South Central Area Committee (Wed, 20th Mar 2019 - 3:00 pm) 

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  1. 1 Minutes of Meeting held on 20th February 2019

  2. 2 March Questions to the South Central Area Manager

  3. 3 Roads & Traffic Matters

  4. 1. Minutes of Traffic Advisory Group held on the 26th February 2019 in relation to Traffic Matters in the South Central Area.

  5. 2. Traffic Service Request Status Report at 15th February 2019.

  6. 4 South Central Area Matters

  7. 1. Presentation on Kilmainham Mill.

  8. 2. Naming and Numbering Proposal for a new mixed use development on a site at 88-90 Drimnagh Road, Drimnagh, D12

  9. 3. Area Manager’s Report

  10. 5 Community, Culture, Economic and Emergency Services

  11. 1. Public Library Events for March 2019

  12. 2. Sports and Recreation Report for March 2019

  13. 6 Planning and Economic Development Matters

  14. 1. Proposed grant of a further licence for the use of part of the premises at Longmeadows Pitch & Putt Club, Sarsfield Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10.

  15. 7 Emergency Motion

  16. That this Area Committee agrees that the pay and display scheme scheduled for Herberton Park, Dublin 8 not proceed in light of sustained objections by residents of the street in question.

  17. 8 March 2019 Motions

  18. Motion 690. Councillor Tina MacVeigh - This Area Committee agrees that an investigation into the infestation of rats in our housing complex at Oliver Bond House be immediately undertaken, including an inspection of the old community centre and of all old rubbish flues to ensure there are no rats nesting in them.

  19. Motion 691. Councillor Hazel De Nortúin - The Area Committee will facilitate a presentation by the Transition Year of Mercy Secondary school in Inchicore on their Social Innovation Fund Programme.

  20. Motion 692. Councillor Daithi Doolan - This Area Committee expresses deep frustration at the delay in developing Cornamona site, Ballyfermot. We call on the Department of Housing to release the funding immediately and allow Dublin City Council to start building the 61 units without further delay.

  21. Motion 693. Councillor Vincent Jackson - That this Area Committee resolves to invite Dwyer Nolan into the next or a special meeting of the South Central Committee, to discuss their plans for the development of the former De La Salle Lands at Ballyfermot Road. These lands are a substantial part of the fabric of Ballyfermot and when re-developed need to take into consideration the existing community of Ballyfermot, the potential and concerns of the area.

  22. Motion 694. Councillor Michael Mullooly - That this Area Committee calls on the Area Manager to initiate a Public Realm Walking Infrastructure Scheme for Drimnagh.

  23. Motion 695. Councillor Pat Dunne - That this Area Committee notes the continued and persistent dog fouling which is polluting our footpaths and green areas throughout the area. We call for a major public domain campaign aimed at tackling the problem. This campaign should educate dog owners informing them of the dangers caused by dog poo. It should also use all available powers to prosecute and fine offending dog owners and also provide bins to properly dispose of the bagged poo.

  24. 9 February Questions and Answers