South Central Area Committee (Wed, 21st Feb 2018 - 3:00 pm) 

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  1. 1 Minutes of Meeting held on 17th January 2018

  2. 2 Questions to the South Central Area Manager

  3. 3 South Central Area Matters

  4. South Central Area Matters (1) Presentation from the New Children’s Hospital – Project Update

  5. South Central Area Matters (ii) Report on the Community Grants Scheme 2017

  6. South Central Area Matters (iii) Report on the 2018 Discretionary Funds

  7. South Central Area Matters (iv) Naming and numbering proposal for a new development at a site at Kylemore Road and Old Naas Road, Bluebell, Dublin 12.

  8. South Central Area Matters (v) Naming & Numbering Proposal for a new development at site at Chapelizod Hill Road, Chapelizod, Dublin 20

  9. South Central Area Matters (vi) Request for 2 nominations to the Bluebell Community Council

  10. South Central Area Matters (vii) Gully Cleaning Programme Report for the South Central Area.

  11. South Central Area Matters (viii) South Central Traffic Works Report for 2018

  12. South Central Area Matters (ix) Area Manager’s Report.

  13. 4 Roads & Traffic Matters

  14. Roads & Traffic Matters (i) Minutes of Traffic Advisory Group held on the 30th January 2018 in relation to Traffic Matters in the South Central Area.

  15. 5 Community, Culture, Economic and Emergency Services

  16. Community, Culture, Economic and Emergency Services (i) Public Library Events for February 2018

  17. Community, Culture, Economic and Emergency Services (ii) Sports and Recreation Report for February 2018

  18. 6 Planning and Economic Development Matters

  19. Planning and Economic Development Matters (i)Proposed disposal of a site at 1-2 Rafters Lane, Crumlin, Dublin 12 to Walkinstown Housing Association CLG

  20. 7 Emergency Motions

  21. 8 February 2018 Motions

  22. 9 January Questions and Answers

  23. Motion 569. That this Area Committee supports the Canalway Educate Together, Basin Lane, Dublin 8’s campaign for additional and much needed funding for additional accommodation, upgrading of toilets, heating and windows. And call on the Minister for Education to meet with the parents and principle to hear their case.

  24. Motion 570.This Council notes the 100th anniversary of granting (some) women the vote as a result of their heroic struggle for the suffrage.This Area Committee therefore supports the call for an urgent programme of action to counteract this blatant inequality and a solution to the practice of deducting pay for absence from Council meetings as a result of pregnancy, and connected health issues or child care emergencies.

  25. Motion 571. This Area Committee agrees to meet with residents in Blackpitts to ensure priority will be given to a number of maintenance requests for roads, footpaths and the public domain.

  26. Motion 572. In Noting the potential of the proposed Cherry Orchard LAP, this Area Committee calls on Dublin City Council Planning Department to fully engage with residents, community groups, service and statutory agencies during the process. This will ensure the community is central to any final agreed plan.