to come before Full Council to be voted on is that when the site is to be developed I know we're not dispose of sites and also and I notice space for social enterprise and that I could we link that social enterprise community enterprise site in with the horse projects so that they could then develop equine culture within that I am enterprise
your second question first cut that that is exactly what we had in mind that we could Lincoln integrate on site tree and other say so two in increase the
Parliament and activities
and so there are synergies created
with regard to your first point
yes it is
this plan sets up the implementation of the LEP that the hard work starts now really implementation and as each said comes forward
we will we will bring the developments to the the proposal to Area Committee and work out of the Area Committee the mix of tenure of For For For each site
thank you Councillor account motion number 46 per Council Jackson thanks Lord Mayor just in accepting what the managers recommendation can I just say similar to my colleagues have said before I think the last few years but horsepower power in Cherry Orchard has been a demonstration in you know on Gone democracy for those young people who have taken on board an issue and broader to it a point in time nowhere at the City Council is prepared to support the concept of the development of a horse project here in the cherry orchard area for people at local horse ownership so I'm delighted to accept that manages recommendations and the whole concept that we will provide a site of Dare and also as a safe from those young people I think it's very important in a democracy that people feel that those efforts are taken seriously and I hope they understand after tonight here that the elected Members are serious and the Management and the City Council to develop a facility in the future in the cherry orchard area so I welcome at the manager's report here Lord Mayor
thank skills their emotional maturity to can also do
thank you Motion Number 20 Council doing
margaret emotional maturity nine councillors an opportune
motion number 50 Council Jackson
Mayor again can I just say I think whatever new schools go in Cherry Orchard they have to be a different type of school I am often mindful of the fact throughout the summer months when there is a deficit of community infrastructure in areas a lot of skills are just empty but find sports halls how economics rooms etc and craft rooms so I think going forward we need to ensure that this is a model development for schools that go into the cherry orchard area and into Park west that they are available after hours and at evenings and at weekends etc so I welcome the managing the Porter today
emotional maturity Tree House of doing
why does not agree now I would hope that the managed to take on board the issue on the Minister's Directive on the gwael skull and is able to accommodate a grammar school in the area
chair yes consider what we can what we will do and I propose to do is will write to the Department of Education and outlining the case that you've made your motion and look look to provide Nakheel's school if at all possible within within the implementation of the LEP
grandma gas appreciate your
cooperation number 2 Councillor Niccolò
and we
motion number 13
agree Motion Number 15
so I just need a point a woman it says anti-viration enters a I'll be worried that
land would be taken to or alter the MMR the boundaries or just want to make sure that the The are no land would be taken from the community gardens
the allocated does not propose to take any land for allotments
number 4 Councillor Nagle
agree emotional or 16 Councillor Nicholas
yes egregious
Motion Number 41 Councillor hazards in autumn
motion number 17 Councillor Nicholl
motion number 18 Council equal
agreed Motion Number 27 Councillor June
paid Motion Number 49 Councillor Jackson
yes Lord Mayor I agree with the manager again with over 2 thousand units being proposed maturity Archers sorry up to 3 thousand I think it's important to find
a longer ways inside the ask Councillor
no what I'm really saying is and I just say estate management is such a key component and whilst we have built very fine developments in the past we seem to slip up what I think is one of the easiest thing to do and that's to ensure we have strong ongoing estate management in their schemes so the I know that will only pertain to the public houses but I fully support this thanks
thanks very much cancer kills emotional or 28 councils as a motion or 27 Council duel
I note that the Chief Executive noted that I think the it is important that the NNP isn't just about bricks mortar profit and development and also needs to be properly in infrastructure and that needs to be front loaded wherever possible I fully understand that not all infrastructure can go in on day one but it needs to be fast tracked to ensure that this confidence building that the Committee welcomes it and or benefits are committed are currently living there as well as the community who are who will be moving in their into the New homes so why we note it I hope that the we can do on our power to work together to prioritise infrastructure because in too many too many programmes and projects and developments across the city the infrastructure comes in last economy goes on off the edge and the community feels abandoned and I really don't want that to happen so do all in my power to ensure it doesn't happen this
time because we accept but it is worth
I do but what I want to ensure that as highlighted that we work together to ensure that its priorities wherever and whenever possible I would like to hear that the response in the manager
during implementation we fully agree with what you say that we will prioritise as far as we possible to working with other agencies the provision of up front infrastructure
there are great
most number 28 Council on similar at the same argument applied again because this is going to actually defining the infrastructure that we won't put in play or schools and sports facilities etc
Will it never at all times to do that we will have an implementation team in place to work with say with all the agencies to deliver up front infrastructure
motion 45 Councillor Vincent Jackson
again Lord Mayor just in relation to this obviously I support the managers and just to make one caveat to this
all too often this is tore time lucky for me hopefully for the people at Cherry Orchard and to a lesser extent Park West because they are relatively new communities so there are wins on the horizon there hopefully I'm wrong in relation to some downturns and on what Brexit is going to have an impact but it's essential for this Local Authority to deliver this infrastructure for the people at Terry Yorath to ensure that we develop a law as a strong sustainable community but I welcome this and I just want to well I'm underfloor Lord Mayor to thank John and his team are extremely courteous towards the elected Members over the last year and a half the tank Demos thanks
motion 31 Councillor Bill
again I think I welcome the positive response I think this is very important that we do have an inter-agency
authority driving this LAP and that we it's essential that community and voluntary sector are included with it and that the people some of them in the gallery here today will be included as part of driving this cause far too often MPs and regeneration is left to the powers that be as opposed to the powers that count like the people in there and again I would just like to take the opportunity this my last motion to thank John for his staff and everybody at the top table here awaiting have engaged imaginatively inclusively Fionn who's been out there and walked the highways and byways of Cherry Orchard engage with community and asked to apply the community who engaged with this on Tuesday basically and also the fellow councils particularly the for councillors who engaged with the process I think we worked together I think in a cross party fashion to deliver this LEP and all the real work starts now but in the spirit of what we want is included in the motion here today we worked look forward to working together with the management with the community and the other agencies tomatoes LEP reality
they also noted that most number
John at this point having all the accepted the report's can you tell us if the has been a material contravention or material change or with it is that are be in a position to put the LA
I have listened to what the Councillor said I am happy to recommend Chair that there are no material alterations as result to tonight's proceedings and that if the Members were so minded they can decide to approve the LEP tonight as amended with the report
proposed and seconded could I put it for a recorded vote
we put that to the vote Councillors
pressure cards down as the first vote the might
that Councillors was a taster for the Development Plan
John is not always that that that amenable
she's just like her sister
Just Lord Mayor just by way of resolving I just like to echo the comments tier of
councillors I just wanted to thank John and his team I think Fiona's here and indeed the local councils I think has been a really positive example of the management the local Councillors the Committee working together in the interests of development and it shows what the Care Council's capable of doing
and I hope will have a repeat performance that our deputy garden
no Minister knew now
those presence in the vote those present to vote 45 in favour and 0 against the motion
the report is passed route
Item Number 2 so we're going back to catch the NEF I do nor do whatever shade they got a proposer please Councillor McGrattan and Councillor Burke
Item Number 3 to confirm the minutes of the city council meeting held on the 2nd of September the LPT meeting and the special Meeting held on the 23rd of September cancer Vincent Jackson cancer tahini
could I raise that an item on the agenda on the minutes from the
some Page 1 1 to the draft route budget strategy and the local property tax evasion it was an issue that was raised in the in the actual report where it referred to a possible decision by the Department of the Environment to withdraw H point 9 million from the City Council in the form of a grant that was presented to the City Council from the period from which Irish Water was established so Irish Water was established I just want to make sure that people are aware that this is happening and maybe people in the fina Gael group in fairness might be able to urge the Minister to change
any possibility of this happening but in 2 thousand 14 Irish Water was established and because they took our utilities think it was 25 and all in City Council area the Department made an arrangement to pay a grant of 14 point 1 billion to the city council because Irish Water should not have to pay rates the government has now decided that Irish Water does have to pay rates however we're being we're not being given the money for those rates because the Department is going to it uses a global apportionment valuation approach which means that we're down 8 point 9 million and that money is going to be divided up among 31 Local authorities so it's like the local property tax again Dublin City is being I suppose viewed by the Department as being able to handle any kick that we get so I don't think it's written in stone but certainly it was in Catholic wins report members that this City Council is likely to be down 8 point 9 million as a result of a decision of the government to a draw that grant that we've been getting since 2 thousand 14 so just I just want to remind Members of that and then I want to ask the manager or question did he get a reply from Paul reads the CEO of the HSE but the 4 million that says ducting on the the Dublin Fire Brigade Gramazio ther
given that those questions quickly enough to take them all together if that's OK
Councillor gallon
sorry party those I've
opened the list so
sorry Councillor costume
thank you Lord Mayor in relation to Item 4 there which was the report from the letter
the Department of culture
asked me make into recommendations
one of the recommendations in relation to Moor Street was that Dublin City idea cancer
just society that correspondence and we don't take contributions on correspondence were on the report Item Number
3 which
take at
a later stage thanks to Councillor
Councillor gallon
thank you ever outrageous to reiterate the point was made very well there would Councillor Hainey this is actually a massive deficit in the budget of this Council where approaching the Budget the national budget contains the next you're going to hear LADO fiscal space I think it's important that Councillors noted in this Chamber we don't have a lot of fiscal space coming into air expenditure for the next year so I think it's absolutely essential that we wrote to the Minister in charge and tell them that we need this eight-point more million because the citizens of Dublin the ratepayers they can't afford and not our increase and that's what we're looking at so this is absolutely essential that we get onto a tedious ground-to-air political parties and make the case that this money needs to be paid because it's out and the ratepayers of Dublin can't afford to take another here
as Lord Mayor and thank counter Heaney for raising this issue which is if you want a subset of something that I've been raising for years and years now because it's not just water rates we don't get we don't get the approximate 50 million that government steals from us local property tax we don't get the approximate 30 million government field from within a painter commercial rates
we don't get money in funding the haitch FE does also now a tendency for government to give everything a local authority in the country the same grant for pilot projects and we were you might remember that Lord Mayor said from our days on the outfield easy that effectively steals even further money from the citizens of Dublin and what I'd like the manager to come back to us and I don't expect you to have the answer here but to come back to us with a report on what funds are withheld from assessed a polite word I use the word stolen what what funds are stolen from the people of Dublin by central government central government of all parties windy
I both the main parties to being in government stolen from the people of Dublin in government withholding funds that are due to us because it doesn't just amend two thirds of the 8 million accounts for Heaney refers to it advanced multiple some hundreds of millions that have been stolen from the people of Dublin since the crazy decision to abolish rates as taken then a whole series of crazy decisions thereafter thank you
councillor mcARDLE
thank you Lord Mayor just to confirm that the Department have indicated there will be partial funding for next year but I agree with Councillor Heaney this is similar to the debate we had on the local property tax it's a similar issue to the equalisation where less well off per se Local authorities are benefiting at our extent so it's a matter that does need to be clarified because if this continues we seem to be losing funding from all sorts of areas and at a particular time where I'll be raising the issue of the overdrawn over
overdraft facilities is particularly relevant thank you
and as for my own perspective Cathy I just would like to inquire what the equivalent of that eight-point 9 million would be in terms of a rate increase because that's obviously the only way that we have to to recoup that at this point and the second question is is
can we write to the Department
on the issue because
we have a bizarre situation where local authorities that have no water infrastructure or little water infrastructure properties will be receiving rates for properties that aren't in their county and our county which has the largest
largest number of water valuable properties will be receiving less than the what we actually have its preposterous situation
given the their decision to treat it as a global
Lord Mayor just to advise that a point 9 million child Fawad approximated almost too to point 3 percent of a rate increase we have written already the Department making representations will be all right again following this meeting to advise of the
views of the elected members
measure a I have received no response from Paul read my letter
ITEM 4 to fill vacancies on the following Committees and outside bodies so foray as one vacancy to be filled for the board of the Dublin made Landstuhl Regional Health Forum
I call on Councillor Lacey first and then Councillor McGrattan
Lord Mayor
group leaders meetings I have a couple of nominations but the one party mid-length Regional Health Forum if Crean any Dolly
it's not a great a seconder for that
Sir Jackson seconding
and at six vacancies than to be filled for the sudden to Sandy Cove Joint Committee
I have three nominations for the if Councillor James Gagan Councillor Jane Horgan Jones and myself there are no further nominations for that as a gift aid donor Kuniyoshi indicating no
Council Councillor working
we'd like to nominate cancer Donna Clooney cancer Janet Warner and Councillor Claire Byrne
that seconded
okay great-great
then one vacancy which was an independent vacancy that was to be filled for climate change Environment and energy SPC
so Councillor Perry does a vacancy for an Independent on the climate change Environment and energy as we see is renamed you have or would you like us to divert you could defer please I didn't have an opportunity to discuss with the group commented
there was one vacancy for the economic Development and Enterprise SPC
we have a nomination of Councillor at on a county for that spot
can I have a seconder for that
cancer McAdam
then to vacancies to be filled for Dublin City Local Community Development Committee
fina Gael Group Councillor column O'Rourke and the independents were to nominate the other person
again that certainly deferred to the next
one place and will confirm it with your supermarket
it was seconded by Councillor Flanagan
report Number 4 are Item number 5 report number 3 10 20 19 of the Chief Executive nomination of the external members to the Dublin City Audit Committee could I get a proposer
cancer McAdam and pancer Jackson
then report Number 2 6 7 2 thousand and 19 of the Head of Finance monthly local fond statement could I get a proposer the continent Conaghan and Councillor Lynn Riley
so great
and reports Number 2 6 7 am sorry report Number 2 17 20 19 to the Chief Executive with reference to temporary overdraft accommodation on Capital and Revenue accounts for the period 1st November to 31st December 2 thousand 19 and from the 1st of January to the 31st of December 2 thousand and 20 could I get a proposer Councillor Flanagan cancer Jackson
councillor mcARDLE has indicated a low on the list
sorry Councillor costs lower on Council McGrath and I wonder if you could I select your style councillor Carter was in a hurry and local publicity
thank you Lord Mayor I just wanted to clarify why where seeking a 60 percent increase in the overdraft facility
I know we do this every year but for the last number of years it was maintained 50 million and if we have not availed of this facility for the last number of years in any part of the overdraft why is it necessary I am not sure about the message that it sends those that about the Council we have the facility for 50
if we haven't available why do we need to raise it to Asia thank you
we are going to take all the key question is whether Council McGrattan
aggregate plumbers similar to G issue Council Heaney raised earlier on I just ask how much is owed in total from the Department of Housing and what impact is that having a under cash flow of the Council and is this overdraft increase
as a result of money
owed by the Department to the City Council
councillor castle
thank you Lord Mayor
this report indicates that a review is taking place of Dublin city council's liquidity requirements and that is in that context that the City Council is looking for an increase of the overdraft from 52 18 million
now it's seven years since we had an inclusive since we had 80 million as the as the city overdraft and we're going to look for an increase of it for this to you these two months the months of November and December plus 2 20 20 so what has come up that has caused us to look for an increasingly overdraft at this particular time
My thanks if he could take the 3 questions together our three representations and cancer macarons cantlin McGrath's enhancer COSLA and I think the comments and all of them kind of answered the question where we as were getting back to the level of the capital programme that was there seven eight nine years Alonso on previously overspend it has been reduced and the level of working capital that we have that we need has increased the volumes of moneys that are cut up and projects has increased and for us to function as a Council as a large organisation that we are we need to have this facility and we may not need to call on it but it is prudent management of this a Local Authority that we put the facility in place and that is our hope in terms of Councillor McCracken's question I'm to the September meeting there would have been a reporter Councillors which demonstrated a government debt total government debt at that point was 243 million that fairies over time and that's across all Departments a merger is probably advertised it's something that we're in constant communication with the Department and other Departments on and that we will be monitoring monitoring that as the year goes ahead
the anxieties that motion or where it is appropriate
Ruth okay item number 10 reports of the Chief Executive in compliance with section 1 3 8 of the Local government Act 2 thousand and 1 informing the Council of works which are about to commence and in compliance with the planning and development Regulations 2 thousand and 1 Part 8 10 A reports number 3 0 6 20 19 proposal to a change of use to four existing live work units and two retail units to provide 2 duplex apartments to first floor apartments and three retail units at block 19 and 20 new Priory the hole in the Wall Road Dublin 13
get a proposer and a seconder for that please so proposed by Councillor Flanagan and then seconded by Councillor Michael McDonagh
at 10 or sorry Councillor Flanagan indicated to speak apologies
sorry Councillor Riley you on the list of speakers
sorry tend to undertake Noelene first Council Riley
sorry Keosavang I'll just take the lead where she had indicated so okay
now needs are on the list Councillor Dobbie Doolan
I wanted to say
I wanted to come in the next item within the select the just press a button yeah
Councillor Lynn Riley activity again
yes obviously I haven't seen this come up but the Council meetings before where we're changing commercial units to residential units
I'm just wondering is that a new strategy and because we certainly have a number of units in the area that
councillors have kind of looked maybe going down that road before so
yeah just Is this a new strategy that we employ
car for councillors to speak list I have opened for today and 10 A only so I do not intend to speak on tell a
well you can wait at the next Council Gilliland
yet thank you very much Lord Mayor I just want to bring up a broader
issue and use this occasion to do it because it's pertinent to the general area of Priory Hall Northern Finch Bell Maman Clongriffin and is whereby we have a Local Area Plan that proposes retail and commercial and employment opportunities time and time again particularly with Clongriffin and Balmain we have seen change of use and we've also seen applications that has drastically reduced employment opportunities in an area now we all know there's a housing crisis and we want to see more housing however I think we need to be conscious of the need for a balanced community and the need to create space for employment opportunities in area of high residential A
density because we do not want everybody in those areas leaving them to travel into the particularly the city centre for employment and I do think we have to on the ground make a greater effort to have somebody there at the will try and encourage businesses maybe young entrepreneurs that would actually come together and create a an employment hub there are some 30 dynamic whereby we can kick starts employment opportunities thank you
timescales are getting around Councillor Terence Flanagan
thanks Lord Mayor notice to a couple of quick questions there for the manager just if we can be provided with the background to the change
from to root re two retail units to three rate retail units why is that actually happening and what policy is opposed have the City Council in place generally to ensure particularly that
retail units are occupied and at an affordable rent is given their to any would be entrepreneur
councillor Joe McDonagh former Patrick Vieira
yeah I don't have any specific
if you with this current proposal however like Councillor Gilliland it does raise a wider issue and I make no apology for razor because in the case of Clongriffin
right beside well really Priory Hall is part of that area
there is a massive application gone in under strategic housing development for almost 2 thousand residential units and one of the issues is the lack of office space the lack of any are very little
provision for employment in the area which will
torn this really into even more of a dormitory towns and it is and the original plan was that this was going to be an actual town with not only residential units and employment leisure etc and we put in a major submission and that Yard so
God very short notice local residents attended an information meeting so I make no apology for raising this under this issue because we're precluded under the fast track planning regime unlike I might say the hoops that the Council itself has to go through when we want to plan something but the point has been raised and I take a valid question has been asked in relation to our policy in terms of providing commercial space and employment as part of our planning
this option here is a particular strategy just for the prayer hall development as you know we've been involved there for
outturn for two years it's an opportunity to get a few additional residential units and we didn't think they live work was going to walk there so it's a specific strategy for priority not part of any broader strategy those issues you need to bring to the planning economic policy
sorry just to the question about making sure that the retail units are occupied because you know originally the where units there they were never occupied at all they were empty so I mean it pulls an area down Manager if we're not willing to strike a deal and affordable rent for any would be entrepreneur that wants to occupy those premises
conference and the live-work units but we are confident that we'll get takers for the three retail units and our people are working on that last question for Councillor Flynn
thank you very much Lord Morrow thank you very much Manager for the report and it does concern me however you mean dash you know that this
whole issue in relation to these units mean is not working
but it's not just Woking in this particular complex it's not working in general mean for where we actually have built these units and if you actually go to quite a lot of them you'll actually find that there's the covered up others know Brian those ground units not so long ago we had an issue here and cultural spaces and spaces in general so I think we need to have a full report as to how many of these particular units in error bills over the past number of years that we've put together are no longer occupied or there is a big concern around how they're actually be operating because there is a serious serious issue and you know if we are finding is that these are in Woking where we have to examine the Plan itself and then we have to ask why individuals are not willing to actually operate out of these particular areas or otherwise of a ghost situation and it's not good enough because once you have these units at the ground level locked up you then have a massive amount of anti social behaviour within the area and you have basically now an invisibility and Forder I asked over a year ago the I will be given full transparency and access to the torture documents that underpinned the Priory Hall when we bought Priory Hall all the legal titles and documents I have had heard nothing since I would ask that the manager would facilitate me and that I can go into the law Departments office and actually read you all those particular documents and find out more information but can I ask the manager that he would actually agreed to give us a full report on all these units that includes the whole of the city where these units have been put together in failed thank you
we have no difficulty Councillor Flynn in doing that we are struggling in certain areas to have the retail spaces taken by economic operators so that's
as was an indication that we just need to have a look at this but the mixed-use development is where we're trying to get to
that particulate
we've agreed the motion Councillor
reports number 2 8 6 20 19 proposal to construct the following scheme comprising 71 number apartments arranged in six blocks with associated parking and sized amenity space as well as a new scout communities or revise the buildings range from 3 to 5 storeys in height the three storey blocks address Chapel is at road 3 5 storey blocks are located to the north rear of the site could have a proposer Vincent Jackson
sorry Councillor forgotten the vehicle D select her
I logged on the list
sorry thank you yet just in relation to defective does mentioned here on the Scouts Hall list is opened when the within the development and within the disposal and we would ask that those who were involved with the Scouts those who are involved on the board of the Scouts would actually excuse themselves because of the potential conflict of interest I think in all fairness it's important that people do that given the fact that there are Members within the Council Chamber who are associated thank you
is very very important that people would do this because again it gives rise to potential conflicts of interest are not seen as a conflict of interest potential conflicts of interest according to scout Kelly's men given that I ever less and if take me ages to get their mundane I got
indicating can speak any can raise it during it Councillor Taylor Glamorgan first of all I would urge all Councillors to support this proposal at a time when we were in the height of of
housing crisis we don't have even if we're in the middle of it yet or how fast who we are it's great to see city council taking the initiative
and taking and building 100 percent social housing in chapels that I welcome it I am sure other Councillors from the Area welcome in his while
there has been a campaign against it and we have to acknowledge that I have been honest with people before during and after the election on people's doorsteps at public meetings and engagements with reasons I 100 percent support this housing programme going ahead is 71 units we've over 120 families and individuals on the housing list in Chapel is it so this doesn't even meet the needs of those who are waiting to be housed in Chapel as it
it also I think it's ideal and so far as it also includes a scout hall and community hall where I was saying that the City Council need to prioritise infrastructure here is a model where putting an infrastructure alongside residential units the has been engaging with the community the genuine concerns I believe have been met I walked the site with the residents I believe Brendan Kenny and the staff have responded robustly to those concerns openly honestly and transparently have engaged above and beyond the call of duty with the resonance so I think it's enough debate at both for this let's move ahead this build homes and get families in their first asked what we were elected to do
grow Margot
councillor selby Niccolò
I'm a in support as well of the whole project however just want to highlight some points that
when I was told at Spring Vale was too small for a Vienna model type that is not true that has nothing to do with the site is just so we need to do some legislation on it and Springvale could have been a good site for Vienna model
as well that hopefully Town Planning started to go further in Dublin and Ireland and we're not talking urbanism and not including just thinking of one block of apartments but the entire area so I want to highlight the lack of amenities in Chapter lizard there's one shop for all grocery saw elderly person will be stuck they don't have a car that the fact as well that from the Springvale site it very difficult to walk to the school in Bury farmers because there is no school in Chapel is at its full so this walk with a prime or young children and scooters is very stressful because it's very dangerous
and another thing on the project as well is I think the parking situation is very poor there's only one one block in the entire project has not surrounded there's not surrounded by Khan's so I think the parking situation in a in this place is poor and as well highlighting that the same people who would go against the projects because saying that already too many cars in Chapter lizard tend to say as well that there is not enough parking on on the side so that it doesn't make sense but anyhow are happy to see the words 2 Council building putting houses supported it's a shame it's not even a model type with cost rental thank you
councillor ac by Lord Mayor can I thank Councillor Flynn for bringing it to the attention of the City Council that of a member of the Board of cutting Ireland told me I am very proud of to be on the board of the largest organisation in the world and indeed the large organisation in Ireland I am on the board of a short term member in their
process of rebuilding the organisation and something I'm very very proud of I did check with the manager beforehand as to who would own this property in who would be controlling this property because I agree with Councillor Flynn that where it to be owned and controlled by scary guarded it would be inappropriate for me to beat me and I of course have stepped outside but I understand the building is going to be controlled and operated by Dublin City Council and therefore there is no conflict and if you if the council believes there is a conflict I would have absolutely no difficulty in stepping outside
councillor Jackson thanks
Lord Mayor Lord Mayor I like my colleagues will be supporting the development here for the Springvale site just on the point of view of aesthetics I think it's a very fine development is being proposed I know there's a lot of concern in the locality would it be an exclusive social housing but women in the midst of a housing crisis where an area J with about 2 thousand 350 people on the list we've 112 families in the chapel is at area on the list does an onus on those not to be in the business of providing
housing for people who can buy it on the open market look in the ideal world we be able to develop housing that would tick all the boxes and provide accommodation to all the various strata of society we don't have that luxury at the present time were living in this site just for the Members to be aware could have had the capacity if it was a privately on site for up to 150 and 220 units Dublin City Council Planning Department has come back but I think with a very realistic at a very appropriate scheme aesthetically it's a very fine scheme I think plans in very well with the village
o 71 units will make a huge difference and discerned tandem or just look in here in the last year alone were constructed at the present time 61 units are cornerman Ballyfermot 90 year units has just been completed in tandem with the iv Trust 72 units on our archerd Meadows and Cherry Orchard 71 units in Allendale and 24 modular houses and Cherry Orchard which makes a substantial improvement and for the first time in a long time people are seeing themselves move on the list because for all too often it just seemed to stick where you wear for ever and ever I suppose the difficulty elected Members have is to trying to balance the needs of a community and the concerns of a community with the needs of the wider community and the wider society and at the end of the day were elected here to make decisions sometimes you make the decisions that everybody won't be popular with but by God that's what you're here to do is to make decisions and anyone who sits on the fence all the life gets usually splendours up the you-know-what and it's important it's important that we do when we have very good sites and this is one of the better sites that will come into the realm the option that we do develop those on IB fully supporting
this Lord Mayor thanks
thanks Council Jackson Councillor Michael pigeon also fully want to support and thanked the Council for this development I'm a lot of people e-mailed as he pointed out that a lot of a lot of e-mails on this a responded to every point they made as best I could there were just two in particular that
it would be good to receive
either a short answer on or commitment maybe to write to write on one is to write to the Department of Education on school spaces in the area to ensure that that's something we can progress because I know they do a lot of planning and on that basis and the second is just just on the issue of infill material I might be missing it in the report but a lot of residents raised the concern which I didn't have an answer to a bout the material on the site but otherwise very proud to vote in favour of this development
councillor Patrick Costello just in the interests transparency item a member skating Ireland's I'm not in the lofty
rarified heights of the boards of Scouting
Ireland I'm
frontline volunteer but in a very
different group and if Councillor lazy and address the issue of the ownership I would have made the point that I was a member of a completely different groups in a different side of the city I see no conflict of interest here and indeed I would happily support and do happily support the provision of of much-needed community infrastructure for not just the largest youth work organisation in the country before all youth
work organisations
0sure where Margaret Vera or Vera I too welcome this report here on on the Springvale site
I've listened to the concerns of the entire community
a couple of months ago we knocked on every door in Chapel is just to discuss this and get feedback and talk about it and I do think this is a fantastic design I think the façade and how they've tried to integrate it with the houses along with Monaco House really really does look really well I think it's realistic it's not overdeveloped it's not overpopulated in these houses are welcome I also welcome the Scouts Hall
although not a member as our previous speaker's what I would say is I went to school in Chapel lizard and back in the 90 s when they were fundraising for the scout hall and to finally see delivered as part of this project is very very welcome
we do know there is considerable issues and chair in Chapel is it around
public public transport infrastructure and and spaces in schools around St Patrick's and things like that and they need to be worked through they can't be forgotten as part of this we really really do need to work on those kinds of things and it's remember also that this development will be part of a main artery into the city so just that the man manager is conscious as regards deliveries and things like that that are not going to be shut down the main artery into town also occur Margot
finally Councillor Heselwood R2
I just want to comment briefly on it because I just wanted to has to be noted that the fact that it's unfortunate that this
am housing development was a difficult one to accept by residents and councillors and Dublin City Council there were some very heated meetings at times and it was a lot of frustration from residents I know myself on TD rates may try to sit down with residents to try and explore the option of cost rental which might have broadened out the market to those living in the area but it just wasn't achievable and while I accept we need social housing and I don't think this this development needs to go ahead to cater for that because there are many people in Chapel is at and the Health and list but I just want to bring to the notice to Dublin City Council and the manager of the huge scale development that is planned for our whole ward and Ballyfermot remnant probably most majority of green sites are going to be built on one of the largest is why we want to be a tells me on its open the Ballyfermot Maine Road which is not a main artery into the city so I'd like it to be brought to the forefront of people's minds the lack of facilities we do have in the area and if there can always be brought in tandem with these developments come forward maybe we will have to issues like this
postal survey is the most report degrades
K reports Number 2 7 7 20 19 proposals carriers upgrading works to the Hugh Lane Parnell Square Dublin 1 Councillor Vinson Jackson Councillor Murray on McDonagh
agreed without debate
item number 10 D reports Number 2 7 4 20 19 proposal to demolish the former stores in barracks building on the former administrative building and construct a housing development on the southern lower part of the former military store Site bounded by Montpellier Gardens to the north Infirmary Road to the west Amman petty Hills the sidestep and 7 before dealing with an amendment to the report submitted by Councillors Ray McAdam Councillors Boylan and Councillor Parry could I get a proposer and a seconder for the sort of Boylan and girls
as I have an open the list yet so you shouldn't have indicated
it was proposed and seconded and then we pressed I haven't
over the next decades
so what are they raise no if you don't press the button its operates at all Councillor
so we have we have an amendment in front of
in front of us the amendment is taken first and then the can be discussed so the amendment is before us is the name of Councillor Ray McAdam
you have you've to sorry
Flav Island and count
February so it is agreed Council violence going to move that vote for 2 minutes
My chemical farming
Kenny's agree between years as to who is going to do
yeah OK Councillor Ball Councillor Boyle and as the mover of the motion you
have is energy up to
8 be should we want to add the words in furthermore an operational traffic management plan be required as part of the overall mobility management plan and the reason that we're looking for that is because
when we had a consultation in the area recently about this one of the major issues was traffic and the people down there are scorched with the fact that people are parking there from the courts and everything else
Even last week I got a photograph sent to me of a Garda car park to a car Garda van parked on a footpath and when the resident actually approached the two guards to say to him is that your van de turned around and they told our no Bowden proceeded to climb into the van LAF error and drive away
we have it's not funny it's actually not money if we haven't got the guards that are serious about the traffic management plan in the area how can we convince or people who are coming in and taking pure advantage of parking outside people's gardens block and the man they can't get out and stuff like that so I mean this needs to be part of this this amendment needs to be in here and I'd like to support of it we also obviously there's just one part of the motion is about the plan that I agree with a completely is that a developer will keep a watch on the noise levels and work inside outside regular hours because will need to inform the residents of any of that work to take place but I would like to put that amendment to the floor thank you
the second the motion of Councillor got him thank
you Lord Mayor and thanks to comrade Boylan for her
eloquence of the
moving the motion myself on Janice's co-chairs of the O'Devaney Gardens consultative forum we chaired a co-chaired consultative meeting in July which was attended by approximately 100 residents on to our constant costs LA was there Councillor Parry Councillor Burke and others were intense and the whole meeting descended into discussion of a traffic management and if you look at your monthly management plan at the moment
the Council are moving forward with the Arbour Hill traffic management scheme construction is going to go to that and that shortly additionally that an Oxford turn road traffic improvement scheme which we hope they will be able to flesh out further details shortly along as part of the Green Strategy in stormy butter and whilst we're looking to do with this with debt with the addendum to part or condition it B is that we would provide the opportunity for the Council to put in place a traffic scheme on Montpelier head most of us who lit report represent the area now the congestion is there there has been serious issues in the estates off Montpellier Montpelier Hill in terms of access with emergency services etc and what we are trying to do as we're trying to we want to strengthen the conditions that are attached but also then gave the opportunity to the Council to work with the local engineers and the Area Committee to get dedicated traffic scheme improvement scheme for Montpelier Hill and across Montpellier can I also just
our varietal one talking to the report I just also want to draw the attention of two of the manager to pay for with regard to the carrying out of regular inspections of the former married quarters site Brandon would be familiar again as part of the O'Devaney Gardens consultative forum that we agreed to commit to a commitment progressive by myself and Janice that there would be a framework plan or an examination of all the sites there in terms of the potential for the use for community centre as and when this Council adopts the O'Devaney Gardens
Development Agreement and we want to make sure that those buildings that work is done so that there is no has now no delay in getting the community facilities over the off the ground so our very I want to second the motion and ask colleagues to endorse thank you
Councillor Christy Burke
thanks Lord Mayor I too want to support our amendment and
the very next day after the public meeting in relation to traffic Montpelier
I was up in the area where a number of residents who are blocked in from 9 15 am that morning and if you go up there on a Saturday morning doesn't appear to be a problem because the core tenets City
so everybody has to take responsibility from an Garda Síochána legal representatives who come along Parker's no regard to the local residents have gained entry in or out of their homes
some contractors employees are also parked there so Lord Mayor I fully support that but I would also ask that maybe the Garda Commissioner would request as Members not the Park and DARD area during court hearings thank you
councillor Mary Fitzpatrick
thanks Lord Mayor and thanks Manager for the report
I'm happy to support the
amendment to the report's but I'm just wondering manager is there a reason city council didn't already seek to address this issue I mean the parking congestion issue is one that was going on before I stepped down from the Council in 2 thousand 14 so I'm sure my Councillor colleagues in the North in our City haven't been silent on it for the last five years is this that the Council cannot identify a problem or don't have the resources but what is the impediment because I know the City Council wants this development to be a success
but what's the issue I guess in resolving the parking congestion problems which are very real and having is very seriously negative impact on people's lives in the area thanks
it was a joke Oslo's the final speaker proposals to thank you Lord Mayor well this development is on the former military stores area on Infirmary Road and 38 units in this development now it's going to be a gated community which means that this could be no cars parked within it
that means that all cars if anybody biesecker in that community that are going to be parked outside where there is no place whatsoever for parking at the present time
and we know that this has been probably the worst area in the city for parking with the criminal courts with gothy and other people parking
we're going to the courts parking outside of entrances to people's homes
nor plan was drawn up in the course of this this was done some time ago and no plan was drawn up in the course of the planning to deal with the traffic and when we did have the meeting in July we everybody reads this and you'll notice Lord Mayor that this quite a large number of local residents who have put in their reports and submissions on this and that every single one of them have raised the question of transport of traffic and of parking
now there's not permeability in this community there's only a couple of pedestrian routes and all of these pedestrian routes have gates on them it seems to be contrary to what Dublin City Council should be going for but in terms of the traffic is going to be an absolute nightmare and unless Dublin City Council can come up with something the certainties incorporating thing to date
this planning development is going to be problematic for all the local residents in the area as well for the people who live within the community thank you
start amendment agreed
a great report the great
10 The report's Number 2 7 8 2 thousand 19 proposal to carry out the renovation and redevelopment of the existing building known as the Rutland Street School in size rotten Street Lower Dublin one for use as a community hub cancer Boylan and Councillor A Jackson
A grade
sorry a reports number 2 8 5 20 19
proposal to construct the following scheme comprising 55 number apartments arranged in two blocks on two sites with associated parking and amenity spaces the proposed buildings range from 3 to 7 storeys in height the buildings are located adjacent and opposite to Weaver Park on Cork Street and chamber streets respectively on land formerly occupied by three Number 5 storey residential blocks in Dublin 8 could I have a proposer and a seconder Councillor Pidgeon Councillor Jackson
councillor Oisin
sorry thanks Lord Mayor and I'm Job analyst sorry
i'm just coming in on this now because we didn't have the report and it can get an opportunity to do it at the Area Committee
in the report or talking about the impact of block A to Southgate apart apartments the manager notes that the proposal would detrimentally constrict daylight penetration to the rear windows and rear balconies within the Southgate apartments development from the sharp shadows release provided full stop he then goes on to say the privacy privacy screens are proposed to be added to the bat balconies to the upper floor apartments closest to the rear elevation can I ask him if he'd just noting that without any conditions attached to it or baby explained that statement a little bit clearer to me without any conditions attached to it from the submissions that he was received and then in the last part of that sentence as well he considers that the external balconies associated with the proposed apartments would not create an undue level of disturbance and can I ask that we have something written into the tenants agreement on that that may be banned smoking or drinking outside on those balconies if we can get that return to the tenancy agreements or add that as a condition on to them but if he can explain the daylight penetration and if there's any proposed measures as a result of the submissions to address that issue in the Part 8
girls routinely McVey
thanks to your
pretty much the same questions that I don't necessarily agree with the proposer and the balconies but the other questions are in the same Just to say I mean I know that that there was great efforts made
to engage
with the community and they had very series concerned particularly the residents and Southgate about the impact and that was going to have on them and while I 100 per cent support the project and social housing on the site I am and I do feel for the residents and Southgate that like their lives are going to change essentially from the impact of this development is going to have and just maybe that we can learn something from this in the future that we may be engaged at a much earlier stage in the process so that we can set out I suppose that the difficulties that are going to arise so that we can have consultation that perhaps might feel more meaningful to the residents and even though they were all at pains to point out that they were very appreciative of the opportunities that they did get to sit down and council staff were extremely generous with their time and the details of they gave him their answers and then as well as receiving the report now and it's kind of like all spheres at the 11th hour I wouldn't really have much time to consider and so again what impact are what has translated from the submissions into the into the development
also creamy garlic
grow Margot
it's great to finally see housing being built on these two sites
the original plan people will be moving in at the end should be moving in now and that the original plan that we came up with two years ago so I welcome it I am I do have concerns that people will be seriously overlooked and overshadowed and we haven't we don't seem to have been able to address that I know Tina and Rebecca value related issue but also just a tank Dublin City Council for the information sessions that they did hold and there were fraught and stores are a lot of anger and a lot of frustration and a lot of upset at those meetings but also just to welcome the fact that it is going to Part 8 and because it does give more room for consultation and which is like what Tina said as well what has I was returned the reports and some of the issues that were raised really haven't been given the consideration that should have been given and
note that all major questions have been asked Graham I give
councillor Michael pigeon
thank you Lord Mayor I would agree with the three was the previous three cancers about about the particularly the light issues faced in Southgate
but yes I'd just follow up on
TO two quick points one is that it shows that I think Council made a mistake when they went ahead with Strategic Housing powers at the start and pulled back I think that Brad a lot of mistrust and residents felt like they were being steamrolled
and this so I'd I had urged the Council to reconsider that the second point is the issue of allotments which I know where they are on a temporary basis
it would be good to receive a report on whether all previous allotment holders in Weaver Square have been
rehoused I don't know what the correct term for an allotment is but have they been allocation allotment space
councillor Pat on
Lord Mayor I was Chairman of the don't charge Central Area Committee when it for that proposal came to us and follow on the redrawing of boundaries and no longer on that
Area Committee I just want to raise the issue
similarly in relation to the chapels or development I think there were sending out a very strong message to administer known Morphy in relation to
kind of allegations that have been pointed towards us that we are stopping development of housing in this city devotes tonight Show we clearly are not doing that and it was difficult for certain Councillors into myself particularly during the debate about the d' the allotments and allotment holders were given
very short enough notice that the to be out by January
and was a lot of pressure in the community and indeed I was that an Oscar square there on on Saturday and again a lot of the residents have reservations about overlooking particularly those in in Oscar square we stood resolute
a and no we will back these housing developments in these proposals and I think that's the message that goes out from this Council's in an eye that Dublin City Councillors and not stopping housing developments in their own backyard thank you very much Lord Mayor
the great
ITEM 11 reports number 2 6 6 20 19 of the Executive Manager with reference to the proposed name change of 65 and 67 Ritos Avenue Finglas Dublin 11 proposed by Nolan Riley seconded by Tina MacVeigh
ordered to ensure there was no response from margin to the questions that were raised apologies
I was too eager to move on to an important
in most of the Councillors who were involved in the Cork Street
scheme of probably met me before money was key in art and with Sea City Architects with regard to the issue of
daylight and sunlight the scheme was examined by a shadow analysis in accordance with the BRE guidelines which set out the minimum requirements that any apartment development should have and the scheme was deemed to be in compliance with the requirements of us that particular set of guidelines are that they will get a minimum amount of daylighting per day as outlined in the daylighting reports within the party's submission itself
with regard to
the change in people's circumstances the two sides of the site itself was previously allocation for apartment development and the location of two apartment blocks was clearly indicated in the LEP prepared some years ago which was available to the public throughout
and the two sites were left vacant after the construction of
we've park the other issue of overlooking
with regard to most particularly in relation to offer a square
the development is
consider to be a sufficient distance away from the existing housing to to minimise the impact of overlooking on any adjoining residents and in relation to the Southgate apartments the areas in close proximity to the Southgate apartments will have privacy screening at all balcony levels to prevent any overlooking from the proposed development into Southgate or from Southgate into the proposed development
he agreed that a
well I suppose the question really was worried that the submissions and what had changed on foot of of the submissions and I think it was other questions as well as other cancers had about different aspects
in relation to the submission of themselves their assessed by the planners as to whether or not they are justified or whether or not there is a requirement for a change and the report
I would not be in a position to comment on the planet report itself as to whether or not I feel it's justified its it's prepared by a separate department
I also want to pay
nobody here from planning that can speak to the report to be utter just this evening
but its current plans report that the planner
it's factory allows reported that there is in my name did not feel that changes my warranted that we could defend the design all aspects of the design
you must appreciate how the cancer regionally the point of the people might feel that what's the point in engaging in a process where all of these submissions are made and nothing translates from the submissions that are made into the the proposal that was put to us but again there's a lot of submissions made
you and are you know they are assessed by the planner and if if if something you know I mean I would be very reluctant if the shadow analysis shows that there's nothing wrong that we meet all the criteria I don't want to lose you units just to appeal
were in the business of delivering the maximum of social housing in the best return if we comply in the case of the shadow analysis within the relevant standard then I don't believe I should you know just because neighbouring would prefer it if we changed the design and that's just that's the business we're in trying to deliver and once we meet the standard the planet has recommended that we go ahead and I would certainly support as to what is a matter for the elected Members but you know
we get an awful lot of submissions on social housing schemes in its always too big and as always not enough and if we pay too much attention that we get nowhere and were under pressure from this Council to deliver social housing so ultimately a decision for the elected members
manager can I clarify given that it's a part age it's not independent planners that make the ultimate decision it's the council
yet just Council pigeon so I thank you just reflect the point that I don't think I haven't seen anyone I'm certainly not looking for a reduction in the number of units and supportive of the project I think most cancers have been very supportive of the project even the difficulties the issue is that this report wasn't available at our local area plan I'd preferred not to waste other Councillors time who are probably on their phones the moment on this but we didn't have a chance to talk with planners about this a at a local area committee exactly so a this is the difficulty it's not us just having a moan
you can go to the Area Committee
all it said was x number of submissions were received there was nothing about the number of content to those submissions nor response to them
I understood that normally do things went to the accuracy of apologies in but I'll have to check why set
to clarify I I did ask at the Area Committee if a full report will be available so this is the first chance that we have got to see the assessment of the submissions in a full report
and that action in an unusual
situation it normally does come to the Area Committee first but it was just one page at the Area Committee
where kilter given that its before us we have the option of passing us with the option of amending it or weedier option of fairness
I sorry just to be sure because we had moved on and this has agreed so are we on a
green it
it was agreed but to be fair the manager hadn't report the manager and
given that the manager hadn't given his report I would be happy to for this to remain open at this point now it's a very fair point cleaner
so the question is has said it's refers to a great to amend it or to defer
and just to make the point
as Welsh counterpart apologies just to make
the point that because we haven't had the report I mean people have questions that they've asked us to ask
so they have to be put on public record as well I
very much regret I got the normal procedures that these reports that sometimes the timing doesn't work that way because there's a they have to come here within a certain number of weeks that may have been a reason but I try and find out what happened is particularly because in most cases they would go so you should have had enough of you consider two detailed planning support in advance so I don't know
what happened in the so councillors is that is that more support degrades given the concerns have been raised a great
sorry then reports Number 2 6 6 of the Executive Manager it's the proposed name change of 65 and 67 returned Avenue Dublin Top Eleven can I get a proposer thank you know Lynn Riley and Anthony Connaghan thank you
i'm then as 12 and 13 have been deferred were now on to 13 B which is a disposal of property so it's reports number 3 0 3 20 19 of the Executive Members
could I ask is there any way we could agree be 2 or
sorry Lord Mayor objections to that
so I would ask the regulation
could we agree all of the disposals be 2 or or Mariko just I won't do it that's fine okay item be we leave it be
OK so this is 3 0 3 Rose Kenny I'll
open the list
with reference to the disposal of the fee simple interest under the Landlord and Tenant grand rates Number 2 Act 19 78 and 20 premises can I get a proposer and a seconder Sergio Costello and thank you Ray McAdam
go on
speakers on that item that agreed
13 see then report number 2 8 to 20 19 of the Assistant Chief Executive Richard Shakespeare with reference to the proposed disposal of apartments in New Priory Donaghy Dublin 13 could I get a proposer and a seconder please
Conaghan and Councillor Mike donica Councillor
I'm not going to oppose this because it's got to the stage that it is now but I just think that I need to to say I did say it of the local area meeting as well that
this sale of 11 million is to go back to the bank's basically to pay off
from mortgages that were written off there's 40 million has been spent most of the state's money
to repair this these buildings so that they are now liveable in am and you know the it's because the building standards were not of of the of the quality that was needed that were supposed to cost 10 million and that amount of money has been spent and you know we still only ended with sort of 23 per centre to 27 percent
public housing out of it so it's a huge amount of money that has been you know waste spent and wasted on this and I think it's really you know at the Learning thing to know because we've been told that the building standards that the Green party brought in are too high and that that's causing the fact that we haven't got enough housing in this city and when we look at this as an example of how we do need this building standards and we need them to be inspected and we need to keep standards high because ultimately this is what we end up with you know a fire safety hazards people having to fight you know leave their homes and for Dublin City Council to have to take on
this huge mess that became Priory Hall and I am not going to oppose it because I think it's got to this stage but at the same time I think we should be constant cognisant of this and you know we probably should have at least been able to make sure that this was cost rental and that we got the most benefit out of it for the public since the public are spending their money on it thank you
such as Kosovo moment
okay it's not agreed
2 8 7 20 19 of the Executive Manager Paul Clegg with reference to the proposed grant of a licence of a crash facility between Blocks 5 to 9 Rory O'Connor House Hardwicke Street flats Dublin 1 Dover proposer Christy Burke and Ray McAdam
so the grades
reports number 2 8 8 20 19 of the order
can I excuse myself I've conflict of interest
two aces 20 19 of the Executive Manager with reference to the proposed multi-unit developments OK 20 11 transfer and Poppintree neighbourhood centre barley Munn Dublin 11 could I get a proposer and seconder Keith Connolly and Vincent Jackson sought
reports number 2 08 09 20 19 of the exact manager with further reference to the disposal of land to the rear of 68 Brian Road Marino Dublin III
was agreed
Councillor Flanagan and cancer and worry
report number to 90 29th teen of the Executive Manager with reference to the proposed disposal of a plot of land to the rear of Number 8 Harman Street Dublin 8 that I get a proposer Vincent Jackson and Neil ring whose
other great
with report Number 2 9 1 2 thousand 19 with reference to the proposed disposal of a plot adjacent to 6 Westward Road Finglas Dublin 11 Councillor Connolly and Councillor Flanagan disintegrate
he's asleep is that agreed
report Number 29 to 2 thousand 19 of the exact manager with further reference to the proposed disposal of multiple plots to the rear of properties at 18 29 and 41 Eugene Street Dublin 8 Councillor need Auluck and Councillor McArdle
a great
report Number 2 9 4 of the Executive Manager with reference to the proposed lease of two sites adjacent to mellow spring crashed mellows Road Finglas Dublin 11 to mellow spring childcare Development Centre Ltd Councillor Carnahan Councillor Connolly is agreed
a report Number 2 9 3 of the Executive Manager with reference to the proposed grant of a lease of a plot of land at corner Mona Colmore Row Dublin 10 Councillor Jackson Councillor derosa agreed
with reference to the proposed disposal of last year
report Number 2 9 5 20 19 of the Exec Manager with reference to the proposed disposal of a plot adjacent 10 Gartmore Avenue in 25 Court more drive Finglas Dublin 11 Lord Mayor Councillor Connolly
that a great
report Number 2 9 6 of the Executive Manager with reference to the proposed disposal of 25 Cherryfield Avenue war Constand Dublin 12
I've an indication will Peltzer pop Councillor Pat Don
thank you dot manager just a question in relation to this is helpful if anybody else want to speak it seems to be reading and writing Dublin City Council Purchase of properties and is just across the border in South Dublin Council and and that's the transfer
obviously there's a tenant involves and must have status of the Tenancy if we pass this
particular disposal
the derosa
similar question and then also does the value that we're
getting for when
was this purchase and does value that
we're going to reflect what we paid for it or we are we losing money and
before I leave the manager is there any other questions on this item
I understand that there's there is actually no tenant in it was purchased on the open market
and the the advice we have now is that it is we're getting market value for us offset Donegal County Council
go to respond Lord Mayor because we we we would appear to have purchase the house in February 20 18 so I am shocked to say that there was a house empty because of an administrative blunder between Dublin City Council and South Dublin Councillor and I would ask that we make sure such that we never have a situation like that develop again
could I have a proposer and seconder for the report
is that a great
report Number 2 9 7 of the Executive Manager with reference to the proposed lease of a plot adjacent to 90 fell on-road Finglas Dublin 11 like a proposer Councillor Khan and the lord mayor
that agreed
reports number 2 9 8 20 19 of the Executive Manager with reference to the proposed disposal of the Council's fee simple interest in the premises known as 120 Upper Drumcondra Road Dublin 9
proposer Councillor Murray and Councillor Flanagan is
an agreed
report Number 2 9 9 2 thousand 19 of the Exec Manager with reference to the proposed grant of a further licence to the premises at the Red stable St Anne's Park to olives room limited proposer Councillor Murray and Councillor Heaney agreed
report number 300 20 19 of the Executive Manager with reference to the proposed disposal of the Council's freehold interest in the property known as 22 Wicklow Street could I get a proposer and a seconder cancer McCartan
and cancer derosia
reports number 3 0 1 2 thousand 19 of the Executive Manager with reference to the proposed grant of a further licence of a site at Grattan present ensure core Dublin 8 to the Trustees of Conran a gala proposer cancer Vincent Jackson and cancer to Rooster
item number 14 report Number 2 7 1 20 19 of the Chief Executive monthly Management report that I got a proposer Councillor McAdam and a seconder please answer Janice Warner are you proposing you indicated I got a seconder first thank you Councillor Joe Costello
kills are harder just indicate that the management the report is for noting there's no comments on it
to try to provide councils with the most amount of information and it's been agreed by Group leaders that we wouldn't take questions on us
so the they could be raised during the through the SPC's or by way of motion to the City Council
our directly with the managers are directly with the manager of course yeah
ITEM 15 report number to 7 to 2 thousand 19 of the assistant chief executive Brendan Kenny social housing supply and delivery monthly update report could I have a proposer and a seconder Councillor Khan and cancer Gilliland
we had I opened a list of speakers and being Councillor Gill and
thank you very much for the reports manager I think the layout of its has allowed us a little bit better to understand the particular supply we have
and the stages there at
I have one question with regard to the section on the capital appraisal Speen prop PRUs processed when we indicates there that were appointing our design team is to be appointed could you indicate particularly with regard to the ones that come to the local authority housing funding
is that through a procurement process to appoint a design team or is at our own internal Dublin City Council design team grammar girth
the Council is just to say and
take any other contributions on this reported this time
not list is close sorry Councillor Riley thank you Lord Mayor yet
similar just also
I know is that there is
some sites
that have gone out for expressions of interest in banning one that aren't on this list
behind supervalu so on just wondering wider and on the list and at what stage
do they do they
go into this
Thanksgiving Service Manager
thank you Lord Mayor just in relation to an Alison Gilliland question it's a bit of both we use consultants as necessary but some of them are also done by our own design team
bit about
in relation to the site Housing has to be involved in that particular site will be coming back to local concerts about that in the next couple of weeks but that's a separate issue
OK cancers the report agreed
ITEM 16 report number 3 1 to 20 19 of the Head of technical Services with reference to the National Transport Authority and bus connects could I have a proposer please
local over proposer
camp Ansari just
be clear there's no cow no list open at this stage the taking a proposer and a seconder
so Councillor Conaghan and cancer and worry by
agreement with group leaders it's been agreed that will invoke the group system under the under this section so going to take a speaker from each party for 2 minutes and then any other speaker for one minute up to a maximum of 35 minutes from the Fina fall group two minutes
thank you I know this is a government strategy and project 20 40 and we all know that the Greater Dublin area needs much better public transport we also need safer cycle lanes and safer pedestrian zones I understand that the NCA must comply with Strategic Infrastructure Development Act which leapfrogs local authorities where communities are impacted by the bus corridor proposals so the NTA submits its application directly to on-board Pinola therefore or however all legislation can be amended the MTA must comply with article 4 and 6 of the AA has Convention on public consultation but most residents were not aware of the proposals until the residents who received CPO letters had to set up new groups Design and print posters and hand-deliver leaflets to neighbouring roads that is why the MTA needs to engage directly with local Councillors as we represent local communities at a recent community forum 2 weeks go I requested that more informative documentation was issued to all residents and that the NCA would meet directly with councillors on the next phase the deputy CEO of the MTA said that this was permissible so I request that Councillors who already engaged with this matter take part in a working group and I also request that Council officers would be involved the timeline for completion of road-widening Dublin suburbs to bring more double-deckers in here in here and if there are no objections is 20 27 however with the level of challenges so far it may take much longer and our population density will be far greater therefore a better solution for public transport is needed in the 15 consultations that I have attended throughout Dublin Bay South and South Central the overall response is negative from resident groups as this is not only a transport issue but a detrimental environmental issue due to the thousands of private and public trees to be removed hundreds of protected structures impacted loading bays to be removed which will close down local businesses road widening and rat runs would endanger its school access there is so much involved in this
area read the MTA needs to consult with us not just transport engineers from outside the country thank you
thank the Khalsa or speak
on behalf of the Green party
thank you for
I note from this that we are not clear exactly what the the Anti are asking here is is is that they're asking for our opinion on what they have sent us is it that they're asking the Executive are they asking the the counsellors and overall I would say is that one of our worries here is that we wouldn't return to the anti-gay proposing a parallel process to the consultation that's already undergone under
been undertaken and is in currently halfway through it's not complete and we are still hearing from communities certainly in my area in the north sides many of the
dealings with the anti-EU have been incredibly positive
people have worked with the anti-gay to outline what they would like to see in terms of public transport across the city they have looked at how they can protect green areas and mature trees was still
access from four cars and increasing access to public transport on to public roads
we found that the anti-gay has been quite responsive to those processes and has been very engaged with the community so one of our
wishes here is that we wouldn't set up a parallel process but we would like to see the anti-gay
engaged more with the Council
it doesn't seem to be
particularly ideal that the NCA will operate this pretty much in and of themselves and they will CPO their own land and they will do that their own way and we would like to see them even in a practical way deal with the Council in terms of how we phase traffic disruption how we face construction
and talked was more about what that will mean in the course of constructing VOSCUR next
bergstrausser on behalf of the Independent Group
councillor though
when second
because of its fabric A B D select their thank you
Councillor Dunn
I thank you Lord Mayor
Lord Mayor I think this is this is hugely important
from the point of view of
Dublin city council's role in looking after our roads and paths and cycle ways and IMF basically the road infrastructure and the MTA coming in with proposals that they don't seem to have certainly as far as I could say have had any meaningful discussion with Dublin City Council engineers
never mind Dublin City counsellors in the area because we are constantly being asked you know sort of what's happening in relation to this proposal How can you
look at that either sometimes in a constructive way and sometimes people have negative view because it's directly maybe impacts in parts of our garden being taken away
what I'm calling for and I think it's hugely important
that Dublin City Council now engages properly in the process because as far as I understand Dublin City Council made no submissions whatsoever the phase 1 of this particular
proposal that despite the fact that residents associations and individuals right across the city made numerous
s submissions and a lot of cases paid for professional advice in making those submissions
we have the expertise and we should use it so I'm basically asking and calling on Dublin City Council
road and traffic in particular section to engage with the next phase which after the public consultation is going straight to An Bord Pleanala and in achieving that each Area Committee they should come with a reports shown what interaction has taken place with the NCA and that we can have a full proper discussion at Area Committee level on that thank you Lord Mayor
speaker on behalf of the group
clause Measham sorry Councillor Anthony
thanks normally
this is one of the most significant infrastructure developments for the city of Dublin traffic and transport are absolutely key to the smooth running of the City the economic development of the city etc and yet we seem to have a very hands off approach by Dublin City Council in relation to the whole development of this work I put in a formal question to the CEO
Dublin City Council before the summer asking what level of engagement was happening with the anti-gay and I was told it was too soon for any detailed engagement and you know I find that quite alarming really I mean consultation for the MTA and local communities in the final stages and there is still an awful lot of questions to be answered there's a lack of clarity around
an awful lot of areas and there has been
a lack of
real good sound
data traffic modelling done and that's only going to commence shortly also the integration we have no idea about what the outcome of the bus routes was and or the integration how all these are going to hang together with the new corridors and what the impact is and resultant areas so
the you know there's theirs a huge impact for a traffic management of transport in the city for road maintenance for public realm enhancements for environmental impact and for urban design and yet I'm not seeing
the NTA engaging fully with the SPC's or with the Executive Dublin City Council in any detailed way on this and what I would ask is we haven't had a meeting yet of the traffic and Transport SPC what I would ask is that there would be an urgent meeting of that SPC and that the MTA would be invited in
to fill us in on the detail and to talk in terms of what the impact and implications are for Dublin City and Dublin City Council in terms of its other developments in the city thank you
thank you Councillor Bentley Councillor sorry on behalf of the Labour party
Castlebrae shared thanks Lord Mayor
Lord Mayor this is a hugely important issue for Dublin City Council and as was has been articulated by the speakers already are right across this Chamber their very real concerns here with regards to consultation with Dublin City Council and also with regards to the dissemination of some of the decisions already made by the National Transport Authority with regards to the court that the corpus corridors my own area of Caprica 7 has four core bus corridor is going through a swords Blanche something doesn't Bally Mourne and there is very real issues there with regards to how the NTA have actually liaised and dealt with local councillors and with
with with residents associations so really I think that the big ask that has to come our response to this letter is a to be clear about our role vis-a-vis the ATA because bear in mind this is not just about the structural changes to the roads we as Dublin City Council will be responsible for the maintenance of these roads that footpaths the green verges and whatever else into the future so and of course is not just confined to the Corpus corridors it also applies to the Metro development as well and how we actually deal with transport infrastructure Ireland so I think we need to be very clear as to what the relationship here between the HCA and ECC is with regards to how the court was corridors were about to move into the second phase now of the of the corpus corridor development
in terms of the finalisation of the design proposals and we need to be very clear as a Council as to how we want our relationship with the NTA set out thanks
postcodes are and we have the champagne Group Councillor Janice boiler
thank-you I'd Vera
we understand that there needs to be better infrastructure that given the National Transport Authority needs to continue to fully engage in consultation with communities we need meaningful dialogue and lifted in areas the bus connects plan affects people from all our local communities some are still very concerns were elements of the plan such as cutting down trees proposals to take away green spaces taken away people's front gardens proposals to bring traffic down small roads such as Coleraine Street are just mad suggestions and no one can understand the need for them we need communities to feel like they've had their say that they have been listened to so that a better solution for public transport can be designed and DtC needs to be more engaging as the body as well the level of engagement needs to be very detailed residents came together and put submissions in and ask questions DC CNN-IBN TA should be doing the same especially around SPC's and with each other there needs to be a strong relationship between DC and the MTA and just
just moving on them with a report in the report and I just asked a manager what the following paragraph means in plain language plays the paragraph grass in question is the second last paragraph in the letter it begins before making any decision under section 44 to be because the way that we're looking at it and on the face of it looks like the National Transport Authority are looking for a blank cheque on this so can I just have some clarification and plain
language instead of apostrophe comments in brackets and distant yet are likely it took me ages to try to read the thing thanks
On behalf of the social Democrats
thank you wherever you are just to follow on from Councillor Boyle on where she finished her sentence there also mentions that Dublin City Council are the Authority now wishes to consult with Dublin City Council which were still under which part of Dublin City Council is the management is the various different areas and what would that look like in terms of their consultation I think it's very important that we do have those area-based local consultations with the Transport Authority communion and actually delivers I do have to say most of the consultations are open and Barbara residents groups and the MTA have actually been quite positive we've gone over there we raise where objections needed to be raised to listen to and people being promised that we'd become back with solutions showed in the second phase has been really positive for what's been absolutely absence that where residents associations are self form and where people are collectively getting together Dublin City Council has been somewhat missing from their process and I absolutely cannot continue we are fundamentally about to change the transport infrastructure for this city for the next decades to come I do think it's a positive and needs to happen but it's difficult within one of the medieval city so not let's not take a step back her necessary to ourselves as a Local Authority does not simply be told that we're looking corner of to consult but this can't be the level of consultation with Members I would appeal to yourself Lord Mayor and also possibly to the Chair of the Transport SPC to correspond backwards MTA environment where local authorities but also take a step forward ourselves as a Local Authority and assert yourselves I want to commend the residents association I also want to commend the NTA for the level of dialogue to engage in what residents to and it's been an interesting process over
councillor Tina MacVeigh on behalf of people before profit
chair I also turned it off the search
for justice at this point I know to ask the Chair of the
transfer recipe see to indicate now and I'm opening the list as well Councillor McVey
attended the local consultation meetings and I have to say there was a massive level of engagement from the local community
and brilliant ideas coming out from those consultations was obviously people who live in the community now directly the impact of the proposed changes are going to have on their community some positive and some not so positive but as as other speakers have indicated this is a hugely important
transport infrastructure which is going to have a massive impact on our communities but on our city as a whole and I think it's really really important that on the one hand that the that that the consultation that has taken place and if we are to be believed with the level of attention that the MTA have given is that they will take some of those points made by residents on board whether the consultation is meaningful but that as other speakers have stressed that we do engage as a Local Authority and I want to second the proposal that the NCA should be invited to come and outline the details of specific proposals for each of the of the local areas once they have finally agreed them
so we're still waiting area for some of those consultation meetings to be completed and that was the one concern I had about the letter that the NTA centre in the latter they state that the consultation has completed but it hasn't so I don't know whether if we're pre-empting anything by by noting this letter but just to stress again the importance I think of the NTA coming out to meet us and any other proposals that can come from the Council as to how the Council might engage would be welcome
we are going to take Councillor Burke and then the list will will proceed it's women per speaker and the debate will conclude one way or the other at 8 30 whether we are whether we have all the speakers listed or not that's the rules of the group system Councillor Burke woman thanks for American won't go over most of the points that were raised but it certainly my intention to invite and Graeme into the forest start the second meeting of the Transport Act specie in relation to issues in communities the tone of the letter certainly doesn't help Lord Mayor as far as I can see the reading but I do want to support all that was said and was a set of my intention to invite on Graham and from anti-gay to discuss issues in relation to concerns in community strengths and thanks Council Borough Council may Fitzpatrick or minute yes
thanks Lord Mayor and thanks Manager for the report I would appreciate manager if he can explain the purpose of this letter from the MTA because it's very bureaucratic speak and it's hard to decipher exactly what are they asking from us I would say that it's really important having engaged with the local communities on the 4 Bus corridors in camera glass Nevin that City Council has been absent there hasn't been any executive representation at those meetings and and that is to the detriment of the project we need a more affordable efficient and reliable bus service
but the displacement that is potentially going to be caused by these bus corridors into the adjoining City Council's streets is going to be a significant challenge for the City Council to manage the MTA have a budget of 2 billion congestion is costing the city 350 million we need to get this right but the existing residential communities do need to be protected and cars need to be removed from the city so I think any proposal from the NTA has to include out of town park and ride and more affordable bus services and most likely a free service and and engagement from the City Council traffic department in all of the consultations
Kirtomy Shaw Marie Camargo authority
just want to say I mean other speakers have mentioned the level of work done the NDA seem to put into this consultation I think it's really unprecedented and its impressive the amount of soundings that they have taken literally the amount of consultation that they have done around this and I've got to the up-to-date sessions and there definitely feeding back and taking concerns not everything but that's understandable and that process is ongoing so there are to be commended on that I read this letter as the masking US should they just drive and do things themselves or do we want to get involved
it's interesting he they look for a response by Friday 25th September which is in the past by a number of weeks now so
the question says that's a good question Councillor McKenna why is it only here now
but I would greatly encouraged the idea as others have said just take to the Area Committees I think the Area Committees are the place to take the routes through now where we get a say and we get to engage with
the MTA on it so that's what that's the route I would go on America market
thank you Councillor Joe COSLA
thank you Lord Mayor
allows commend the bus connects for the work they have done but there they're going out to the public has been very much a curate's egg
it has been very
different in different areas for example at the Punchestown area the overheads were all blurred and you couldn't see what the maps were
and some of the community forums with the organisation's non-flood of the organisations that could have been there
we're not on the invitation list so that is a problem right throughout
we still haven't got the submissions we haven't got the report on the submissions that were made over a period of nearly two years now
and we're going to have CPOs and 20 20 we don't know where they are going to be there has been no connection with the council no connection with Dublin Bus really and Dublin bosses to Stogia 100 diesel buses so you really want to you now to get the everything in perspective and finally could I say that the we need to see the bigger picture
we need to see what's going to happen in relation to congestion we need see what's going to happen in relation to park and ride we need see what's happened in relation to ticketing because asked analysis the inner city communities are going to be at the end of the line and they see what's coming down to them so I think we need to get more information in that respect
Councillor Procter Councillor
I would agree with Councillor Carter other Councillor cost to them and that we need to look at the bigger picture and I think the first part is that transport in the city as a mess I know Councillor Latty and Councillor Kath formerly of this parish counted 62 separate bodies I think it was
involved in transport planning in this city and I think the fact that the NCA feel that they can push ahead without us without even having to give us a letter with return reasonable time shows that mess and the other wider context is the need for modal shift away from private cars into public transport we're in extinction rebellion are having a very active Week this week to underline the need congestion we need to get people out of cars into buses and we will only do that by improving public transport and have lots of other things I want to say but I will just focus on this
our chief executive is a member of the Board of the NTA is there a possibility to co-opt an official onto the anti-gay to promote that co-working between us and the NTA so we can get these things done so that the summary of the traffic department are
actively involved in this and then bringing it back to the elected representatives through the SPC and through the the the local areas
thank God I hope you are not suggesting that Councillor Lacey was formerly of this parish just of youth council CofE
very much still here there was
councillor Donald community
thank you ma am just to say that yeah I do believe that there has been good consultation but
like Councillor costlow I believe that there hasn't this sort of joined up thinking that's necessary for proper public transport policy for Dublin City not like we had back home we have the Dublin Transport office and my concern is you know that you know we obviously we need more public transport we need buses but not necessarily at a loss of trees I was at the
environment conference in Co park during the week and you know we had about air quality and
you know and the OPC The World Health Organisation we had you know
the we had the EPA telling us during the year that we had over the levels of nitrogen
dioxide in many areas and we cannot get rid of trees because trees
natural shield to this pollution so we need public transport but we also need trees we need clean air and
you know I could be part of this process we have a Dublin's cycling and walking officer about Ted and that person should be a part of the process as well so thank you Councillor Councillor
John Horner
yes thank you Lord Mayor and just echo as well I think many of the Councillors have said that it's really welcome if there are opportunities for the gangsters to engage directly with the MTA in this I know I along with many other people here will have spent a lot of time at public consultations
with the NDA and hearing a large diversity of viewpoints and I think there is a lot of people that I'm talking to you and I'm speaking with a recognising this a huge opportunity for climate action is a huge opportunity for changing transport in the city and as a huge opportunity for improving the public realm and these are all
competencies of the SPCC's of this Council and as deems it vitally important that the the those as PCs along with
the entire Council have an opportunity to engage with that and to really maximise that opportunity
and just again it has been great to see the level of public consultation I think that it's really important to hear the voices on the doorstep as well and in my area there really strongly calling for improvements in the public realm through this project that look at issues of cycling look at issues of air quality and look at the removal of cars from our city centre and I think we need to be able to echo those priorities in how we communicate with the MTA as well
Councillor Larry O'Toole
some great positivity rate but the proposal was correct
On I'm a firm believer in cross city bus route I take to have been more consensus or
probably more more or less introduce in large numbers in recent years but I have great concerns about this not alone the not the not
a controls them with just this Local Authority diverse on consultations with local people and that some adults I don't take the amounted to much I'm concerned about
hello not consulting with DCC I take a knock on the National Transport Authority of offer about are left the bus company behind take it now of you want to enquire about bush shelter a bus stop or both times he referred to the National Transport Authority does not await supposed to be and have another concern Lord Mayor as a both shows are
going to be flat flash flashy routes up and down the main routes but how and ever I am worried about the Wellbeing diminishing then of the routines estates I hope that doesn't happen but watch out for it they will they will diminish our approach people will be asked to walk maybe a Moyle tomb thank
you Councillor
Councillor Alison Gilliland
I got out fairer and I just want to make a few very quick points I would commend the NCA on the local consultation I think that being very good and reaching out to the local communities and we have our own
outreach communication with them but I do think there has been a lack of joined-up thinking and planning particularly among the relevant stakeholders which we are the key one it is our local authority area and you know it really points to the need for an official forum at Dublin city council level that will pull in transport infrastructure Ireland they NTA to had to sit down and I do respect Councillor
Grisey Burke saying that he will have Miss Graeme into the meeting but we need to have a regular forum were by issues that crop and up on the ground are tossed around in decisions can be made in a consensual way the other thing I would like to see is the NTA presenting any plans they have for the restructuring to the local area committee ahead of submitting it to planning grandma girth
councillor Ray McAdam
thank you Lord Mayor how much commit I very much welcome the positive observations towards bus connects here tonight I think the lack of an imminent election has obviously lessen the importance of the issue for some Members of this House
one question I'd ask the management is that during the Lewes Cross City
development there was a working group of officials from the NTA the or P and Dublin City Council if there isn't a similar working group in place now can we put in place and as Chair given that
it isn't obviously local bus can access and just as important issue and traffic management a significant element of this is significant in the funding of around 200 million is far urban form public realm improvements
and that's why I've as Chair of the Open Forum Planning SPC I've been in touch with the ante already to lock out having a direct role for OSS's counsellors with regard to urban centre plans or public realm improvements along each of the course Carters and I just want to act with a Commons their off Councillor Harker and thus and if there is a working group I think it would be useful for particularly like the likes of the SPC chairs the like from Councillor Burke to be on the working group if it could be settled
councillor harker Stocker
I would also like to say that in our local consultations with the MTA I found them to be excellent they've been very good at taking on board the submissions of local community groups and working to accommodate their needs and also to to plan and hopefully deliver public realm improvements throw that one point which is sometimes overlooked in discussions about bus connects is that
due to the scale of a nature of our housing crisis we've a very high proportion of renters and more transient residents who are a large proportion of commuters in the city and who are perhaps less vocal than a word not represented on your average community or residents Association and I just like to say I would welcome engagement with with the aid from DCC but I would like us as Councillors to bear in mind our responsibility to that cohort of people also who perhaps aren't as well represented as others
but of course Councillor
Dermot Lacey
Stocker will be just the select
time Lord Mayor and you may be pleased to know I have no intention of leaving this Parish in the immediate future anyway with
will say a prayer for that
not in the immediate future
all depends on how you define the term immediate Lord Mayor
i've been very critical of the NCA in the past and I stand over that I think that we need to have a Dublin Transportation Authority the notion that we have this national body dictating to is I believe wrong having fed out I do believe that the NPA having age and I think to help the very positive meetings on the issue larded points to be made already so I do not agree with Councillor Murray to presentation should be to the Area Committee I think counter
Gannon's pointed point I raised earlier at the Group leaders meeting we need a definition on who who Dublin City Council is when there is consultation with Dublin City Council is with the Executive is out with a counter visit with boat and how do we respond because there isn't clarity on that issue and my biggest problem with with the bus connects plan is that it is still a roads based policy roads based planning failed in the 60 s and for ease widening the roads won't solve a problem today and we need a better solution than just why aiding roads
councillor Patricia row
the selected their council houses
you're on your own council due OK sorry that was be confusing thanks my in thank you Lord Mayor I just want to I know several points have been raised with this discussion I guess from my point of view is that if we have someone from the NPA in I would like to actually ask them
in relation to cost cost on to for fronts costs of the project mainly because with several public consultations on route and revision of plans I want to know exactly how much this is going to cost the taxpayer because I do not want another Children's Hospital on our hands
we need bother a better public service but we need it we dine better ground of project management on a second front of course I'll make a very quick is that myself and Councillor Cohen Perry and new reign was
having chat over coffee and that on this is that we need also for the cost of public transport to be free if at all possible so at the end of the day public transport cannot serve the public if the public can't afford it so that will be something that would be great for decades to come and answer when they come to work with the working group's thinking
the Authority
the consultation to date and they really do seem to be listening in terms of what the residents have highlighted but essentially it's the residents association I suppose they've they're the ones who have mobilised very successfully and I suppose we need to be very clear there are the ones who have created the solutions themselves not us not Dublin City Council
I do agree that a working group would be very important and would be very useful and I know from speaking to various residents' associations in my own area they are very keen to be part of that process again that's going to take some time and I I suppose in in light of the urgency around bus connects I wonder is there any mechanism that we could use maybe Councillor Burke around having representation from those type of residents associations at the transport SPC in the immediate couple of weeks until this working group has been established
councillor Joshua Rowe
thank you Lord Mayor I echo the comments made about the consultation that has been performed by the anti-gay I would just like to point out that under swords route at the previous consultation Forum back in November
Hugh Cregan was unaware of two quite large developments which
immediately abut the corridor what's was Cottage site another one down at her the non-spill site in Whitehall
local residents haven't got answers as to how this will impinge on either those developments or on the Quality Bus corridor itself
so there is a lack of joined-up thinking as previous speakers have said and there's a lack of consultation with DCC I welcome any working group and I think that Councillor Burke's invitation is most welcome but I think that there should be formal consultation between the NTA and DCC and I echo Councillor Gannon's point that we need to clarify you know who's driving the bus here thank you
thank Scousers from my own perspective manager Archie was interesting I had a meeting today with residents from all be rolled and I suppose many of the issues which you may raise by other councils where we're raised here I think particularly around communicated to the community the need for this project and how the improvements will in turn
benefit the community I think the issues around the adjoining roads is a really strong argument is something we have a role in and we should we should be working on on that alongside it I understand that the NTSB in the last Councillor N T A. where in on a number of occasions with us I understand from DECC Brady that we've established that officials
group which effectively as marking the MTA project and I welcome that but I think through Council works SBC we should be trying to find a way to make sure that councils have access to two to that
and I think we need to be clear about the role of elected Members Councillors don't have a role in this process so we need to be careful about grading forums that alludes to the fact that we do have a role and I think councils are already working with residents to assist them and I think we've worked very positively on that but I would caution against us having for which allude to us having power when we don't have the power and what's clear from the latter is that they seem to be indicating that there were taking the lead on the project and we will be secondary to it so I am out of time manager
Mirko just on a point of order just I note the motion number 5 on the agenda from Councillor Conroy I wonder what would be be would it be possible to take that it deals with the issue of a transport sub-committee dealing with bus connects
Zokora would you be happy to put the motion to be taken with well debate on the at this time
when when I say taken now we take we will moving it now but will not speaking on it
great OK it's not agreed
say OK
okay okay so just one moment Council ACE has made a helpful suggestion Manager do you believe
number 5 I don't worry there are other
motions which I will ask the manager about as well settled down guys settle down
I'll bring his her time I masculine calling on the manager
yet there is already under the previous transportation as perceived there was a public Transport Sub-Committee comprising the NTA various public transport operators elected Members and Transportation staff
I think we could re-establish that Committee Wolsey SPC is established but the notion that is something completely new we've had that Committee in place during the duration of the last Transportation SPC
Councillor Lay surveys suggest that we take it this time there's a number motions on this and I'm going to leave them and let them wear arise normally OK that doesn't seem to be agreement that we can take a we can take it at this time because the caller
may I say something you you mentioned that it will be on the transport SBC it'd be a sub-committee or what I have said in my motion is or
yes culinary Westminster is not just about transport its
environment Kyoto were not taking the motion at this time is I apologise okay so that that concludes the debate Manager your response to the debate
thank you Lord Mayor so just to go back to the purpose I suppose of the short report we present up to 2 The cancers
under the NTA's authority
they normally will
look to
provide public transport infrastructure to through the various bodies including the local authority which is under this particular act also or public transport authority
the purpose of this letter is to say that they're exercising their powers which is that they don't have to provide infrastructure to the local authority they can actually do it themselves and what they're saying here is that in compliance with one of the paragraphs
they shall consult with and consider the views
of the relevant public transport authority other statutory body and that is what the purpose of this is
it should be noted that the law Departments are a lot apartment
advised us really that the MTA do have the power to
to bring this project true under these powers I suppose what they're looking for here is our views in it but they do not have to take those into account so really that is the purpose of bringing the latter two to the members to inform them of that
as Lord Mayor also alluded to we have set up
a group
both connects Liaison Team will be appointing somebody permanently to that in this month following a public appointments
service interview and that will be very much the team which will be engaging with the MTA as we move through this process we should also point out that as part of the second current ran two consultations which had come forward from those consultations is now the preferred routes for each of the corridors they have to have a full e or Environmental impact Assessment report prepared under all the different headings such as the environment such as the impact
on trees etc as well as the overall traffic management impact and that's what they need to prepare an order to go to bore Pinola the purpose of this particular letter is to say that where when and if Baupin all grant permission for any car door it is the antes intention to undertake these powers on the corridor themselves it does not interfere with our maintenance role does not interfere with the Carters once their constructed come back to Dublin City Council as as any other Road in the city would
I expect that is OK
like Councillor Fitzpatrick
Lord Mayor just thank thank you for a further report manager it's just not clear to me though when they're asking for views out there are asking us for their views in exercising their legislative powers are they asking us for their views on the Bus corridor Project and it was the intention in terms of communicating views from the City Council is or is there any intention of communication abuse and then just finally just wouldn't last manager
while I appreciate what was said about the NCA having ultimate responsibility for the creation of the Bus corridors in that infrastructure will be returned to the City Council but what about the consequences of the creation of those Bus corridors on the adjoining and surrounding roads which will be the City Council's responsibility thank you
just be absolutely clear
what the NTA they can invoke the section they've David advised us they propose to invoke the exception but they are required to consult with us so they've written or saying we intend invoking so in other words they will be developing these corridors this is after the planning stage and are just in line with legislation asking their view we can ignore it we can say we don't want them to do it but the writing is on the wall seems to me they're going to do it anyway
but they have to formally consult or so we can convey back the views of the Council whatever they are one way or the other I suspect they'll go ahead anyway
but I think for emotion of her importance for noting we've had a full debate on it I think any other issues can be raised with the manager directly OK we move on to the Borough we agreed the previous so we can move on to the motions at variance agreed
sorry have previously agreed as a block
if they're not I have to go straight to motions and not agree the riots
OK so we go to motions so motions is Item 25 motions on notice so just to point Members out where these are going to Page 5 29 to see Councillor Danny Dorling's motion
the motions on notice are dealt with under Standing order 36 SEN 36 says that the mover of the motion shall have three minutes to propose the motion we demoed call on each group to make a speaker on it and then after that any other speakers for 2 minutes and the mover of the motion then will have two minutes to to reply we have until nine o'clock growth
9 9 9 o'clock OK so Councillor Donna K
gari Margot I'll be brief first of all I just want to amend the motion because some people came to me and gave me a valid point and I would like to amend the motion to read as follows
that to pilot a participatory budget as part of a discretionary fund not instead of so that that's that that's the amendment so on asset you accept that but
participatory budget is a democratic process in which community members decide how to spend part of a public budget it gives people real power over real money while councils are elected by the people they represent their views and work on their behalf this is an ongoing process of consultative decision making
in this instance the Council's was set aside a sum of money money to allow citizens to directly identify their own priorities for their own communities this initiative is in the interests of enhance democracy and citizens citizen consultation I believe it supports the principle of public service reform that says that people should have equal opportunity to participate in DCAL in decisions shaping their local community and society this was done am on a pilot in areas of south County Dublin
and a proved very successful and we could follow their model or we could tweak it according to what we want to be done and the four-timer came across
participatory budget was when the the mayor directly elected Mayor of Guadalajara Mexico visited here and they actually use a participatory budget and at the March budget a much bigger budget and owls because it directly elected mayor and are responsible for a lot more so 10 percent of the budget is done this way and one of the reasons I really want to do this is that the last local election proved to me that there's a disconnect in their communities of of democracy and what democracy is all about and I think if you give somebody a reason to vote and the vote on something that's important to them that may be down we'll have better photo participation and will have have I've better better democracy
that's done and I'm hoping that I will care support and I have agreed to amend it Gulmarg of
do we want agreed we could move quickly and says that agreed no ca ca Councillor Healy so and the next speaker then will be from the
Green party group
I'm sorry but I can't agree to support this motion I believe the intention behind it as is as laudable but for starters the way the government is threatening to cut a point 9 million from our Budget this year probably will have a huge effect on any discretionary budget or other budgets that we have to play around with so I think that's for starters a big problem that we have but but in the main I don't believe
that it is necessary
to have a budget where local people can decide because local people elect us here in this Chamber to make decisions on their behalf and I know that every one of us are worked tirelessly
from morning to night with all the different requests that are put to us and certainly at our own North Central Area Committee all of us Burnham had a lot of projects that we proposed for our discretionary budgets this year so I'm not in favour of taking further powers away from us at local level and I believe that the democratic process does work and I'm in favour of retaining it as it stands in relation to the discretionary budget going to our Area Committees caramel guitar there
we have the Green party
thank you Lord Mayor
I think we are broadly
in favour of this motion
and I think it's it's a kind of a precept of of green politics and ethics that you would make decisions at the local the lowest possible level and that you would try and bring the community with you and include them in all of those processes
I think that we would like to see that process be as broad as possible and not necessarily
only the PPN process as it stands now we would like to see fairly significant review and reform
of that process and an inclusion of all sorts of diverse and diverse groups and minorities in the creation of budgets it does strike me that perhaps
this should be referred to the Finance Committee perhaps or the economic SPC but I will leave that to the Chamber to consider thank you
Sir Patrick on behalf of the Independent when
times are varied again like the previous speakers I fully support the idea behind the motion and agree with Councillor needlework about attempting to re-engage with the electorate given the obvious disconnect the won't difficulty I do have is that the least organise communities may lose a
and we may see the money being directed towards communities who already are well organised and who are already well various and help to get grants that would be a concern for me so I would agree with the last speaker and suggest that this is sent to the relevant SBC to flesh out a little bit more and maybe look at the cell air South Dublin county council model to see does it do what we would hope it will do go to market
On behalf of vinegar Group Councillor
thank you aren't Vera I'm actually in favour of and I'd prefer I would have supported Councillor Alex motion as it currently stood on the order paper as opposed to instead of
onset of Park off because I think
what rather than actually do in what care on an SS talked about in terms of doing a trial in looking at work works elsewhere the discretionary is actually the ideal opportunity to do it
in terms of getting individual local projects are precinct improvements or things like that that individual complex as our local streets are innovating regional communities could actually drive forward so I would very much open and my colleagues are very supportive of this type of approach being adopted for the discretionary spend in for the Council's discrete area discretionary spend for the budget 20 20 and we'd wholeheartedly support constantly Darling's motion
unfortunately answer
we don't have
the eight-point 9 million
there won't be a discretionary budget but I'm probably are probably going beyond my role as
Chair there
On behalf of the Labour Group
Lord Mayor I think it's good to see motions like this being discussed I think it's worthwhile motion I think to some merit in it but my worry is how it actually works in practice mean I think you have to ask yourself questions like who is the community what residents Association January represents what what you'd organisations involved how do we determine what groups should be involved and have a say in support the second one is appointed Councillor Parry made about weak or we versus stronger Communities I think that that is clearly an issue Tender things like you know how much do we allocate to so forward I do however believe that there is merit in trying to
look at the key agenda behind this motion I would support according to the Finance Committee to be worked on but at the back of my mind I also bear in mind Councillor Heaney's point in our powers are being whittled away all the time and I think we should be very careful before we ourselves remove the power from our armoury and I think we should just be careful on us but I wouldn't be against further discussion to see if something in this could be worked out and I do congratulate Councillor need only for putting it forward we need more just sort of innovative thinking on the council not less thank you
I am the next group
is the champagne group I
Councillor to Ireland
I expect the Minister speak not attempt
patisserie budget funding Hezza consultative decision making process and it is something that I suggested myself last year at our Central Area Committee where my colleague at the time Councillor Gaye Fagan it gives people in the area is the opportunity to suggest what happens in their area and I think that that's a good thing I don't think it would take away our so called power I think it would make us even more accessible to our community and will be very helpful at re-engaging people because we all seen the the result of the last election we can work at safeguarding its so that all areas would be consulted with and again it just gives our local areas the access to what happens in their areas and I support Cradley Darling's motion and I I
things actually is very good for bringing it forward she did suggested to me last year as well thank you
councillor sorry on behalf of the social Democrats
yes thank you I would absolutely support Councillor Anthony dollies motion it was actually our own colleague Dermot loonies the social Democrat Councillor in Dublin in Sedgefield County Council who introduced it a number of years ago and I have seen it in my own work in my day job how successful this initiative actually is
the way they've operated is that they've looked at it from a targeted perspective so at the moment are looking at for hours
and they give the opportunity for André genes to be involved in that process and to Bosch in terms of the most appropriate projects that can participate in it I think anything
nowadays that we can use to utilise to to mobilise to build capacity and create sustainable sustainability within our communities particularly in targeted perspective should be very much welcomed so I would I would welcome that motion
On behalf of people before profit
and I would support the finished behind this motion we 17 in what is I think it's great to see as you said these be these motions being brought before which gives more democracy to residents of Dublin one of the issues that Ozawa has already been raised as I'd like to see it in practice and how its work I haven't seen and the other suggestions I have been mentioned by the Council's where it's been implemented in other councils and I just have like issue just questions in general of to say how would it work in the matter of the likes of a larger group which have more members in a might have a great idea but also someone in a similar position might have a good idea and if it's a voting system that how the staff play out just general kind of just smile kinds of things that detail that would like to see so I would support the motion but I'd like to see it to be brought forward as being suggested to the Finance SPC and report to come back to so that we can look at a performance implemented and the effects are my have go forward
Banks my support from my own perspective she was interesting only yes them at
Swiss town who visit the Mansion House and they have an electorate of 6 thousand and each year they have more than 800 people that attend the Budget Meeting where the 800 people decide on the budget for the city so it is possible to work
and obviously promotes active engagement with citizens as well
I'm going to allow Kathy respond and then I lost created to conclude the debate
Lord Mayor thanks very much in terms of the motion is put by Councillor Dolley just remind Councillor is if this was to be adopted and taken on a considered and maybe that's something for the Finance SBC to consider it doesn't change the law yourselves the elected Members are responsible for passing the budget so it's not it's not really participatory budget it's it's a formal consultation the decision is with the Members here so it's understood that and it's a two to discuss what would happen if you decided I don't like the decision of one group because the decision rests with the full Council for passing the Budget and South Dublin have done different pilots as was mentioned there hasn't been a whole of Council the Big issue on it and I suppose as was previously mentioned the funding for discretionary budget you'd expect me to say but I suppose it will be an issue that we thrash out in the budget it was it is I'm you know something that requires an awful lot of focus this year given the a the context we have the other bit I'd mentioned that is acknowledged as a gap in the Dublin system is that you know the funders of the necessary budget monies are likely to be monies from rates and there's a whole gap and talking to the community built I thought we spent without looking to the business community about that engagement and I think that's something that we would be wise to bring in so maybe it's too I don't think it's possible for this budget cuts on top of us if you like but I think it's to think for how it might work you know in a broader sense for the next Budget
tells me darling of 2 minutes to conclude the debate no
break I no intentions for forbidden for this Budget because we just we don't have the time it at a it needs a lot about some of the concerns that people raised their concerns that I would have myself but it's not stopping before 1 two parties forward I will be concerned about the weaker groups but that's where we have community development projects and we go in and ensure that they make their communities aware of this and I would like us to vote on it and then just I mean the people wanted to go to the SBC to implement it or or what way would that work ethic so if we if this motion is passed now and I would agree for it it gets passed out it gets forward to the SBC for implementation
Morrow would think this needs a lot of tries to note as to who will actually work and that's probably the place to do it in the FBC to figure out what are the issues involved so it could come as part of the work programme
needlework aerosols New two options we can put the motion for voting and and then they could be referred to the SBC for for deliberate for deliberation or Council Dolakha could
put a direct to the SBC and allow the details to come back to the Council be voted on I
prefer to vote on it in order to goals JSPC with the endorsement of the of the council if impossible but we just got a seconder for that motion please Sir Councillor oil
so you're here
so that's 54 55 voters 48 in favour and 5 against the motion is passed and then referred to the Finance SPC for for implementation
councillors so we now to come to the second item on motions on notice on the debate there's only four minutes left in the debate the mover of the motion Councillor he has indicated that she wishes to start the debate will start the debate and then we will we will take a look down at the next time so Councillor Healy you've three minutes
thanks Lord Mayor with the motion is that the Council ensures the protection of animals in our city and makes every effort to bring about compliance with the law by all concerned and makes every effort to ensure that the required legislation to regulate the operation of carriage horses and put in place and that a report be provided on same Lord Mayor we are all very aware in the City from various different I suppose stories we hear and experiences we have that there is a lot of animal welfare issues in our city there's a lot of unnecessary suffering inflicted on animals in our city we hear anecdotal evidence and we have personal experience of visits to both the dog pound and the horse well not the horsepower but the Dog-Pound of unnecessary suffering by animals in our city
I do know that we have an equine vet separate to the Licensing VAT and I suppose the questions that I have for the manager is is this fat available 24 7 to assist gothy and if so can the Manager please advise Garda stations that we have an equalities equine vet who can go out and assist them in a situation where they they suspect animal welfare issues I particularly as the manager to advise gothy in sun-dried Road the Bridewell store Street amounts Ryk Mountjoy Garda stations because these are the are at the coalface of the mix of of of of cruelty and animal welfare issues and they do require assistance of our equine vet so that they can deal with issues that may be the equine VAT would be much more helpful
in sorting out I want to know of our equine vet as an authorised officer under the animal Health and welfare Act and if she is not then maybe maybe can she be so appointed under both the animal animal Health and welfare Act and the control of horses Act because this will be hugely beneficial because an officer under the Act will be able to check if a horse's chipped
she could also if she is an authorised officer under the animal Health and welfare Act issue an animal health and welfare Fair Improvement notice safeguard the but our event has the skills to complete such a notice which in turn will help improve welfare as Hoare of horses in our city and possibly reduce seizures as well as
I suppose improving education amongst horse owners in relation to the horse pound Lord Mayor the inspections of the horsepower
are you have to ma minutes as the first group of four Fina fall so I'll apply an extra two minutes here
in relation to the horse pound inspections of the horse pound and the dog pound should be carried out unannounced not during nine to five five days a week unannounced night-time weekends to make sure that there is no unnecessary suffering inflicted on animals in our city it is I suppose such an important
responsibility now I have written and I know that members of the public have written to City Council management and the responses that I get back and others get back are that everything is OK but that is not my experience I have spoken to people who are operating at the coalface Lord Mayor and they tell me differently they tell me that the situation in the Dog-Pound is unacceptable that animals in the pound are not I suppose treated you know in a reasonable manner we're not looking for Rolls Royce treatment but certainly to eliminate any possibility of unnecessary suffering being inflicted on animals so I suppose I would like the the response of the the manager in relation to those questions and I think there is a further issue around I suppose how we regulate animals and animal welfare in our city particularly horses and dogs in our city I think there is an issue around I suppose where horses are allowed graze on City Council land tethered on Isobel's cared for just left out in the freezing cold where voluntary organisations have to go around during very poor conditions and feed them and make sure that they're OK animals particularly horses being kept in small back gardens I think we have to look at our policy around allowing horses to be left grazing and City Council land and encourage local youngsters and horse owners
to I suppose behave in a responsible manner when it comes to the care of horses and any other animals in our City but there is a serious problem Lord air
in relation to animal welfare in our city and I welcome the support of Members of the Council for my motion Kamila market offer
on behalf of the Green party
are we the Green party or fully supportive of the motion we need we do want to stress a few things though I think coming up to Halloween we need to understand that there will be increase of animal distress around the city I like to praise the Dublin Fire Brigade on this point that they work relentlessly 24 hours around the clock around the city to do all sorts of good work but especially around Halloween time I think they
they they they serve the city really well and I would like to actually ask to get figures are possible on whether the number of animals saved or in this restoring Halloween time increases I'm sure it actually does so and to support Councillor Heaney's point that there is a section of
animals in the city that actually do need a better care but saying that we also do have
support we do have animals that are well cared for in the city and they are well cared for by a specific culture and heritage group and we must support those people as well so I don't think it's good to demonise certain
as CEC sections are certain groups so on I think we need to support them when talking about horses and horse care and carriages and I like to also broaden D conversation more into how we support animals in general and biodiversity in general because if you look the tallow wetland story a couple of weeks ago where a
the wetlands was completely decimated with no care in the world for any of the any of the species there are shows that we as people still have a complete disregard for animal and animal welfare in general and also the recent well in delivery as well so I think we can do better and I ask that as a city we do better in that regards
OK but as we resign o'clock we'll have to conclude that part of the debate at this time and will take it up at the next time there's motions on on debate
we then move on sorry just before I move off motions there's 29 motions on the agenda Members I learned a lot of new Members are here it's possible to move your report
to move your motion for report which means the manager will give you a written response to your motion and then you have the opportunity to resubmit a change resubmit went on to another one is there any motions which people would like to move for written report at this time just give your name Nordmann item 24 plays a hidden 24 counts of Jackson and other Councillors Councillor Feeney
neither Councillors
we move on then to back to the brevets o that with the exception of the north-west Area Committee sorry cows because we do
yes you can
with the exception of the
are all the other graduates A-grades agreed
can I propose and second
Jackson Christopher
sorry Councillor Ryan you might just
just in relation to the 70
s area just in relation
to staffing two members of staff had left left recently and my understanding is there is no cover for them I know that they've built up a good relationship with counsellors and done a lot of work with councillors and residents associations and
you know it's a big gap in the delivery of services by Dublin City Council particularly in the inner city where I could say that the two
staff members have done a lot of very good work and
I know there is somebody who is a jump in if there is an issue around staffing our particular emergency issue but there isn't anyone there to do the ongoing work that the two staff had been doing and also to add to that there was there's a No admin staff so when residents ring up from Mercer house appears House there's no one to answer the phone as I understand it
I he said the intervention it's not an item listed on the bravery of so you aren't entitled to raise a but what could I ask the manager to come back to you directly on it
yet but I suppose to all the Councillors in the area because it is an important issue to
say ways specifically this on the private we can raise it but I get the manager to come back to you on it
thanks thanks them
Councillor variety in the north-west area
yes I would like to raise an issue around housing in the north-west area and I suppose in particularly in the area
I suppose it's no different to any other area in terms of anti social behaviour by our by our own tenants but there has been particular strategy used in Bali Munn they share headed by Declan Ronan that has just
paid huge dividends its it really has been very welcome in the area and I know we give out a lot but I just wanted to I think it is important to acknowledge his contribution to the community in and what he is trying to do their
for example I met someone on the street the other day and they said to me I don't know what Declan's after doing in coteries after cleaning up the place and that is from a resident that attends the Safety Forum meetings and is always very vocal
my I'll finish up now I suppose what I wanted to ask is that management continue to support that strategy embodiment and it is very labour intensive it is it does take up a lot of resources but I'd ask that that is continued because it is paying off huge dividends ex-copper
roots kindly passed me an old saying that on the private either
and I suppose I'll have a go because it was my own area but I would like to was raised at the meeting it was it was raised to me but I will I beg bag means discretion on that one but manage I would support I think it's a very innovative project has taken place
I know I've been discussing that with the manager and you might bring a report back to us on that manager could you thank you okay with all the other breeds party advert with all the other priorities
can I also ask a question for the issue of anti-social in our housing was brought up before the elections and I seem to have got lost I think Brendan
promised for those who report gonna go to the city-wide JP Sybil I'm just wondering if any actions were actually taken because we are constantly getting complaints about anti-social hours across the sea from our own tenants it doesn't just come from name comes from private we've now we've no say over there so I'm just wondering if anything has come from that because I know was an issue raised earlier in the year that was promised action was promised on thanks to
because this is why we don't allow items on the preview for discussion but so we get the manager to come back to the Council on that individually OK thanks a lot parental we will revert back to the topical issue which was discussed on the issue of the importance of safe injection centres and my recollection was that we had already received contributions for the Fina fall group the Green Group the Independent Group and
is fina Gael Group
thanks hardware
our I fully wholeheartedly support supervising Jackson centres both in principle on the application simply treating drug addiction as as a criminal justice matter doesn't work and it hasn't worked and we need to do something different and as Minister of State Byrne has said the decision not to grant planning permission for
injection centre emotions Key is deeply disappointing but from my view not entirely surprising I believe we need this service but personally if I was in charge of the if the legislation on the proposals I'd actually have four I have warned in the City Council but also one in each of the three Dublin authorities
I don't think it's simply a North dot dot we have a facility here in the city centre and give you look at examples in it like the likes of the inside project in Vancouver you can see that there would have been an awful lot more dead Livermore dead people without
without the facility there and indeed I think he'd look at works in partnership with
what we'd call an approved housing body and I think we need to flesh out and develop
the project that proposals we have here much more vigorously
so that there's a supposed much more joined up thinking I suppose also just a very brief and they asked us to take this opportunity as well then to mention some of the fantastic work has actually been done by the HSE in my own area in the north-east Inner City
particularly those professionals who are based in the former Summerhill health centre and those of the local Councillors are at the any AC events last week
we were able to learn more about the work they are doing going into homeless hustlers working with people with addiction issues to make sure that they are getting access to the primary care and the primary services linked in and that they are back desperately need it's not something that it's not its work does not necessarily ever given credit our prayers are given the opportunity to be remarked on and I want to do that here and so thank you are very Deputy Lord Mayor for the opportunity to speak
comma 2 aspect
for a representative from Labour
thank you Lord Mayor
I to support a injection centres and certainly this particular one were really talking about a pilot project we have yet to see whether or not it will function satisfactorily in Ireland but insofar as we can move away from the criminal aspect of it to the Health aspect of it it has to be desirable
we know too many people who inject there's a lot of overdoses there have been increasing in recent years and the nature of the toxic the the drug that they are injecting sometimes can come without any
particular standard of them
of of of seriousness are of intensity so therefore an overdose can be very easier at any particular time also the
the possibility of coming in her in to contact with other health authorities and
to get for their treatment there is not a situation that we're going to be able to
get rid of all problems in this respect
they are not going to go away but certainly the greater focus on dealing with the problem in a safe fashion
which can be supervised and can bring into contact other health facilities and other treatment facilities and personnel is to be desirable so I would be very much in favour of us continuing in this this particular fashion I am disappointed that planning permission was granted should hope that
that on board granola would go the other direction
and indeed I would agree with Councillor Mike Adam that we should be looking towards having one in each
in each area each of the four areas of City thank you
taxi Catholic also on behalf
of the champagne
garages and are fairer am I think when discussing this at a very appropriate time and to tackle the Dublin's drug crisis requires a multi-faceted inter-agency approach does no one simple answer to the complex problem and I said I have somebody has been involved in attempting to tackle the drugs crisis along with other people in our community for over 20 years a supervised injection facility is one aspect of a harm reduction approach it is not and never was to be the panacea to the city's drug crisis supervised injecting facilities seek to reduce the harm associated with IV drug use and CYPS are medically supervised spaces where people can inject drugs in a clean supervise hygienic environment supervised injecting facilities encouraged people to stop using IV drugs on the street it also serves and this is very important for the wider community and also serves to TO two to control the paraphernalia that goes with drug use they are employed in a wide number of countries including Switzerland Germany Spain Holland Austria and Canada
and SIFs also allow for fast tracking and access to public healthcare and pathways for treatment and rehabilitation
the European Monitoring Centre for drugs and drug addiction in 2 thousand 15 report stated that there was no evidence to suggest that the availability of Safer injecting facilities increase drug use or frequency of injecting the Services facilitate rather than delay treatment entry and do not result in higher rates of local drug related crime similarly the Rowntree Foundation report in 2 thousand and 6 said supervised injection facilities were associated with a reduction injecting public places and a reduction of syringes and drug related litter in the areas it is clear by all the contributions today and the wider debate has taken place in the last while in Dublin it is clear that street based injecting is an issue or for the user for the service providers and for the wider public and requires a solution based response are supervised injection facility in Dublin will assist in tackling the problem both for the drug user and the wider community gmorgan Oliveira remarked that he we have the social democrats
thank you
it's unfortunate that this conversation has had to be fragmented a little bit and and broken up into two separate nights specific I think particularly in light of the decision that was made during the summer it's very important that we get to discuss this as a Council
in 2 thousand 16 354 people died as a result of an overdose two out of every three of those deaths occurred in Dublin 85 per cent of those involved opiates this rate is nearly double the suicide rate and higher than suicides and road traffic collisions put together I've worked in the community and voluntary sector on issues associated with substance misuse all of my professional life I've worked with people like Councillor Dulin Councillor Jackson Councillor Gannon
trying to bring more progressive policies into our city the fact that we are now once again facing further delays in the facilitation of a safe injecting room in Dublin is appalling at last month's meeting there was a number of inaccuracies that I would really like to address this evening
the European Monitoring Centre for drugs and drug addiction is an agency that exists to provide us
european members with a factual overview of European drug problems and a solid evidence base to support informed informs drug laws and strategies the European monitor centre
the benefits of providing safer supervised drug injection facilities include increased access to health and social services safe hygienic drug use reduced public drug use and associated nuisance and we are all aware drug use and Joplin's public spaces as a matter of significant concern to the general public there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the availability of safe injecting facilities increases drug use or frequency of injecting these services facilitate rather than delayed drug treatment and do not result in higher rates of local drug related crime
stories in Sydney found there are successful gateway to treatment and can reduce ambulance callouts for drug overdoses
I got involved in politics
to bring progressive policies to the table we desperately need a more progressive drug policy in Ireland I would ask you all to carefully consider
thank you Councillor assumptions
about safe injecting room and prop and the premise of harm reduction in general
the last contribution on behalf of this people before profit and then I'll open the list
so Councillor Stowe Councillor T. D. C. Evans they go to
it's getting to that stage of the night everybody wants to go home and I suppose I like just to follow on from debate rather than repeating to many of the points that were made I fully support the idea of a supervised injection facility within the context of harm reduction but also within the context of a greater and and more joined up drug support framework and certainly the colleagues and the community sector that I have consulted with in relation to the proposals around the merchants key location would Woods would argue and say that the generally speaking the framework within which the drugs Task Force operates and the drugs national drug strategy operates isn't as well funded as it could be and isn't as well supported as it should be and it's important to note that that while an injection facility might have fantastic results that within the context of the overall system if that's under funded it's only going to be able to help
So far so fully supporting the idea of supervised injection facilities I do however think that the decision to refuse permission at merchants Quay was the correct decision because of where it is located adjacent to a residential community and schools community and the international evidence would suggest that where they are located in more business districts for example where there not adjacent to residential communities than they do present the same kind of concerns to local residents so I would have been very much in favour of and I think that the Minister should should take on this role of supporting the MQ I'd look for a location which isn't going to raise so many concerns with local residents
but having said that all 100 percent supportive and of the facilities but just as I said in this particular case that either the decision and that the location of it needs to be reconsidered
thanks to her an OBO my own behalf
I suppose the issue of injections returning Members have been very controversial I think the main reason for their controversy has been as that we are
many ways dealing with the issues in isolation to other tools that are available first of all and certainly in the last number of months I have been dealing with recovery Academy of Ireland around champion recovery and I think we need to invest in in in bad
that people can and recovery looks different of course for everybody but we need do need to champion recovery and we need solutions that gives people those options but I think the broader issue is done on the issue of out of drugs in our country we need to be moving towards the issue of
of decriminalised
decriminalising not legalising but decriminalising them and we need to have that debate and we need to be brave and politics to have that debate and I think sometimes that's very it's a very difficult one to have we need to be able to explain the difference between De between those two things to people and we also need to make sure that the community based approach to drugs which we use in our drugs task forces is reinforced we haven't building on an issue where effective there's open drug dealing in some some parts of our community and it's not just in in fingers it's in Ballycastle in many parts of our constituency it's not working our communities are being used as supermarkets for other areas and for people who are from more wealth were wealthy backgrounds that's not good enough our communities are not supermarkets for for illegal drugs and we need to be making sure that people who are having addiction are treated in a way that has a Health led approach not a criminal justice approach Councillor Christie work thanks
for Admiral I to support the need for injection rooms but I also want to echo the comments you've just made that the main one of the main problems and drug rehabilitation or indeed alcohol rehabilitation is residential beds and proper therapeutic treatment with good after care and all joined-up bodies who have to help the individual or individuals on ordinary speakers as as
a member whose family members died of adulterated heroin and overdosed
and indeed in my own constituency for over 250 young men and women who are buried in the 80 s and 90 s who lived within a quarter of a kilometer from O'Connell Street I witnessed young women with needles in their arms and was stone dead at scene a young men and women with young children who died in one particular family five members of that family and the grandparents haven't rare to children and that's the domino effect and indeed to me private life I work in prisons up weekend in relation to addiction and one of the fears of any male or female prisoner being discharged in released is straight back into the belly of the beast and no rehab know-nothing so really and truly it's a health issue injection rooms are the most put it needs to be avoided the pace it's a pity we only have such a short time to speak on such a sensitive moment did avoid leisure industry
thank scouser cancer Dermot
Lacey Lord Mayor I will be brief and I just stepped down after I dunno seven or eight years as chair of the South Inner City drove platforms and I want to first of all just put on record my huge appreciation for the people involved in the voluntary sector who give enormous trying to trying to tackle this and tacklers in their own estates and flat complexes where intimidation is really rife and they really are heroes that should be acknowledged by the City and I agree with everything and everybody affair particularly recount Felicia's Commons
we do need a drug treatment enter or drug and JC drug injection to enter and I just wonder if the manager or any officials of the Council are in any dialogue with HSE about alternative facilities if the merchants key
then you doesn't get through the on Bord Pleanala process thank you
also Vincent Jackson thanks Lord Mayor Lord Mayor like some of the previous councils I want to congratulate Councillor T C for the comment she made here for the last what 11 years I've been chaired the Ballyfermot drug and alcohol does Mars and we Councillor Dolly we were on a Dublin visiting committee for the Education Services there with the TV we see at first hand in our community like many other Councillors here that devastation effects it to drug addiction has right across our city and our communities that are not a town or village in Ireland now unfortunately it has not affected by it and but the reality is that 15 20 years ago remember many of us around this Council Chamber here different council chamber different composition when the whole issue about the provision of methadone centres was a huge issue right across the city there was only two of them at the time Trinity Court and merchants Quay I remember and the simple fact that life is we do need and 1 the Council said that we need a small number of these in the various surrounding local authorities because I think all too often Dublin takes responsibility for everything and all we exonerate the moral
commitment that those councils should have we see it in the homeless services all the time here to may pay into the kitty but the simple fact is we need to own our responsibility and I know with the provision of local services help dramatically the whole issue of drug addiction in communities like Ballyfermot and you know it doesn't matter where this goes Lord Mayor this medical and Geoff checked and facility there's going to be opposition to a but as I said earlier on in relation to the provision of public house and that's what we're here to do sometimes we have to make some unpopular decisions otherwise be honest with people and tell them to forget about when you hear parents talk about their children being entered on the data etc. you know we need to provide safe areas and I now look in the ideal world I wish people did suggest that is not the world we live in thanks Lord Mayor facts cancer cause or Michael
pigeon Lord Mayor I also represent the area where the proposal for emergencies injection facility is I think the first time I was canvassing their the first issue that came up was parking
but the second issue was needles on the street the third issue was needles and Street in the fourth issue was needles in the street
safe or a facility like this isn't a solution to all problems as people have rightly said but it is a solution to some of them
it brings down the number of overdoses it gives some privacy some safety a hint of dignity to people at a pretty rough time in their lives
it offers also trans to Lincoln on a path to rehab the alternative and particularly the alternative for the area immediately around merchants Quay is not now drugs it's the alternative is public use its public overdose its needles outside the school its people overdosing on the street it's people overdosing down lanes its people as someone had
in recent months someone dying of an overdose in public cafe
ice I support the location of where this is
proposed scenario in extreme need but it cannot be the last and we need to make sure our other injection facilities not just in other local authorities but other parts of Dublin and other parts of the city wherever this facility needs to be there and thank you
Councillor Dodik
government cuts and
the people who use these services are sons or daughters brothers or sisters are factors are mothers may have to dig treat them with dignity and respect but that's a two way traffic to we need to treat the surrounding community with dignity and respect as well I believe that medically supervised injection centres will save lives we lose 700 people a year to addiction and we need to address that and I also believe that these are medically supervised injection centre is best co-located on a medical facility and is not nimbyism when myself and Councillor McVey say that merchants Quay is not the role the right location I actually believe that it was deliberately chosen so as to hold policy would fail and I know people like to think I'm
conspiracy theory but the worst place to put it was a place that's absolutely chaotic at the best of times 300 metres away from a school
I really want this to succeed and for me it will only succeed if is located in a better area we need this and I agree with the other councils we needed never
the authorities and we need to have a grown-up conversation I wouldn't have this opinion five years ago
well said Councillor Carter Councillor Chris Andrews thanks Lord
Mayor just I agree with the injection centre I think it's obvious that we need them when you go out on the streets and you see people injecting in some absolutely miserable circumstance and environments it's awful to think like cancer pages said Creamer said
they are our family and it's something that I think in in time we will look back and we wonder why we didn't introduce these injection centres before now I think the opposition to the injection centre is no surprise because of the chaos that has been mentioned that surrounds drug use and and around merchants Quay and so it's Civic offices there's this dealing people are afraid even to walk by you see them crossing over the road so it is no surprise that there is opposition to it I suppose that's for us to try and address and and with different agencies and I do think that I agree with Councillor Box comments about when
individuals get out of out of treatment and are into a recovery bad maybe if recovery bed they're lucky if advised a back and a free phone and it's only a matter of days before the relapse and
something that needs to be addressed thanks normally
cancer ring
Margot I have to disagree with everything that's been said here
unfortunately if we hide away the problem it's not going to go away and by hiding in a way where letting to government after hook relating Dublin City Council after hook to a certain extent because we are not facing up to the crisis were hiding in a way I'm not create any Darling said It's our sons or daughters would you give your son and daughter or daughter and needles to inject himself with absolute not what we're going to allow the government to do that and they call it a sanitised and an injection facility it's just a road to as as as the Lord Mayor mentioned decriminalising of course everyone wants dot and every one strokes to be made legal this as part of a long term hidden agenda and I have no will not in Norway support it I think we people on the streets remind us that we have this problem let's reach out to them on the street not hide them away and supervised injection Santa scored Margot
and to conclude the debate councillor Janet horror
and thanks very much just a aim sport the vast majority of the comments here which are that and
supporting the supervised injection facilities and again I think particularly Councillor DC's garments rear particularly insightful
and I very strongly support the merchants key proposal I would also really want to see one in the north inner city I know in our area there are so many issues with drugs in the in families and communities
individuals that are affected by it and like all healthcare it should be available locally to people it should be available in their communities and it should be available where they can have the support of the people around them and I think it is vital that it is brought