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1 With reference to the minutes of the Central Area Committee meeting held on 9th January, 2018

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 0:00:04]

February meeting of the Central Area Committee and we have a quorum so
I am wanted to reference the Minister Central Area Meeting held on 9th January 20 18 degrees

2 Questions to the Area Manager

greed item to questions the manager they have been circulated by e-mail
at Item 3 reference or presentation of the draft Green and strategy we've Peter Leonard Richard
from the Parks Department who are going to give us control the presentation so let's leave it over to yourselves

3 With reference to a presentation - Draft Greening Strategy

OK thanks very much

[Gina Quinn - 0:00:37]

my seven Richard of a short presentation smart we are a PowerPoint which take their 10 minutes before we
start and that I just wanted to mention a couple of things

[Josephine Bleach - 0:00:49]

just about the approach and our programme so
what we're presenting as a proposed greening strategy for the north-east Inner City and
really to mention at this point that what was shown this morning is a printed preliminary analysis rather than reports so-and-so
and at this point we think it's
a good opportunity to speak to yourselves just to examine what we'd be knocking out over the last number of months but to emphasise that the next steps are am community consultation so we
we haven't actually spoken to the community yet
but rather we have just been doing to the desktop study and guttering a lot of information and the next step is to actually do on a number of workshops and do some consultation
the objective of the A greening strategy is to agree a list of vague greening projects for the for the north east inner city area and the model that were currently using is similar to the grinning Strategy that we used in the Liberties area which was published in 20 15 and today that has been quite successful on its delivered a new neighbourhood park which was opened last October are currently we have a proper version that St Auden's on-site at the moment and then there is a and an additional new park in Bridge Street is due to go on site later this year so the demand in terms of the analysis and the development of the actual greening strategy is similar to what we did for a limited area and we want to use that again in the noughties inner city area so in terms of the Programme for the last
few months we've been undertaking a type of desks as desktop study
where we're trying to identify the opportunities but also examined some of the
some of the challenges
and as I said we've been doing a lot of there not a mapping of information gathering on the next step then is actually to start to do a number of their workshops with the community
what we hope to do is to show you this analysis report today and then move fairly quickly into community consultation I think we can undertake that pretty quickly so we would like to be actually coming back with a draft reading charged report in the next couple of months
and so in terms of in terms of presentation or that Richard give the presentation of the analysis now and then we can do questions
X wanting everyone
and so as Peter said we undertook the analysis
through desktop study and also field work we walked a lot of the
lovers' streets and spaces up in the noughties inner city
2 to gather our analysis information and generate a series of drawings which I'll I'll just skim through rather quickly here the sort of analysis wrong because there's quite a few at the moment I'm aware we've got a limited amount of time here
so we've got the extent of the project area are over satellite photography
you can see so we're down at the Docklands and the South there bounded by Garden Street into West Dorset Street is
the little dog like there then open to the north we've got and we've got the Nordstrand and across into beiliau-Bach in the east we got east wall
and where background to share restriction down to the Docklands again
we grabbed some information
available from poverty deprivation index shown there we hope to have them some more sort of precise
information from the from the Census 2 to include in our in our documents but for the moment we have the year the index from 20 16 there
we looked at a course some A the historic mapping the OS map the First Edition so you can see the air the there's the extent of the project area there are half kind of agricultural reclaimed land at the eastern end of the city to the west second edition we can see that the North East Inner City is kind of taken the form we're familiar with no carved up by the railway and the canal etc.
and this drawing just shows the the current figure ground which is that sort of salmon colour
with the the the first edition OS mapping shown on a need to I can see the blue was where the so significant changes in the urban structure and between current day and that the First Edition
so we've had we've mapped the pedestrian network so we've got a public footpaths there in yellow we've logged where we found I'm heritage materials such as the cobbled streets at the Orange which probably isn't patently clear on on the drawing at that scale bottom that's indicates areas where there has been an utter heritage materials like Leinster granite sort of existing in the independent orders I'm a there's been sort of refurbishment works so along Dorset Street you'll see that we've got a week we've marked the A The Pavement works that have happened in recent years
we also show there the the the network of some of the railway so you can see how much of a sort of a
a a kind of carving out of the different areas does that that the railway a sort of a has sought a process of of carbon what these different sort of areas
we've mapped across existing green spaces public green spaces semi private open space children's play areas which are public and on-curtilage in DCC
apartments and on flat complexes
derelict sites and Sports and move the facilities across the project area
also existing recreation leisure and educational facilities Weaver we've The we've logged
existing trees
by approximate size envoy species so as you said we did that we did a lot of sort of Street View work but also ground true that a lot of a lot of the streets and spaces through the truth project area generate these are these maps
we The indicated landmarks magnets important landscapes landscape views this draw
and then we made a sort of an analysis drawing
of landscape quality so where we have identified areas of would visit visual physical barriers and inactive frontages areas with low sort of Lope visual quality urban landscape so dereliction dumping stuff like that and also for instance again Dorset Street mixed use of active frontages again the railway hatch their shown to showing how
it does in fact create this sort of borders and barriers between the different areas
and so then we moved on to
2 to list out a number of
opportunity areas is not an exhaustive list at the moment but this is a sort of initial finding so we've got Mount Joyce Square on the adjacent surrounding streets c Summerhill balbach
Road Show McDermott Street and calamity streets sort of area Nordstrand and the east wall that we've sort of single else's these opportunity areas
so first of all we have enjoy Square and the adjacent and surrounding area and streets
so the square of course itself
a ground Georgian square with a park
already there and our plans are for
a course for for improvements on a in Mountjoy square we took a look at some of the surrounding streets that link down towards the North Circular Road so Charles Street Fitzgibbon Street Belvedere place we identified it as potential and streets that
that could see greening and the nature of these grand Georgian streets start their good and whites they've got a lot of them have a lot of on-street parking
so we've got a lot of space in the carriageway in between the buildings so we could see maybe and greening in in the form of large large species Heritage species of trees like your lime trees in your or your Leader London plane going in
into industry dates and locations I'm in in this area
so Summerhill body buck
no opportunity area that we are an excuse me that we identified the spine of the Morley Park and Summerhill Road leaning out over the canal I am we've got at the Town end of Summerhill we've got a sort of an easy win its project that's
it has been done in other areas around the city High Street is as one that's going to be coming up soon of course Nicholas Street where you take the central median that has got some tree planting bullets it's hard standing gets its carbolic and you move the clock and you've got
a chance actually planted out
additional greening to add to that the tree planting there
along the valley Buck Road there is
there is tree planting it's potentially are probably not the best sort of situation for the trees a lot of time it's just Sarkis into into concrete pavements and the trees are kind of common up so maybe retrofitting of of their of of some of the tree pits with additional tree planting along for instance abolished Valley Park Road you'll see there's a lot of AEB opportunists parking as you can see from the pavement in in that another shot there so you could see potentially longer
planted out tree pits and planting areas beneath trees to give additional greening that the step terrorists on Summerhill is it's a problem and it's an opportunity I think I mean it literally crumbling beliefs bit of public realm
it doesn't function particularly well at the moment
no I said it's a problem but we continue to prop up domestic and look at it as a an opportunity for some some public realm improvements you got an interesting change a level so potential to play with that there was an issue that would be another sort of
area that we would identify as Vesey it could do with some a
with some improvement but we could see some greening opportunities along there
an opportunity area then the Stormont damage Chamakh demonstration calamity Street
this is
this is an area with a lot of sort of potential projects coming on stream we got Diamond park at one end and then we've got the Magdalen laundries sewage and all the way down at the other around Marlborough House so this could be said of them a synergy between these kind of capital projects happening that could spearhead some a some Street improvements once again we've got this I'm these wide streets that could can take
can take large species of trees and and give opportunity for around
four for significant greening measures Liberty Park is already a park that it exists it could do with some improvements I can see in the photograph there the grounds on the floor and I'm surrounding is around the buildings is kind of largely inactive maybe we could see seabirds of activating ground floor and an improving proving the actual the park and its facility there and through that spearheading this sort of an improvement to the public realm in the general area and charm experiment Chelmick demonstrate a again another area where we see opportunistic parking on the on the Coroners these large sort of radio a of of corners repaved out maybe they could be planted areas with some trees and maybe a little sort of in incidental sort of lingering space would maybe some seating and tree planting as I said could be a could be a put in place in those locations clarity Street is another very wide street residential
lots of on street parking one way system so considerably larger wider than it needs to be so I think potentially it's it's got it's got an opportunity there for sort of interesting linear sort of green space along along along Clarence Street
but again we will explore these in further to Jerusalem sketch proposals
and opportunity are then the Nordstrand am so we're into the finer grain
of the of the streets in the North Strand so not that grants wide streets as in around a Mountjoy Square and John McDermott streets of
Borsa still doesn't preclude tree planting and greening opportunities were just with appropriate species so there is opportunity there and 4 am for tree planting SUDS features where we take sort of them
instead of rainwater and stormwater going straight into the sewer system it can be diverted into into planting areas 2 to slow the to slow the flow of storm water you know so that locations in and around the Nordstrand could be at potential potential areas where you could see that sort of a system in place
and then finally the east wall as gives me so again another sort of a suburban
suburban I'm area
lots of on street parking on other potentially if you're talking about maybe removing something that it could be a could be controversial
boss am we've got to an existing existing east wall Recreation Centre thus could do with a some refurbishment it's got some mature Lime trees there are already see almost got a sort of a little landscape ready to go but the actual play facilities as you can see in the photograph there could probably do with some upgrading
another sort of potential idea for for the east wall is because people have gardens their front gardens a lot of time maybe we could look at some sort of programme of
I am donating flowering shrubs to people's that sort of having their gardens maybe two to green up the the streets if if if removing parking and putting in tree-pits proves too controversial poster there are opportunities anyway it gets to the point 4 for greening even in in the area of these wall and probably one of the one of the areas really crying out for it because it's it's it's quite a grey and sort of
while quite a grey area really
out there really could do with some I'm could do with some a some greening throughout a
we've just got some just a couple of slides just on what we are talking about it with the A with the Storm Water diversion so you can see a situation where you've got less of a street where the rains come down just going straight into the sewer system
and we can add tree or tree pits and planting to help slow down that in that that storm water and retain it and the tree pits before it goes into way into the sewer system and and then prevents of sea flooding a further a further 3 m to the area
and then just some sort of
photographs of examples of that type of tree planting
Oregon is a case deleted we won a lot of people have heard of where we've got these are these Sood's pits on on on public streets where we've got a series of of tree pits and planting areas where
stormwater can be diverted off the hard surface of the road and into into the pits
and that's what I have for the moment thanks very much theirs

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 0:17:34]

it should Peter thank you very much and for that presentation some very interesting ideas and things are worth to examine further could
I just ask and all kinds of workers already indicated whilst we've got a hard copy is it possible to get a soft copy
of the presentation as well because I think it would just be useful it would be OK or should we make share it with her own Group to situations where you get a bit of feedback on Councillor Burke you'd indicators

[Cllr Christy Burke, Ind. - 0:18:01]

yeah tying stare and The Times for the very comprehensive presentation on them
it's a breath of fresh air really ever works and implement and be a lot of issues around on path parking
on on areas of residential and indeed of main roads which are seen on the Bali buck road there and
I liked the idea and of the renovation and the upgrading of some of the Park's you didn't mention too much in relation to Liberty Park and I'm just wondering what type of plans you have produced because as we all know here Liberty Park is a drug distribution centre
so no matter what you put in there
and thus may continue that type of business and you know how to guarantee haven't responded to this stage is beyond me because everybody and anybody knows quite well what's going on in Liberty park and so I am just wondering if not reasonably you omitted to elaborate on it and I wish you well in it and I think it's a true with a terrific plan it's a great bread the pressure it's outside the normal box think and I think I am and I agree with you in relation to Summer Hill the step area and that that certainty could be environmentally improved and because all it is at the moment and everybody every public represented the memory official and John Mike Parklands department is blue in the face taken away wardrobes and fridges and everything else that goes with and you have other areas there that you've identified which I think would be great at in order to do some type of life's tree planting could I just ask a question we all know in the experiences we've had of tree planting and some residential areas but they now become a danger with the lifting of the plots and with people trying to walk and people visually impaired has been all sorts of issues I take it that policy has been arrested on addressed and that tree planting of dot nature wouldn't take place again in our residential areas and
you mentioned amenity that clarity stretch at which I think and fairness to the manager and the public rep's not already on some of the projects at that the DPD start the reckless Park and took place there Chair on the plinth and was desecrating the monument to the enforcement young men and women dot Dyer DUP manuals carded our coffins and that's no parking area which is terrific and I know that at Johns Department again and Rose and Donald and everybody else was embalmed important planters in DARD and Carol was involved in and it has certainly breath of fresh air it's no doubt about that so I would like to see dash and on around at the school areas I think would be ideal you didn't mention at my suppliers Larkin culture will conclude Larkin College and Chamakh damage 3 which would be ideal for additional upgrading as you said in some areas that could distribute flowers and plants and small trees because LAC and has been instrumental in the area and they have been players in all events that take part in our area
thank you that's the bark I just want to add a couple of my colleagues

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 0:21:36]

in and then we can respond Gary

[Cllr Gary Gannon, S.D. - 0:21:39]

and yet just to echo the sentiments of Councillor Walker will quite literally be a breath of fresh air are you really enjoyed your present presentation full of opportunities and I suppose what I'm wondering is falsely what's the timescale for we can start to see the north inner city on a flourishing which raise around what's going scale that we're looking for and that secondly what would be the lifespan of the type of trees that are taken where plant and what do we 20 40 years or so just
what I betrays as well are we talking about thank you

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 0:22:08]

don't think there's anyone else what I would just ask is that given that this is
an analysis report What's Next steps in terms of moving forward because I think it's a sad loss and agree with Christie of our city
the stepped terrace
in some ahead I'd like to think that we could look at maybe the east wall areas while but when you look us I think there is the one of the initial pictures your heart and like you can hardly any is existing trees by species map
unlike is hardly any green in the small area at all and if there was one thing I would probably just ask is that in terms of your at the next steps following on from the Havering this analysis report as to look at what more could be done with East won a normal year the suggestion that we could maybe provides shrubs to to individual householders but is there any more that we could do in terms of the lands that are available and like we are going to have the right and our greenway and is there any way that we could have sort of some sort of a connection there between east wall on the and the greenway and that if the if there is no that's a more of transportation matters but if there is that surely would provide the opportunities because as you said Richards whilst there are problems that creates opportunities so what are the what are the further opportunities we could look at particularly within the east wall area so look at thank you very much slides from a presentation if you would be just good enough to respond to some of the questions that have been raised and receipt of taxpayer
OK so I'll just response
at the same questions quickly so
I suppose
the purpose of the presentation today was going to show you where we are at this stage
but it's a step in kind of building our understanding of the the area but then also to
get an idea of what people's expectations are for the degrading strategy as well so in terms of liberty Park where we were very aware of
Liberty Park and but what we want to do really is we've we've kind of identified opportunity areas which which we're calling opportunity areas at the moment and I am
in terms of that developing on that list of projects we want to go out to the outer two community now including yourselves and get an idea from from everybody actually one of the really important projects that we need to do under this or under this strategy so I mean I think
you know to me at this stage it's kind of obvious that Liberty Park is one of those Bush
you know that suggestion needs to come from yourselves and on the community as well
in terms of the tree planting and
what were what we're doing in the in the Liberties area at the moment what we're doing in some of the theatre at tree planning schemes that were incorporating around the city
and this is to avoid the problems of pavement lifting is that we're actually am constructing and tree pits which have enough growing medium to actually support the tree that we're planting yeah so
there's an offer of these that we've been developed developing over the last number of years and I suppose the reason is to avoid the pavement Lipitor causes the causes long term problems and I think in in relation to similar suggestions about the school areas and the Lurgan College in dash I mean we'll take all them on board and would look at all of them during the analysis as well
the lifespan of the trees will really depend on the decide so our hour our intention really sort of from a policy point of view is to always trying to get the right tree for the right right location and but layered on top of that also is that we would like to get trees into the city that actually have quite a long lifespan if we can if it's appropriate to do that wherever it's not will use a at tree species which have a shorter lifespan
in terms of the timescale
our intention is to develop the draft over the next few months to come back to yourselves at that stage to agree what that what the projects are going to be an undated
at the moment I think they vary from quite large scale projects to smaller scale projects so depending on on on the size of them were going to have a different developed process that we're going to do party it's probably for some of the larger ones and they will have their own time scale typically 18 to 24 months but I think there I think there is a possibility that would be able to do a smaller projects which have a high impact but they're below with party type trash also we could possibly be breaking ground on some of those this year but in terms of this strategy
we look back to the liberties greening strategy which was I think was 20 14 20 50 there's not that long ago and there's already a series of projects that are that are on site and in terms of the overall timescale for Libya's greening strategy I can't see that running for you know
another 5 years plus a delivering on all the all the projects that were listed in the in the strategy
and then next steps
really at this point we were just shown you and so if a snapshot of our understanding of the area at the moment next step is actually know to actually go out and do some workshops with the local community and where we're trying to build an online presence where we can do some consultation with the community online as well
but I think we can do that quite quickly so our intention is to do that and and then actually formulate a draft around that and bring it back probably in the next
couple of months
and then there was no suggestion in terms of the east wall and the linkage to the Royal canal
I suppose one of the one of the
the standout challenges that we see are for this area is the most amount of fragmentation between the rail line and the rail line was that because of the canal as well so I mean improving and create increasing those connections is something that
we are looking at in the analysis I think we're saying it's something that needs to be addressed I think in terms of those connections some of those could be large pieces of infrastructure like bridges that type of thing and we should be advocating that we actually should we should be talking about doing those site type things but that type of infrastructure that just the nature of them that
there are quite even timescale and that so and so that's it for a moment just ask then and probably on behalf of the Committee will

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 0:29:04]

firstly to thank you all for comedy and for the work you've done today and you mentioned that you wanted to look at maybe doing some sort of and am sessions with the local community once you have an idea or timeline dates and times to that you might let us know through the Area Office because we'd liked him sure we'd all like to be able to circulate that to make sure that we get us as you guys have as much feedback as possible in order to drive putting into fine lies in the the draft Green Strategy alright gentleman

4 With reference to a presentation - Dublin Docklands Update

thanks a million for that ppreciate your comments and we'll move on then to Item 4 as would a reference to a presentation in respect of the Dublin Docklands update at Deirdre Scully
is here this morning to provide that updates
so stage are hereby or safety the Assistant Chief Executive isn't attending
we're delighted and lucky to have here
I a bit of a council will have to excuse me if I stop every now and again and
I thank the Minister

[Deirdre Scully - 0:30:24]

just breathe and it's just I to cover a couple of things that came up but I know that people were asking questions and generous to give a general update about where we're at AGM in the Docklands office as a I suppose the development agency for the SDLP that and just kind of a graphic of I What's it stays a player with most of the development so I am just kind of blubber Graham I suppose you can coax them a large number of sites are under construction there are the ones in green and we have a number of major sites recently granted which are the ones in yellow and there are current applications on the purple ones so in Nork lots with a current application in Lottery from airstrikes for large commercial developments at the moment and
thus at what if grantors will be I suppose full permission on the entire area of block 3 and that leaves block to block seven and block 6 with the remaining major development sites would do permissions and all the rest have grants and are moving ahead to construction now they're all at varying stages in construction you're talking about a two year two and a half year horizon for these to be built out because of the size and scale
other developed
just a few snapshots walking round yesterday and one in the lower coronaries is the basement felt Ballimore is for the residential block that's going to face onto the river down the side of Barlow Moor so I say the refurbishment of the hotel building and then some from the outside as well
recent grants of significance in the North lots and Three Hundred and 60 units in block 3 mixture of mostly apartments and some houses backing onto the existing houses there and crash a café and a new park was granted in November and block knowing for a hundred and 20 apartments in two blocks granted in December and then on the second half of block knowing it's divided in half half residential half commercial and there's a for commercial blocks kind of enclosure
and then on block 10 A large Pirates Hotel which faces onto point square at the back of the three arena
was granted and then the front part of that block which faces the river is our first that's actually a replacement permission for an existing commercial development that was granted about a year and a half ago so in total were at about 1 thousand 400 residential units that includes accommodation I have a number of minus the student accommodation later on the slides if you want to know what's happening
that's just a few images of what's been granted de Paris hotel on point square the residential and block 3 beside existing houses and then block annoying the apartments facing onto the River and the commercial block bizarrely then facing onto the river and it's just a few images I send this around just if you want to just get an idea apologies for the quality I just scan them after their plan on drones

5 With reference to the proposed disposal of plot of ground at 9 Granby Place, Dublin 1

4 With reference to a presentation - Dublin Docklands Update

just a double cream off in relation to the residential and commercial is a fixed element of the SC said so it's absolutely central to the I suppose the designing principle of how the aesthetics set-up so for every block it's absolutely set in stone and the amount of commercial versus residential on the land use mix the boat very different in character and how they're designed and built so they won't add up to the same square metres that's impossible because residential apartments with no daylight and sunlight so whereas office blocks are large floorplates as the type of office blocks that are provided in this area so they are different in form but every single land-use block is divided over 50 50 authority 70 with the entire area and up to 50 50 and we have been absolutely strict on this with every single developer there has been no let-up or flexibility given on this is held every single time and it's been delivered because as you go down you see in each block that they residential is being built at the same time as the commercial takes a little bit longer to build a residential blocks that are much more complicated but in comparison to the commercial stuff and yes some of them have front loaded the the Forest office block as a cash cow to a certain extent but they are toyed to build residential thank time so it's common either in Phase 1 or in Phase 2 of the entire block development with one owner
excuse me
so we are very confident that that 50 50 will be completely achieved across the SC said
and I wanted to reassure ensured as well is that because by its nature someone I don't on the busy streets you wouldn't put residential at ground-floor because it's not pleasant to him away you don't want it so what we have done is as we've encouraged to have a diversity of mixes use on the ground floor particularly residential but also making sure that the officers don't
you know where I'd like a whole wall of just glass and not one based on the street we have we've absolutely held the line of having active streets on the major particularly on the major streets and the quieter streets yes they should be quiet and carried her residential on the ground floor you know and not too many retail units but to have as much as possible that when you walked on Mare Street or I am
or any of the other major streets in between the squares that cheer you there's a lot o not that you aren't walking along long blank long frontages
so so far was granted in North Las commercial noise is near it just your Two hundred thousand square metres and then the kind of core residential numbers 1 thousand 239 that's a number that keeps changing if he asked me three months it will be different because with the guidelines we've had a few amending applications where they changed the makes around are taken out a core and swap the units around
so that you know it's a number in time so and so that A and then yet the Commercial as Commercial little bit higher because the design approach taken has been a little bit different than was modelled in 20 14 20 14 when they were dissolving in the SDC so it has come out a wee bit higher but it's still the same appropriate hasn't changed the number
on the fifty-fifty ratio I am just overall on public realm implantation I suppose as the granting permissions is changing where work on Monday to the developers to make sure that they deliver their part of the programme which is a major part of the work and put the second half of that is the DCC public realm work which needs to go hand in hand
and so we're working on setting out a programme of A I suppose of dissolving really mostly in this year to get it up and running and then to work towards having still under construction next year and so where is complicated because we wish Walter we have and
are doing significant works on both the north and south keys and then move on to completion in North Las which is Grayson's given us the space obsolete on Port of bins do major construction as well so there's a lot of overlap in the land and how we've time things but what we're doing is picking out projects that can go ahead I particularly liked the design work in place straight away so that when as soon as the time this was the space to get on and do so if we can do
on the ultimate holding GM implementation I have seen that the new road connection that brings you down from point square on to not walk he has has opened there in January I am and were keeping an eye on us making sure that nobody damages that in the meantime has lovely crowded streets we want to keep that standards on every every street that goes on in the area
another I suppose parsippany Gladman's preventation is working in relation to the bridge design and our office is very much part of the team in the transport section that's working on the bringing forward to planning the number of bridges that are in the St said area particularly the pedestrian bridge and cycle bridge at us and we're run down onto blood Stoney Road in the Southside and also the DOJ 0 It's outside of your area
and then following that hopefully the pedestrian and cycle connection for east east point is probably a better description and over the canal at the Spencer dock shares or bridge I'm sure you know it it's horrible to photograph their people trying to get bodies so that
its impacts very tricky for pedestrians and cyclists to get by particular role share or
because we're looking to put me in kind of a double boardwalk there just making it so people can just walk straight across and it's just safety even just alone as well as conference and design I am and then we also want to do a detailed design for the North and South campuses 4 of the public realm upgrade of Bolt and incorporating a better quality cycle way better paving a lot more greening and also you know interests itself influenced off so some artistic elements
we'll be taking on board obviously everything that's in the GM strategy and any views that have been given to us over the last two years in relation to what will be cordoned area so again I would probably have to come back I obviously it's on stage later this year as a planning application
and we would hope the carriages probably have to be phased because it's a bit tricky and book we let work that out as part of the design process and and hoped to bring phase on both sides forward next year strangely
we're also
finalising a draft Water animation strategy so this is I suppose to to put down in words how the water bodies that make up DSG said area are to be managed we get I'd say on a weekly basis we get queries from people who can
you know with business ideas of Tiger boats and running businesses from or both so it's to kind of put a structure on that and to manage the water to the benefit of Docklands as a whole rather than just being kind of a random thing so and we sat down with on port and Waterways Ireland and agreed a kind of a framework that we all sign up to and that will be sent around documents
forum in the next two weeks hopefully and yourselves
you want to copy offers the AGM we want to stick it out it's not a strategy is not a statutory document so what we intend putting it was on public consultation anyway even though it's not
an official statutory policy document it's kind of mortgages student of a tool bought them but to make sure as many people care can come back to us on what they think of things that maybe need to weaken and maybe we don't know so and so that'll beat Gono's m in March
and create the infrastructure and
we're progressing and updates on the community all just for two reasons want to inform the community plan preparation of the Docklands forum and two 2 m to inform I suppose the planning policy for the Bill bag SCC as well and with the intent that the information prepared to will be fed into the process specifically in today
to the oral hearing and into the community plan for the Docklands area and so far in the SEC had we been to just shy of 4 thousand square metres of areas designated for community uses and services and and alongside that is the DCC leg of community investment and that will be progressed in partnership with these because of committee of the Docklands forum in an advisory capacity to the Council so the intent is that the strategy will be developed with that group which will be brought forward to the form itself and then brought to Council AGM in I suppose in a form of a plan of investment in the docklands area so and over the next couple of months so I will be a lot more clarity about what that would shape up to be
so that's it so if you have any questions
I very much just a couple of questions comes to flag and the stars then Councillor I am sure that everyone is coming
High a tenth of that report it's just very interested in the fact that I am sitting here with a no adult are we go by the independent book sometimes you have to use it and the thing is that you gave a

[Cllr Gaye Fagan S.F - 0:41:42]

completely different to what the state says today less than the one presented to total space near it is said has been afforded to social infrastructure delivery another window lot just won't serve for service square meters of over 200 and for
total 10 comma 281 square metres set aside for our counter virtue community residential amenity
as you know the fact that we hadn't seen here with presentation as wear and may I just find a garland that to keep refusing them saying that you know what debate isn't high enough for what was potentially going to be the only community gain in the Docklands right and when it when they are dynamic and cello to Vulture phone for little or nothing and yet here we have would now opportune because private now we need to get the most of the time
of this I do not believe we are even going to get 10 percent social housing
because who is going to form two Shaffer
an average probably won't bear down there would have refresh planting between 500 500 50 thousand I'd like to know who is going to make of companies are the government going to make up or down to give the TCS each Shaffer and its business to publish new ways to say I will give you a 10 percent will be inert around and dockland area now happy thanks
thanks very much for
the detailed and
I just wanted to reduce future pieces on social housing from the SDLP had scheme so

[Cllr Éilis Ryan, The Workers' Party - 0:43:26]

do it it's only one paragraph that Richmond says future social housing policy and its implementation in the St said would be led by Dublin City Council and guide by the housing strategy of the Dublin City Development Plan and then it also says housing policy for the SDLP had planning scheme while led and implemented by the local authority will be implemented in collaboration with approved Housing bodies who play an important role in the future provision and management of housing in the area and it says dash
social Housing must accord with national policy guidelines
and be informed by the past performance of social and affordable housing initiatives in the city so
to my mind DAS indicates
all we know from planning applications that have gone in is dash residential housing will be delivered and I've put in a number of objections and observations in relation to planning applications that have come in the ones that you listed there and I've never once seen comments from those approving those applications or responding to the observations they received relating to how Dublin City Council is leading on and ensuring dash housing in the Docklands meets our development strategy so to 10 percent social housing is one component of that but the Housing Strategy for the Development Plan which is says we lead on the Housing Strategy in the Docklands is much broader than just social housing so I mean I agree with gay I think the you know the financing required to by 10 percent social housing in that area and is just so vast that I would find it hard to believe it would be delivered onto the current mechanism but beyond that and you know I mean building and
the gods of all of the new units that will be delivered in the inner city and for about you know the richest 3 percent of the population and I just think doesn't meet any of the objectives in the development plan so I suppose my my interest is how our Dublin City Council and yourselves and ensuring dash you miss the housing strategy of Dublin City Development Plan as the St said scheme says you showed which means not just delivering on social housing commitments but also delivering on the demands for affordable housing and on 4 m for the diversity of housing that is required in the inner city and because it seems to be just one and one demographic that's being catered for so how in the planning process to you ask developers what's the affordability of this housing likely to be do you monitor for example if they are putting in a swimming pool maybe that looks like it's not going to be very affordable like I think it's quite easy to look at the way that developers are marketing these schemes and make an assessment of their likely affordability not for people who are badly off but like for 90 percent of the population and so I want to know what is being done to proactively manage the delivery of a range of housing for a range of income brackets in that area
thanks relish
one more and then Deirdre give you the chance to respond about celebration construction
to ensure third sector and could you talk me a little bit about the social infrastructure that will be needed with the Connswater voice

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 0:46:52]

[Cllr Gary Gannon, S.D. - 0:46:55]

and populations are expected roles and populations has there been any are discarded availability requirements for any new skills any new creche facilities healthcare facilities anything like that and where would those audits be and how could a fine them the space that was set aside for community use is any indication of what that community use might look like as a player grounds is it I don't know community centres was actually the anticipated use of that community space thank you
scary did you want to take a chance to respond to some of them OK
backwards just because I am the there was an artist Stone and

[Deirdre Scully - 0:47:35]

20 40 20 50 50 I have to check the date now when I go back and we sent a copy and on the Docklands website I think and that was a across the docklands area and an issue identified 10 major areas of adults Services and community facilities are needed and
we're working through them and then the orders will be updated annually to take account of a change in time and it's not there I mean how the community facilities that are provided theirs that's
all all on a mix of what you've named in the scheme itself and play is part of a public spaces and
as part of the I suppose the that the planning elements of delivery and there's a units and press was just to bear in mind that it began in this office two and a half years away because the construction has only just started on these sites there pile driving and some of them are nominated grand but we're a long way from being even seen shall of units and so there would be some type of those some of them would be commercially led some of them will hopefully be offered to DCC and they'll be some sort of system for inviting expressions of interest but that has yet to be worked out because we're so far away from us yet there's no point in having that process until we're a lot closer and as in the likes of crashes and and one of the grants is for medical facilities you know like GPs and dentists and so you know things all that serve a residential community alongside us is a separate programme which will be worked out with the forum which is a plan of investment by DCC in community facilities and that is not to say that that is not insignificant and I would this is where I would disagree with NCC's view of the world because they are not aware of all of the elements of what's involved here and they are just looking at their particular project or not looking out on the City Council is planning as regards Community investment in the area and they don't know yet they can't they don't have a crystal ball they don't know what the forum is going to decide over the next number of months about how investment is made in community resources in the North lots area so and the wider surrounding districts so it's it's still very very early days you know there's still
that all has to be worked out with the darkens Forum is only just up and running and the Committee staff Commission community has only just gotten organise so and there's a long way to go on that but all of that hopefully will form part of that that decision making process and the decisions will ultimately come back to this Council as regards capital investment so it's not like this is happening in a bubble somewhere else it's it's led and driven by Don City Councillors to how does community monies will be spent in the area
work backwards the housing policy
and I'm probably the wrong person to be asking those questions to its very much has a question for the Housing Manager I can't answer the detail was why can only answer that planning deals with the planning elements of planning applications led by whoever is largely and we
follow legislation in regards to that we put a condition on that requires implementation of national policy
the how that is delivered and managed is best addressed to another Member of Council I just honestly couldn't answer that question for you
as regards Gina Queen's figures in less than 1 percent again
she's just looking at it from horror stories of the House in that way and that land is owned by a receiver and we have no way of influencing how they make decisions financially and I know now have come out and said that there is a major funding gap there that is its significance but I mean we can't change that for them and we don't own any of the land down there and enjoy hopefully it will come back where other ideas and other proposals and we will be happy to to work with them to help them enablers but that particular site that are chasing is not owned by Dublin City Council and we are not in a position to enable that particular project that they were chastened to happen and we did back them and we support them but that's as far as we can can can take us you know that way so and put again there will be other projects in the area that will be funded by John City Council through the levy scheme and that's absolutely critical part of the implementation of the SCS and we look forward to bringing those proposals forward once the form has worked
and once we have agreement in the local area by what they should be but again we're just at the start so it's just to say that yes there is the commercial community element that's been granted under the Planning permissions but that's just one small piece of the Community Infrastructure that has to go in as part of the old Development Agency St said projects so am
this was
I just think that you can take figures and make them say anything you want to a certain extent you know if you choose to ignore the wider picture and that's what I see are looking at it just from their perspective and there's a lot more to it than just that
thank you for that Councillor Burke then considering
to ensure time stood on it was my proposal that you come in and do the

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 0:52:32]

presentation because you gave one to the dockland Board and was very impressive and I know you're not the parish and to have a go out under

[Cllr Christy Burke, Ind. - 0:52:38]

social housing you made that clear at the Docklands and Burton's Further report on them
I the question into the manager on Monday noise in relation to
the social Housing percentage on the Docklands and
and the reply was very negative Doshi could not guarantee and I've copies have been circulated to members he could not guarantee at the percentage of social housing in the Docklands development he also hinted at that and at the Docklands presentation that you gave on that day in relation to planning application so it doesn't surprise me at the Docklands failed the north side of the city in particular and
in its last Forum and if you come up the case and I don't on Sunday evening i'm come off the point are the three arena
and have a look at the Southside here left and the Norwich City Irish and see what comes out with the CoP
the Southside I can assure you so the Southside benefited Murdoch begrudge us and they were right to benefits and that it should have been done in a very quality starters I am and I do hope and again are not indicated to you deirdre add because the planning applications is in safe hands during your hands on a I well believed us uncertainty you don't have to say in the social housing but I know you can bring back were to your senior management that unless they Docklands which I am a member and I do and so is Councillor Finnigan and others
I was taken on resigning from us at the last meeting because I believed I was sitting in a talking shop no that's no reflection on management of members but it just didn't seem to be going anywhere and I don't want to be sitting there and I said that the councillor Fagan at the start when we were appointed to that I would give it a period of time chair and I wasn't I was getting out at no you're right data there is a Community Committee set up and I think he is paired with not a member's AM and it is in its infancy chair and they are taken inventory and the Arizona present than to the full board and then I will certainly have the Docklands then report back to this Committee are in the City Council meeting to the elected members so I'm prepared to give it that time data at times for the presentation and it's great to see and it's great to see the the balance with the rent and the housing but cogitate back to your senior management the idea and the need of the social housing the most never leave the agenda
I call Margaret cola contains stared for the presentation I had a few points to make but I think we will stick to warn and or just to

[Cllr Nial Ring Ind. - 0:55:34]

reiterate on the failure of the previous the Docklands in its previous Sam existence block Amnon at Spencer dock and was supposed to be over to hundred social units so the Northside dinar docks Goss in India 10 or 15 years of Docklands got Thirty Seven social units which which they have actually written off and at where prepared to write up because they know choice over 200 journalists but I think the question I am just trying to keep this as simple as possible does an application for block tree for tree 60 block 9 4 9 4 4 20 and endless 12 hundred thirty nine and grants for residences iting deirdre No you I know you can't answer but I think we need an answer here is there a condition on those grants Balham block traders thirty six social units in block 9 as 40 to social units and out of the 12 thirty nine does One Hundred 20 for social units within that in conditional that they can't do off-site deals they can't do financial contributions that would end the Docklands we are getting to 10 per cent and I know you can't answer it but I think we need something from the Chief Executive of the Docklands under chief executive dormancy Council that those conditions are in there we sat in this Chamber doing the STA said am everyone here was involved in it and we saw the failure failure failure all the time and I think I just I've lots of things to talk about like even local labour clauses haven't been mentioned but I think we need an answer to that of the 12 thirty nine and that's out of my understanding is that is going to be two thousand seven hundreds units on the north on the north docks so that's 2 Seventy social units we should be getting but I think we just need absolute alter clear confirmation dot en bloc tree thirty six units within the condition of the planning block 9 as 40 2 and in the total 1 to tree line that 10 per cent social units are provided and if I can just ask for that simple clarification and confirmation that's all that's all I have lots more to say about the bridges etc but just if I could get an answer to that would be quite happy and one where
deodar Gore Muggleton thanks answering before I like Councillor Gannon back in I just won't have a few comments or questions myself and I sat on the before the Estes ED was actually passed thing you are involved

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 0:58:00]

with the the working group that was set up at him during the time of Formula Monisha Murray and John Tierney donor doctors we worked on the issues papers and stuff like that for the for the Docklands and it was very clear that the SDLP said would work with the idea of the object of the SDLP said route would would work to correct the mistakes in respect of particular in respect of housing thou after DD deer are one of the key one of the key objectives and just goes one through the issues paper the other night and one of the key things we stated in the issues paper that was factored into the formal St said the forthcoming planning be likely to deliver a new Part 5 provisions requiring developers to provide a 10 percent of the housing is public housing will ensure that would be relocated and would be located predominantly on the site where the original development is located that runs country are the replay the Councillor Berkoff's among the night runs contrary to that the objectives we had in the initial year drafting the STA said though I know that's not something you can respond to data and that's why last month I asked that Richard Shakespeare we here because the Assistant Chief Executive can actually answer some of these questions and it's not that other criticism of EU data but it's a criticism of the senior Management the thing they don't bother of the bulk of the Paris Commune into an Area Committee meeting and I want that missions go back from the manager to the Assistant Chief Executive today that is not acceptable that one is asked to commend that he turns up at a meeting because there are wider issues across the Docklands and the STA said that he ultimately is responsible for that can I just ask then a number of questions deirdre and at the moment how many of the city blocks on the north site are left and
without planning permission as yet
an excluding student accommodation what has the St Z delivered in terms of permissions for housing
and then that obviously then we'll be able to dictate to us work in terms of indicative numbers for public housing
and if Gina Quinn is wrong in terms of the figure she states in and said that you mentioned the fact that you can use figures but as far as I understand so far in terms of planning permissions there's been 350 thousand years hundred and Seventy Two square metres of new build under planning that's been granted permissions in the Docklands
just three hundred and 40 4 square metres of that has been provided for social infrastructure
can I get in making biblical back to be in that today but I want to get it in writing as to whether that figure is accurate or not and you also reference there that
is at the level of commercial development are slightly higher than what just how much higher as
a PO above them what we had sort of indicated in the SDC said or is it even possible to quantify that and
and one of the largest aspect to ask then in terms of the public realm Master Plan you mentioned was going to be a number of party it involved and that do you have an idea yet how many parties are likely to feature and therefore likely to come back to this Committee so thank you again for common in you've been very helpful today but again unfortunately the same cannot be said for senior management at Gary Will you come back very quickly
turn to give a little background is just going to go back to my question about whether skills has there been any conversations with the Department of Education or anyone else have built a requirement for a new school in the Docklands dependent on population increases

[Cllr Gary Gannon, S.D. - 1:01:25]

because I'm not going to which is SCC is expected to bring 2 thousand 600 residential units and circa 4 thousand 800 or population increases inevitably of those people like to live there spend the majority of their lawyers data will be need to be somewhere for them to go to skill has that conversation take place and if so is there an identity location identified as to where a new school may be down there because I'm just taken there is Jay-Z's wall and lardons hotels and both of fairly significant capacity already so where would you go
just on the point that the Department of Education I know did but to treat two years ago the overall Dublin Mon Dublin Dublin seven
demographics is going to go in population and that determined a number of new particular educated together in part of one in seven and that any of that feature in part of the Docklands and you may or may not have the information that had today a director but that's probably the area in which you're talking about
sorry my apologies I just didn't read my notes properly am yes and when the SDLP had started and been delivered and it was an objective that we do with starting with the Department and it was at the same time that they were doing their job on 1 and 3 and seven is iconic

[Deirdre Scully - 1:02:36]

venue back catchment and and we met with them and we did a short joint report to the Docklands Consultative Council at the time which was still running so in a different organisation and are not study and the Department's present a view was that there was more than enough capacity on the north side in the existing school network they had the ability to expand if it came to us if there was pressure but their preference was and we agreed with them that we would let a period of time pass for the grants to be in place and for a programme of when the occupation is likely to emerge because back three or four years ago we didn't know that the pace will be this fast and there's just no way known and they prefer to see the numbers coming through on the AGM they model all their children's allowance in their geographical management information system so every time somebody registers for the children's allowance at the dot on their system and they know which catchment they fall into as they have a very advanced way of seeing from when a child is born where the demand is going to be in four or five years time so they can model so so they wanted to wait until they get a little bit lost its great fantastic what am I so they wanted to wait until they get a little bit closer to that time and then they want to redo the study okay so they need to know a little bit more about the profile in the initial study we were just guessed amazing based on the developed plans standards the number of one beds two-beds 3 but obviously since we do that study that landscape has changed based on the national guidelines so that the the split of units impacts on the number of children and as well as just the mix and and just to see how many units we have as well at the end of the day so we're a bit closer to being able to answer those questions for them so the intent will be to go back to them and
I wouldn't do it this year because really does nobody going to be done if not there's not enough grants in place and currently under construction in that way like maybe early next year because it's it's quite a quick process for them to review this stuff to get them to do another review of the area and to see what their projections are saying but at the moment in the previous three they did they were told you satisfied and they were obviously progressing their plans to upgrade or tool schools so they didn't want that was where they were putting their money essentially was to make that a more attractive school for the area and to give them the facilities that they didn't have so we were backing them on that obviously there was something that an objective that we wanted to see happen so and put again as we get closer to a situation where we're close to people move in and yet we go back to them and ask them to review it again so am
I am now 0 0 0 two questions and no ground that's just a graphic of the CC blocks and where we're last with the grants and so was a and I suppose most of the blocks there are more or less granted except where block 2 and and seven which have a peculiarity in that half of all blocks are caught up in the dark projects so they can't and sorry I don't have a point but I don't mean like Ronan down from that
yet the west side of both boxers totals I suppose sterilised by the DOJ interconnection projects so they can't get grounds on them so if we exclude those pieces nearly everything has a current application on its now someone then we'll get revised and all of those funding applications have the residential condition as regards the 10 percent that's standard an automatic it happens in every residential planning application and on the amount of community
space that's actually granted it's just over one on the north Louth area its 1 thousand seven hundreds and something that I can't remember the exact bits of something but it's just over 1 thousand 700 square metres on the privately owned lands as I said
the delivery of the community element of the SDLP said is more than just about what's inside the red line of the
SEC said and it's more than just about what private development delivers its about how Dublin City Council spends the resources that it gains through this development in the wider area and that's something that we'll be working with you
what's the answer was a political question sorry 0 I can't say sorry and there will definitely be part 8 for the captures so for the stuff that we want to do will fall below the threshold for parties but we let you know anyway and and the the other one is the sheriff's footbridge will generally have to be a party because it's a bridge so even though it's not cost anything like the threshold because it's officially a bridge over water and it will require parties and we hope we have somebody working on that at the moment and we've talked to Waterways Ireland and they do they don't mind over the canal and so there will be hopefully at least to treat this year
the numbers opposing excluding student accommodation that's move to export House until within this library
here we are one house in two hundred and tarty 9
we expect that to change
a little bit more
just let me get through very brief brush this point would limit punched us writing excuse even Councillor Ryan and Councillor Finnigan and
I see I just want so that's slides showing what's been granted and US them so like

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:07:49]

my understanding is this so block 9 those were granted in 20 17 so

[Cllr Éilis Ryan, The Workers' Party - 1:07:53]

they're basically posts gnomically an electronic track and then the rest as in like so the rest of the granted permissions I mean I suppose what I want to get a sense of is how many sites have permission granted but are now with the receiver who is likely to therefore apply for renewed permission like that because
he's that that's what I mean when you say there's no lounge there what it sounds like is nothing left to kind of consider Bush I mean it's it's harder to get a picture of like what sites have planning permission granted on them but have since been transferred to a receiver and therefore are likely to have a renewed application lodged by the receiver
and they are all recent sorry I should have sat down at the start these are all grants by DCC under the St said none of these relate to the DDDA staff or an event that happened in the past these are old

[Deirdre Scully - 1:08:53]

grandfather literally happened in the last two to three years so they are all under the SEA that scheme and they the a vast majority of sites are Blocks A and B Blocks 2 and seven always different developer they were sold by Nam blockades is under a Development Agreement with the receiver and post is controlled by Ballimore developments block 3 is with a receiver block 9 is with a receiver block 5 was with received up what is now sold and I think the same as the story for block town and I hope I'm not wrong there there but that is as far as I know the current situation when they have all they were all with receivers when this process started
so just just as I understand then there's literally no land left that are received or might bear lodge an application for unless they altered the ones that were granted in 20 17

[Cllr Éilis Ryan, The Workers' Party - 1:09:48]

yeah I mean that date I don't know what's going to receive was going to decide to do what any of them in no way they could sell them to somebody else and they could come in and amend as you know what I mean I don't know what but does not stop in any of them or the receiver

[Deirdre Scully - 1:09:59]

themselves going ahead and just stared in construction and 0 so and as I said
there's no major Peaseland bar the swampy as small as a peace there on our block 2 and block 2 has changed ownership since that original grant was given so they are likely to come in and changes because it's under not the last round of standards but actually the bravery of so and so it's very likely that that will be revised this year and under the new ownership so that's the main one but all the rest of our very recent grants
thank surgery Costa figure in this very indicate a very briefly
she had nothing to do what you're worried a reduced budget to relay a bag come up to you at a gear
you just put up to make a bid for
the betterment of the meeting that an amount of three and a half

[Cllr Gaye Fagan S.F - 1:10:46]

million that come in but my issue is I had a question in Reigate and their planning fees and the
levy had been received so far and there's been 12 million the second question I have was anybody can be reinvested in the communities of the Dark plan to be told no as usual it's going into the big Upper so I would like some response and I will be taken for a minute that Nicola that because that has been absolutely no gain and I need a projects I have commenced the area between and paused ladle everything that users have given Planning application permission paw we have got absolutely no back or not looking for more when you have your roads that need to be resolved is due to the volume of traffic to lease just can do is it repaid to damage caused by the Planning given
that's why that's why we've asked last month
the Assistant Chief Executive be here because the systems used
for Deirdre towns' but that's precisely the question why senior Manager due to be here

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:11:55]

so again we would reiterate that the point
that senior Manager don't appear to want to engage with local Area Committees particularly this area committee I don't know why but we go back on that point because
that's is precisely because questions like that that Deirdre is in a position to answer but as the senior Management that should be answering
so I don't want to put words in your mouth but
maybe just to say that there will be an invasive plant on an as regards community infrastructure for the Docklands area as possible before so I mean and you know I mean some of the levies that have been

[Deirdre Scully - 1:12:29]

collected obviously there were an essential forum to I can't say that this would be toughened up to me like him in a way that I am but there is plans to spend significant amounts of money in the area under that particular thing and I'm the Docklands offers in its role as kind of the advocates for the area is pushing to act to ensure that that happens and you know we have been calling meetings internally to two to start that process and then to start work with the forums to get things rolling so and as I said it's very
early days 0 thank you very much for comment this morning we really do appreciate us continuing good luck with with the work and I hope that the dose improves over the rest of the week
thank you very much we move on then with the rest of our agenda on to item 5 the proposed disposal of a plot of ground 9 Granby player started on 1 so agreed

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:13:16]


5 With reference to the proposed disposal of plot of ground at 9 Granby Place, Dublin 1

thanks Chair I don't have an issue with the disposal of what I would ask that the homeless as team and liaise with the people that are actually companies out there at the minute I am and that any developer Adak homes and in the meantime to kind of Meltham off the site and needs to be and respectful and have empathy for these people and as a Belfast or 5 am living under one tangible but the very corner of at

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 1:13:48]

the Minister of if it just a message can go from this Committee and that the homeless services will link in with them and that the developer is is is m is respectful and has empty when dealing with them thanks a million 20
shows we may prefer that on to the Director of Highways Executive and starts that
soldiers agreed item 6 reference the Minister traffic Advisory Group held on the 13th January 20 18 under his here for any questions

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:14:15]

Councillor Finnigan
Mr. Boylan afterwards

6 With reference to the minutes of the Traffic Advisory Group held on 30th January, 2018

and I am just wondering is demanding of the famous trumping man from plan and just to let you know Glenmaye have know how and we haven't put in India because they have proposed to build for hundred 50 residential units on the East Road and High Wycombe J so we are talking in average 1 pint Monahan a household on last to us almost we

[Cllr Gaye Fagan S.F - 1:14:45]

actually stipulates decided Hubel in deceit you don't need a non-dependant
so is he going to put in that context we have a care what I'd like to know if there's an extra 6 on the quay in that it's a big site but it's not used site analysis happens commenting on tree on roads no the reason there if this goes ahead because let's face it none of us going to object to use them
but we need a plan in place like another 600 care in that short space not use I continue onto one row
on that point I am going to ask the manager
Andy Walsh and Dick Brady come to the next meeting because we had agreed this in we've agreed this early last year we degrees again in October with a long discussion with this I think in October and that they were to come back to us by January with proposals that we then be

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:15:34]

able to open for public consultation and we haven't heard diddly squat
so again senior management seem to have a problem with this Committee so
I want to pick Brady and Andy Walsh in here next month
on the east while traffic Manager
John Constable
hangs here and this is just in relation to Montpellier Hill I had a question in and to look at a park on system to be put in place because

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 1:16:08]

the residents are inundated now the reply I got back with grant long reply and it was nice and detailed for them it's just not it's it's it's not good enough and it's it's these residents like Duggan told where you have a guy whom you can park in your garden
people a block on the men they're going no further sharpen our common back and they can't get back in to park their car in their garden so the plan that's in place at the minute is not work and we need to look at something else and can I just say something that I am absolutely disgusted about that the gods because when they are down at the courts don't do it and they can park anywhere and you want to see where they are these days people park their open for parts I had to ask her to help a woman in a wheelchair get off the road will get off the full part to go onto the road to get back onto the footpath because Garda cars parked on the full part and to be told that it did indeed did you see that they could they provide by going to the court that they don't they don't have to be find that they can't be fined is an absolute disgrace because if they can't be fined they should mean something should happen the Area Manager or whatever he's called a sergeant in the office issue should be put on the map on this it's disgraceful to see people who should be abiding by the law breaking the law just because they're going to stand in a court so that's another thing I'm very very angry
about that I didn't actually realise that but again we need to do something to people down here are paying rent there are keeping their area clean there there there are good decent people and they can't get in and out of their property because people are just Harkin willy nilly anywhere they want and yes some of them do have driveways that's period meant to say that but when their common out to do their shopping or to collect the kids from school they come back and lo and behold to somebody part of front and a garden so we need to look at this about the report
on the point on the planet will consider works wants to come in on that point can we each get a letter drafted up to the acting Garda Commissioner
the Garda Commissioner and just maybe only when you're responded to points and genuine on this because I know Councillor Burke wants to come in

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:18:12]

can we clump guard because you don't have to answer that yes and Christine
well chaired this issue in relation to the court and Guardian and legal representatives and has become a lot of abuse and at the parking

[Cllr Christy Burke, Ind. - 1:18:31]

lots notice gears going on years not today yesterday and they were the same over the College Green if you can remember you couldn't get down and college street as and when it was way as here it was a hullabaloo kickback from the guards How dare you raise and you know we are providing services delivered a Do
nothing happened and the answer has got better care can be clamped
it's no different than anybody else
or let the official answer that answer but I think that the traffic Superintendent should be avoided in here to the next meeting and from Dublin Castle is only next door and ask him her or to put in place a protocol to protect the residents of Montpellier in relation to five days a week hemmed in and
blocked in their driveways can't get out when they arrive back from hospital appointments or whatever spaces gone they end up damn probably going around dire Barhale and into break-ins or somewhere until five o'clock in the evening until the comeback no the was to be it was an arrangement here made one time that provisional park and would be made available in the old site there that are looking at building development now that was to be but we couldn't do it because there was a special status on the sites that put the guarantee under legal representatives now on people attending the court and just dump taker's in Montpelier good bad or in the oven it's gone beyond trying to take in what is the mentality because it's years going on and on until the ideomotor stage take strong action against the stage and those who are abusing the boy LA's until that happens it will continue but the traffic Superintendent should be wheeled in here at the next meeting
and on the points you make an order that manager and addition it's the we'll actually first I write to the Assistant Commissioner for Dublin and I have a few questions myself under and then

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:20:37]

Councillor Fabian back in can I just ask in respect of item 1 there what exactly
where the guards asking and proposing and why is it that the City Council have disagreed with the guards in respect of thus
secondly and there was a petition from residents on Blackhall streets and we submitted it last June for an extension of the pay and display and permit parking hours and can you provide us with a current status and thus and I understand that a petition has also been lodged where residents in Killarney parade and Phibsboro seeking to extend a similar extension and so if we can get just make sure that and the one last June is an update on that and we can prioritise the one and can only previous answer dishes on their from staff parking from the matter and then in respect of items 6 and Eleven Susans Road and Bayview Avenue was recommended to proceed with the sorry with regard to Bayview the agreed to recommend the ballast for the introduction of pay and display when can we expect the pilot on pay-per-view Avenue to take place and when can we expect the Suzanne Vale Road
and am decision
to be implemented and gay you had one last question rears as well
and you just quickly in the meantime we thought a traffic management plan if we do get one it's right you could actually come down

[Cllr Gaye Fagan S.F - 1:22:07]

today and have a look at the way the cars and vans especially apparent so close to the coroners and the reason being that the lack of double yellow lines on corners because I believe that that was in place may help a bit because
your kind to Camille onto a main road and you cannot say either side to be a bit of advice
8 while you do it in 10 minutes that smile though we get a chance to view from Germany we look at that time
Under just in relation to Montpellier Hill and parking to front of the

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:22:47]

entrance is actually illegal shall be reported to the Guardian or parking enforcement officers

[Mr Andrew Geoghegan - 1:22:54]

there just for removing the double yellow lines and I would actually increase the speed of vehicles scores would widen the road Doyle to hail and that will lead to an increase in speeding vehicles so that's why we were against a proposed ReceivableTotal real ones
parent just scan and
continue the response in than I let you in jobs
relation to date the painter's plays games on Black Hall Street carry

[Mr Andrew Geoghegan - 1:23:24]

out rate I am I'll look into that One-off Priorities' and Item 6
Sujan pilasters of their old Yoshi drew up a scheme and some others is ended with the adventure Centre assumes was perfect
i'm Item 11 neu you drew up a revised drawing and which has with pride in force at the moment there isn't the incident review at the moment that our town centres
Janice you want to come back in
ideal clears tank you Andrew will know this is not directly directed at you OK you're just a person that here given us all at this information but that question the fourth one that was actually submitted for me that request I say what our people in this key area

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 1:24:11]

did it went out and won yet you probably did just that and I know care on cough did as well
and this is the first I've heard of the response which is OK that's fine it's common to me I'm getting to hear what I would say to you and to the people in this Chamber that the very reason that the double yellow lines are said to not be recommended for this is OK fair enough you're making the point that caused the speeding and to reduce the speed the speed and takes place regardless
of their goal no part of footpath when they're trying to speed on the opposite side of the footpath that that is directly linked to the problems that happen in Downham Montpellier Hill with the park and the reason we don't want to take the yellow lines away from that area is because extra pack and then would be forced to go down the hill are down on a family room and I totally understand but it's going to be an awful lot of construction traffic common opened down this way in the next while and this was the point that I made that we needed to have the yellow lines as well as that the level of crime is very high the cars are being broken into I don't know why people would want to park there to be honest reject because there's nobody around it it's an absolute open
and impact when she can walk by the nearby by Montpellier park and open towards Ebony around by the Nordic around there's very few fulfil their now anymore because people are going around the waterways our drive and true and whatever but we need to look at that again that needs to be looked at again and I'd like to know what was the advice that they got SCAF what what what was their advice and do we have we to listen to them because they are not listening tools in relation to Montpellier Hill and Park and willy-nilly anywhere they want I've just but this is reversed going on so long and it just it just looks to me like it's just the constant the same what Hamlyns corner for the last three years and previous for people who are buying in questions and submissions and everything else about that lo and behold it was changed last week do we have to constantly keep on rehashing the same issue before the Department are you you your Department finally Gulshan or what are not going to stop with this we need to look at it again I'm just I'm really agitated about it and it's not as I said it's not personal towards you it's just the system is is it has as far as I know has been revamped and were looking at a little bit different and stuff but these questions and still found this agenda that I'm only finding out now even though I put that question in and I think it's a direct link to what's up in Montpellier here I'm just sorry
just in relation to the request for the Guardian's I think under the Data Protection Mahler to release the information that they signed him so I have to

[Mr Andrew Geoghegan - 1:26:48]

well I want on foot of that we want to go live cuts no disrespect to and that's complete rubbish
we can't we can't that's not a criticism of you but like the fact that

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:27:01]

we can't ask and secure the information the grounds upon which the request was put in does that mean then if any requests that I have put in
any other public rappers put in to tag dot and if Janice or Christie were to ask you about that request to the rate the rationale for that request you can't share that information
could certainly look into it and consigned yet on the information yet no one just just the job that is more of a general point so I want us to
historians of information chair should be one of the first questions we should be asking the Chief Superintendent that comes in here next month from the traffic division because his Department and him or are

[Cllr Christy Burke, Ind. - 1:27:38]

requested on a dip monthly or weekly basis with time as to what they think in relation to sit on top of that you have just been to
the garages are members to involve the tiger
one last point Andrew just Janice rears to therapy Hanlon's corner and

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:27:59]

it's only changed only really came into effect last week how long you want to give it to before you do a review of A to B see how its work
especially with the IDS apparently so they changed the signal timing so dire on its ongoing monitoring
thank you very much and we have a number of items they are that we'll be responded I would be chased up and expect attendance at next month's meeting

[Mr Andrew Geoghegan - 1:28:25]

an item seven the reference to the updates on the public domain

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:28:27]

north-east Inner City Programme Office North West North East Inner City Housing Office Grange Gorman development central airy age friendly and central area sports reports and

7 With reference to updates on the following - Public Domain Section, North East Inner City Programme Office, North West and North East Inner City Housing Office, Grangegorman Development, Central Area Age Friend and Central Area Sports Report

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 1:28:51]

not that I needed and firstly just on and the issues and
yeah I just want to raise the issue with I'm sure the Chamber is aware of it but I just want to raise a in in relation to the issues that are ongoing with residents in Palatine Square and at the moment the legislation around the wheelie bin spaces refuge bags is causing some concern there and I just want it on record that the majority of people who have contacted me and who I spoke to
our saying that they don't want wheelie bins that did the majority of them are saying that the health and safety issue now as these are no I'm not on the Committee my colleague FA Gaye Fagan is and Councillor Mike item is as well and so I just would like an update from that committee please and then if I can come back in because I have a couple of suggestions so that's one and then the second thing is around the Grange Gorman Development Agency update as you know I'm on the Chair up there on the board of there and am
I told you Les Carter
as I am I was on the border there is no update on the them on the report in relation to the Thompson Centre so the reason that that concern and for me because as a member or member of the Board I got an update to say that the Thompson centre was moving up there and that it was going to be a prescription and dispensing a facility with my colleagues on the centrally recommit you weren't aware of that and so I would like to call on the HSE to liaise with this Committee give them a proper update and then to liaise with the residents and give them the facts about this centre because I am just going to state this on record now I will not be as important as any opposition of this community Disk F facility being moved off into the Grange comma development as site this site is as big enough it's it's it's a lovely SI it's it's it's well able to take this on board and we just need a little bit of forward thinking we need to understand the residents concerns but what I am very concerned about is that what the residents are have concerns about at the minute are not actually reflection of what's actually going to take place in the Thompson Centre so I want to get a want to get that am sorted out and clarity for that to be put forward thanks very much and then
and you
can come back
in again I'll come back and it's just a few words
to say the motion that emerged emotionally Kathy circa is in both our names
so it is that we are discussing that last week so that's just so that it's it's it's for your for evidence information and just if it just on that given that US Janice's raised us and myself English and Ghayour on the Waste Services Committee
the City Council employee remember in 20 16 designated which streets are the derogation which streets where by collections would remain and and the Committee this earlier this month and as part of or for the review of the designof the derogation there is easy to streets were reviewed
for possible change from
by collection to bins and they've done it on the basis that they have suggested an engineering company Torben at Taunton engineers were requested to go and do a desktop analysis and best not desktop analysis thick suggested that there were streets where there is a hundred per cent change over could could take place to two bins and then there was once work could be said less than 10 percent 20 30 percent to hurry up to 90 percent
there was Tree streets and work was 95 96 percent now the the issue is that I am in one dash
Janice's referred to Palatine square it's been recommended to be a full transfer to a hundred per cent bins the reality and this is the problem on a desktop analysis is that you can't actually realise or understand the actual impact on the ground and the fact that the information that has been hired as wrong as those on the 100th 16 properties in the estate is a hundred 40 2 and so there's already inaccuracies in the information and the Committee agreed to meet on site in Palatine Square and other streets to to review this because it's important there is an issue of importance for this Committee because the view but 90 percent of the street scene of the two streets been reviewed are in full within our catchment area and so what I would like to do is to have either a question here about its its details the report that same embark on Celine Riley come into the Area Committee next month as well and given the given the importance of a two hour area because
there was myself and three other kinds of present on the south side so they didn't really have a clue the impact on our side of the city so I think it's important that Simon and Celine would come in and just do a presentation on the report are the record to draft recommendations that they have pending before the meeting of the Committee I think we're due to meet somewhere on the 20th of March and I'm sure again and enabling will win them will have that information as well so that's the basis upon which myself and Janet have put in this emergency motion is based on the basis that unless a spin streets can take care for a hundred per cent bin collections then it should not be transferred to solely been so that it should remain either mix or stay on by collections and I would just ask the Committee support for that because it's not obviously wants this Is this primarily relates to Parliament Square it's not just Palatine Square and as a side of the two streets been reviewed 90 percent related to our area so it asked for your support on that and so English did you indicate yet and then Christie
and thanks very much support everything that's been said m I think just it's worth highlighting in relation to this motion is their luck and this I think there
the administrative and financial burden of doing a house by house assessment on mixed street is just ludicrous you know and like whatever kind of convenience and savings you gain from introducing wheelie bins and the few houses that can take them is totally knocked out by you know the cost not just of assessing on a house by house basis and on a mixed-race which ones can take wheelie bins but also of monitoring and implementing dash them on a day-to-day basis on a week-to-week basis I have absolutely no idea how you would monitor and enforce and collections on a house by house basis and I think it'll end up costing a huge amount and I think that's another thing for us to bring back to the Waste Committee is is the cost of Luxor to try and get from Simon at an estimate of the costs not just of the review there currently dating but of implementing as so I think it's a very welcome way of addressing us
thanks issue Christian gay
can I just ask the manager
non she can't answer my combined me at a later stage and the rest of the committee
is their proposals from senior management to remove caretakers from flat complexes and Parliament or mobile units where do a narrower a day rounded on all day and if so
why is that happening because the message that would go O'Shea's caretaker I know it's under an on the agenda for a while but senior management but there are concerns about with with caretakers and residents and if it's an issue where at caretaker has the Gwent were

[Cllr Christy Burke, Ind. - 1:36:40]

complex at clean routes do what they have to do don in an hour he or she is not there for the rest of the day are our day mobile that they will be there for the rest of the day true some type of communication and know I may be a sensitive issue so the manager may not be in a position to answer Manic except at a later stage we get to report but could I ask another issue again this is it maybe a subdued to say issue and is the manager to wear dot there is
an injunction my understanding or a court order placed on senior management of the housing department in relation to at Croke filicide alone square am
D and D I raised it privately on Torres they at the special Policy Committee of housing now my understanding is and I haven't got the full facts legally but I will speak to tyrants layered on today that as a result of dust and God knows and croak Phyllis has been pro castigated for the last 15 years I am and I
believe in democracy and people's rights in the whole US Abbott aware presentations given by staff in this Chamber today in community centres libraries and invitations to be sent out to all and sundry to attend and Porto proposals now and I understand at this stage at senior Council acting on behalf of one or two at people going live in Holt and your lives in Skerries and who may own property down then that's fine I am but because of the cul de sac being extinguished and I had my understanding that may be getting done on the recommendation of the 4G because of the Bill of art
galleries are an expert on that and Bush what I don't accept I well I find it quite hard and I really hoped as nobody around elected in the Chamber supporters and
what I can't get to grips with ME head
was in the name of Jesus do we have to stop the works and cranfill as far if there is a pending an injunction regarding a cul-de-sac current can someone were legal brain come back to me and outline because there's a Chair
the seven or eight people residents down there at the moment are doomed boggy Buck Road and that's Grayshon a command the manager and I commend it to Harden's knowledge at my command everybody that's been engaged throughout the years but then all of a Sergeant
in the middle of it
the manager gets slapped noticed that's everyone's voice but why does the work up to stop
way where does not have to stop because I'll tell you this much thank Councillor island mansion or dare
I am not objecting any roof gone over anybody's head and decision and I really don't care
what conditions have to be met I will not object add to the progression of housing development and a housing building programme and I made a clear when I was Lord Mayor I made a clear before making a clear again and I make it clear again again everyone has a right a Democratic race to object onto put legal issues to the manager but not to stop the works so really made the manager Manuel have the information could be subdued to say every has that's fine but I just want to airbrush here today because it needs me art and stir Fagan
Jonny I just like to thank you for the clean up period after the Mayor's went in just wondering again that shambley arose I as we do

[Cllr Gaye Fagan S.F - 1:40:31]

know who owned no could he planning permission in its tiny way we who get them to public safety sums out a hard-nosed on to stop the illegal dump or maybe a rural drawn on in the meantime to the planning permission if they put in again goes ahead because it's not a wee we needed to clean up when I say we the man shed and we tried to keep it right in that way by the wayside and then you are having to commend patently tree there and as I possibly FE day the amount to dump that's going on there I mean just don't Bernard over these while but as I read about where we were droll passed yesterday and is cleaned up again I can guarantee you and or ground tomorrow so maybe we could write to the owner
and see if designed in that he could put in place to stop thanks
Janice you'd indicators
Up to follow up on Councillor walks and am at point that he made of Acropolis or you had gone out may take a phone call on the House and

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 1:41:26]

SPC and I raised it what the manager came back and said that act on towards data was no courtroom papers the representation from the complaint complaints had been sent to the Court for a judicial review
and then I was told that went ECC are saved weight what the issue and the recommendations that then we can move forward so I wasn't even aware that the work had actually stopped I TA somebody's after stick in this in which in fairness you made a good point they could put in any NEM observation and stuff that they want to they are entitled to do that but at that point on and towards the at the Housing SPC I wasn't aware that we had halted the work before we even found out what the recommendations are the issues where my 0 can we have a look into that place
I lose a sort of get involved but I again a degree of a council's work we at all have agreed the party around this Chamber even than even the day when we had the fire in and we had to go to the red surface

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:42:28]

to agree to it so I don't I hope I hope where we're all seeing still singing off the same hymn sheet and bought I understand this just from a legal perspective is that the judge has set a correct I can be corrected but normally when it happened is that an application for judicial review has gone in and then the judge would then have a preliminary hearing to Saturdays and I ain't got hearing then is going to take place next month pending any form of communication the City Council I think from him from a legal perspective is probably unsafe for territory by halting the concern I have then with this is that if a course if that's a prolonged judicial review will that then impact the work of government in order to terms to finalise the costings and securing the funding because obviously we have planning permission but now we are going away in other state the this potential problem because then and problems then on the government side in terms of being able to provide the funding virus so obviously look at no one wants none of us I assume none of us round here or in this table want
this project
halts indefinitely and but we might and we might Manager I basis from Christie had spoken with Mr. Flynn before the meeting on Thursday we might see if we can guess if it's possible to get a written updates and if you could get that circulated across today to the Committee and is there any other issues then under under the item seven people want arrears
but only make their crests
somebody boxes around the city the electrical boxes and that those are that those designs of of an artist drawings which is brilliant and I

[Cllr Christy Burke, Ind. - 1:44:06]

think it's great and they've just a project in that it is a group don't dot
should we engage but we don't over its error Colum any office or public works that could be taken and I
better project I think it's a tremendous Catholic and a co-chair graffiti unwanted graffiti and I think it's really tremendous are going to cut we lockers and may be adopted as policy that anything done the tracks graffiti we made
we might see whoever is involved in the beta project communion jargon answer John
and could I also congratulate John's Department again there has been an improvement in illegal dumping of ESA dividing you know I don't mention areas both areas that were hotspots seems to have died down a little bit and again I want to commend the park yet unfortunately

[Mr John McPartlan - 1:44:52]

there are areas where we've known that have been problem areas and Farsley we've now seen other areas

[Cllr Christy Burke, Ind. - 1:44:57]

startled and I again come back to that there was a discussion on this

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:45:05]

Committee before the naming and shaming CCTV Frankfurt cottages the Borough are two examples of where it's worked I see that we had the pollsters up there on a on our behaviours on our bedroom between outside Sorrento and not say and he was involved in just because you do as good ice-cream but the the outside area there there was an awful lot of problems and it appears to have improved
but it seems to be no moving further on op into an Inter are replaced as well and can I just ask in terms of the
NIRO to wards is recalled after this it does no because it does no reference in terms of the cut off date for the nearby towards 20 18 so I just get that at double checked and and if just to Janice had mentioned the Thompson Sandra if there was any information that she or Niall as members of the Board and consultative forum could circulate to the committee that would be greatly appreciated given that the its role in one area
I say that as a Board Member we were given the information that the Thompson Centre ever-moving open to the GTAA and that it is a

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 1:46:16]

dispensing practice that the the and the gist of what we were told on the board but what I have asked that the Centre to Committee write to the Haytor thief to get clarification for all our colleagues
here I think that would be used
for the information and country information
it has been circulated literacy agency OK
and everything everything else is considering
I'm Is this OK software to notice and ICT projects

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:46:46]

[Cllr Nial Ring Ind. - 1:46:50]

just to two items on dot which just a earn just a exercise amid the FAI late made Leeds a hundred tells and that seems an extraordinary amount of Monty trauma late night football tournament and just maybe if there are some details on that
and the second thing dullards Day Care Centre to tree hundred tells in which is fantastic bought in light of developments around are the Magdalene laundry and other developments which may or may not occur around our area
is this an appropriate this appropriate time for this or should be locked in in an overall context of a possible development around us particularly cherish we shouldn't move forward to lurch daycare and just wondering is there like would we be spending money that maybe in in the next short period of time there may be some newer development around there but that could be complementary to other replacement just just pulling the questionnaire
well electric car to respond to the late-night NI and my own for a fortnight's worth my own view in terms of their lurid daycare centres I'd have to disagree with you and like or just or unjust I'm just putting just you know you're

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:47:58]

I would be very very supportive but I think we should raise the question of expanding Tree hundred tells and which in a very short time to could be some replacement facilities
I I'd like I love you are aware of what I'm talking about their career look there's no electors there's nothing on firmly on the agenda so very if you're assuring me
that but what I understand this happening around there isn't happening through your officers were like I'll accept that
if you have me confused now so you have to Councillor ring and boss

[Cllr Christy Burke, Ind. - 1:48:30]

[Cllr Nial Ring Ind. - 1:48:32]

like Look we all know we have been in Lewes daycare centre the haven't of natural late in the building in the bliss at barony in the team do

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:48:39]

a fantastic work for our senior citizens and I like to think we should be able to move forward with that as quickly as possible
based on your reassurances that there isn't an alternative being discussed are polarising locked up I know
goes on here further clarification can start island
the Chair I understand way we can't agree with its common from the clarification around if you're looking well are what I'm saying is

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 1:49:09]

they walked that due to take place on the McLaren site not while I'm a councillor that the proposal will go ahead so we can't base anything that happened
in the Lord Centre based on the proposals because I would literally Chambers after derailment if needed to stop what the proposal is there but again Chair I will put the question to you if there is something else because no in fairness your government is in there at the minute and the reason I am asking is because you are able to provide us with some of the questions that we had around a discretionary funding is to another proposal there that's on the table that Councillor ring is speaking about any work well OK that's fair enough thank you
can encourage you to respond to the issue at the late-night leagues
just to say it's not a certain individual tournament so the latent

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:49:56]

negs was and to build on you know in terms of what we've been doing

[Mr Karl Mitchell - 1:49:59]

recently to stay obviously the issue around railway St Rumbold Street Sherratt Street young particularly the young man congregating issues happening there you idea was again built on from order be endorsed in Scotland and here we are already here and around over a period of two years working with young people use in late night sport as an activity again from street corners to try and get those young people playing a bit of sport as issues around young women use an a young women or men using music art everything structures it's called late-night leagues sport as a tool to try and draw them in and then you are engaged in another activity so we see this as a Programme to pilot we want to give it a shot and it'll be reviewed externally and so does not have any impact in terms of particular young people hanging around on street corners just
clarification on that
managers are DFA making any contribution to this and I am asking in the context of Dublin City Council paying Tree points seven 5 million

[Cllr Nial Ring Ind. - 1:50:58]

towards the Euros 20 20 and if its success assess the EFA got a two million bonus are not putting a penny into that tournament and I am wondering this is on a much lesser scale and much more important I would actually suggest than the tree points seven 5 million were squandering on on 20 20 but already putting an eating into this in terms of finances
OK again as I said far South Central area this projects is important to us in terms of what we're trying to do here separate today the issue of his other major one will come to Dublin day what will be the

[Mr Karl Mitchell - 1:51:32]

non monetary and upon in a cash injection this there will be issues around gear equipment organ tickets for matches in terms are all looking at in terms of what could be work with young people in terms of giving them that incentive instead of jokes Helen or whatever it is that matches as it is a decent runners is I dunno weeks we see how that pans out that will be an injectable will be cash
for good Councillor Gavin Ewart indicated
yes thank you Chair just to make the Chamber aware that based on work that's been undertaken between the North East Area Office oarsmen their team and Trinity College this month on the 28th of this month

[Cllr Gary Gannon, S.D. - 1:52:07]

there's a hundred 90 second year students who have been engaged in quite extensively with Trinity College are going again to Trinity College to meet mentors but 60 70 mentor students people of all professions in underspend the data so I'm sure there still looking for mentors of anyone to take partner you'll still be welcome to do or 20 years it's the 28th Monterrey a lavishly I'll get the Trinity access programme to send an e-mail to the Council as well but it's going to be a really big day for them as well there's a lot of going to professors the professor of immunology David is going to be donated Conor Sammon after shielded so Evans welcomed and there would be a really good day
constant Fagan and then considered
for many years
going to ask me
it's for hours on the day gave some 9 Clerk to one o'clock but there's

[Cllr Gaye Fagan S.F - 1:52:55]

a training session before that that happened on the 20 second for about an hour Board if somebody can't make it because the child care issues or anything like that we train and we are happy to do a wilful

[Cllr Gary Gannon, S.D. - 1:53:04]

just I I have a motion on in front of us today and in relation to disbanding after care on mouldy and the corporate or government money

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 1:53:18]

size wandering do you want to take it now or when you wave the motion but I also have another question I want to put a question in relation to voids in the central area
at the moment we Seventy Four for why it's no I've been given a detailed
explanation of where they are I won't call them right right now because it was given to personally it was posted to me what this 26 of them being reformed at the minute and that is the proposal obviously to refurbish the 28th that remain and doesn't it that that are identified
to boost tourism
Seventy four wides 20 06 are being currently being reformed and torte are identified to be reformed can I just put an origin story on them to be refurbished as quickly
as possible and some of them are Aram are bedsits summit of our worm-beds to bed quite surprisingly there seems to be a 4 bed on this and
no I am not questioning and the people who put this together but I will be putting a question in it saying a 4 bed in an area that I know does only one four bed and it's not vacant at the minute so I have to I have to question that myself but just in relation to the Tory 8 that are identified if the manager plays can get them reformed and backing on to add the Latin list as quickly as possible I would greatly appreciate that as would all the Chamber thanks them and so am I. taken the motion now well
we'll do two to three motions at the end of
George you wanna come back into some of the points of arrest
the setback on Shell many roads and private landing there

[Mr John McPartlan - 1:55:01]

that has been taken over by people parking cars at the moment so we will write out to the owner and ask them to secure that's a private piece of land and the City Neighbourhoods awards we will be
using the Community section to bring out the application forms Camille Jubilee in
March and the closing date is and vaporous generally normally so we're just trying to get the word out now to get many groups involved in as possibly has become
am Dublin canvas I've taken over the traffic light Act box am so it's Dublin canvas dot I I am we've put out a call to artists to commemorate submissions for the Traveller boxes we were identified 20 boxes that we want to do every word is a pedestrian crossing are a junction does travelled light box so we've Air identified 20 locations that were going to do this year we did 20 last year and 20 to two year before I am so
over all over the city getting grew up over 500 now at this stage am from Morley areas were enter in the central area we well rounded and 50 boxes don't know
John just wanting an d year on the boxes and distrusted in aside you might remind Dublin Cambiasso whoever it at this year's Blaen the

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:56:31]

[Cllr Nial Ring Ind. - 1:56:33]

glazed and if they could have some of their slogans may be something in Irish were going around them were saying all sorts of my slow than sport beta Buganda yoga Be Nice car market
that our rights are perfect
that's Item 7 do we might split that open future us that serve fairly chunky item 18 made reference to the
Central Area Manager comment on the legal issue although police my apologies

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:57:01]

sorry Councillor actually was too kind to me regarding
the caretakers and the other was confident I get reports out numbers

[Ms. Rose Kenny - 1:57:10]

on both those items perfect
and Item 8 reference to the central area discretionary fund 20 18 notice

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:57:23]

the management right

8 With reference to the Central Area Discretionary Fund 2018

there was
there was that OK a phone them requested by the Executive which I have

[Cllr Gaye Fagan S.F - 1:57:38]

no objection whatsoever of what was agreed
sorry Ray there was allocated funding request or by the executive which I have no issue at all what was agreed or what I do have an issue where it was one item of Fawlty Towers and far dobrynin Tree area was not included No I am led to believe that Dublin Central consist of one tree and seven
totalling 1 got hundred and 71 thousand Dublin training due on seven got 1 0 to Dublin III got zero and I have a huge issue
and also for the fact nailbourne
Melbourne phoned up we are going through every year for different projects in the Area Manager flower to Hola not denied
the change we want to make a change now
by the end of the day we would do Members asked that the officials not be involved
so I tried as best I could share then without the assistance of

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 1:58:48]

officials if people want to make changes going not happy I said at the meeting in in central area opposite you want to make change to make changes and point out as well there's still another 80 5 90 thousand available
may not command a
one you had caught my phone or why you went in there bullheaded 2 I had absolutely not informed me so I will only when I analysed that night I realised this with Miss enough you knew I wasn't happy and

[Cllr Gaye Fagan S.F - 1:59:15]

respond to you and
I spoke to your following the meeting and I also like the fact that if you look at some of the proposals I had I have taken the biggest got hang
on a minute re I'm glad you brought that up you have taken the biggest cost minibars got the biggest amount even ahead of Executive so fair play to you on that one because I said I don't agree with
Councillor Royle

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 1:59:48]

just in relation to somebody items on I want 2 am am support gay in relation to the Fund and final boards and
I didn't realise that we hadn't incorporated Annie of those suggestions from the manager into the AGM the discretionary fund and I I just assumed we had maybe looked at it and subject always ones are OK are we're not do not let them and stuff like that what everybody and I'm sure most Councillors co 2 am go to Niall Jordan a year like for money for a boss ceremony for plant in our money for a street party or stuff like that so I would support our gaze proposal to look at given and given them some money towards Neil's a little foreign to he Ham does have to help within our communities just one other point that I'd like to make when we were discussing the Magdalene laundry and that Councillor Gannon and put to us and we all agreed the Chair can I get a bit of attention please thank you
and that we all agreed and wit
the proposal had been for 50 thousand know at the moment at the time we didn't really understand where that money was going to go or how it was going to be spent and following on from a discussion that quino quail on had with Mavor Rock am
last week and it was decided that the Justice for Magdalen group would organise a two day event now
May has been on where our Vera Mahama donica for the use of the Mansion House and I'm sure me how will will provide that use but the cost is now a hundred and 50 thousand for this two day event and because we didn't realise what we were going to use this money on them this suggestive of 50 thousand was brought down towards details and I would like to put it back to the Committee now that we would move that off 2 50 thousand again in in because of the fact that it's going to be a hundred and 50 thousand and the group don't see the government common along and supporting them with with with the request for this money and hopefully they will but they don't say it's more than likely going to be a fundraising events that's just one suggestion that I have and if you just bear with me again Chair please
to hold off on differ in this item on the agenda today because if it's the the we had and we had two meetings with three meetings on us if you can't agree the meetings there was a lot happened to discussion at this and the Area Committee will differ from the start from scratch again

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 2:02:27]

Central very works programme for surgery terms of reference for the first in the total budget I was on the administration formed until everything untoward
until we all sat on and every single one of you can come into the

[Cllr Gary Gannon, S.D. - 2:02:42]

office and in turn McCormick demonstrates I will trash it open if it takes for our seven areas to do it we do show how it can be checked out now because it will

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 2:02:50]

meet can we do what can we tell me every moment because like
what can we can we put it can we have a date now then please know because I'm very
I don't I'll let the management combined with dates when the Area officers free
to use can
do it then up by e-mail later on today
as quickly as possible then place because it's just I know people had suggestions but it was just I I agreed but it was just I
am making Morfa one particular project that's all
so we start from scratch
if this immediately says that people want to turn up to determine how with 20 spent be there and the story
so we are moving on to Item 9 actually chaired and commented on it got very different people with different issues I mean local councilors a variation from work childcare issues that
we need to take the emissions of course who does not seem so I want to turn up because we need to find a date that suitable to the majority of Councillors we've done that a number of times we could get agreement
when you have suggested
a friend Kenny will become a commuter 20 but do not mention it we'd
indicated that he had indicated that two security indicated that to us but look I've
amid don't invest and will involve no the management in the the finest determine if the discretionary spend at a later
date so Item 9 reference or sanctuary works programme parks roads Manson's 20 18 it's not agreed
considering yeah so it's called by commerce and I agree with your your suggestion but what

9 With reference to Central Area Works Programmes - Parks and Roads Maintenance 2018

I think we also needs and again blue in the face asking can we guess the carry forward figure for the under spend money from last year

[Cllr Nial Ring Ind. - 2:04:44]

that's very important as under spent money on the central area works are now on our discretionary formed Claire look sorry for going back but we really need the honour span because that is available to us for for various projects we really need us we know for example
not undermine it is It's not me it's government
item 10 as opposed to initiate extinguish air procedure exchanges the public right of way agreed reference the Central Area Community Grant scheme 20 18 agreed

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 2:05:17]

hangs shape the first motion

10 With reference to a proposal to initiate the procedure for the Extinguishment of the Public Right of Way over a laneway to the rear of 50 to 55 North Great Clarence Street and to the rear of 6-12 North William Street, Dublin 1.

it is self-explanatory but I'll just explain where it came from really and so the could the care of the government gave money to deter today not least in a city as we know Care a movie came on board am done and not enough La Concertación with different people different projects different groups everything like that and there was a decision to spend six hundred thousand euros on the upkeep of the repair of all the bridge

12 With reference to Motions to the Area Manager

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 2:05:51]

now I just I I didn't really have any input into this because when I realised that this wasn't going to extend to the northwest inner city part of the constituency my colleagues and Councillor fake and cancer and Deputy Mary Lou McDonald Day took the initiative to go on and be on on this m at these meetings and still PFI came off because I was pregnant as well at the time what I didn't realise that we did we'd decided to spend 600 thousand euros on on honesty and upkeep of a bridge and then in the last while we've had projects like Casper calm towards in precarious situations and tell us that they haven't got the funding to stay open past you on and that you no promises were made and stuff like this so I would just like to ask that this Committee calls on carer Maulvi anti-government to reconsider the decision to spend that money on that bridge when we have projects in the naughtiness that you are very very lacking in funding are nearly going to be closed and the doors if it was a gets' it before June AGM and am ddim response that I got back I can see that they are looking at are looking at this anyway because the estimated price was higher so does an opportunity now to kind of RE maybe jig this money around instead of looking for more money to affix this bridge I just think with with the way things are with the way the system is at the minute and the projects that are lacking in the funded and our nearly close Madonna such an invaluable source to the communities that we really should be located not redirecting this money from this bridge into projects that would really and truly benefit from not only the projects but the people would end the communities
and young children teenagers mothers fathers grandparents everybody benefits from all of these services are not saying people wouldn't benefit from a bridge being repaired bore I would rather in this day and age that money is spent on investing in people rather than infrastructure so such as a bridge so I am asking for support plays on this motion
just about journalists opened my issue is evident of journalism but I would also like to know

[Cllr Gaye Fagan S.F - 2:08:13]

when the discrepancy are day increased from to 50 in 2 thousand 15 to know a 600 children I'd like to report on as to why it can almost tonight
I think that would be a useful piece of information to have
getting in terms of being able to identify where
sorry I'm trying to catch

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 2:08:33]

the question was how often to 50 just six months or to a hundred 50 the provision that was made

[Ms. Rose Kenny - 2:08:48]

without going out to tender for the provision and it was based
on a report that had been done by the Roads department back 20 13 long number of years ago and I take it as a genuine estimate when we went out to tender but the tenders came back
hugely out of step with
that's just seems to be the way at the end of the tenders come back where see enough with various other projects tenders are common in

[Ms. Ursula Donnellan - 2:09:14]

much much higher than was that we would have initially advocated are indicated that was the funding

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 2:09:19]

in relation to that bridge
arrears noise

[Cllr Christy Burke, Ind. - 2:09:31]

can the talk clowns and the private companies and that whole area and contribute to some make some contribution in relation to the upkeep of the well-being of the bridge because it's it's an oratory leading into the massive financial companies in the area and I think it should be shared around given their projects to oust throughout an art in our city and
no I know that the financial companies can be a bit toys because when I was Lord Mayor I actually wrote to them looking to make a contribution towards the Leo Kelly statue
and I got one apply
and there was a negative spin no one reply out of maybe a hundred company so but I still feel in in relation to an arbitrary where it's to the benefit of everybody that Dublin City Council shouldn't be left carrion add that the weight of the bridge for its funding and
Every design and are refurbishing that mean Dublin power could be a player that Docklands could be a player to City Council copy a player
whoever else could be players I think we need to go outside this box and start thinking or maybe you know the manager might come back and say Well nobody will but let's try you know let's try that that that's my current OK
great Gary
I hadn't expected this motion come up where that I fully support what channels has brought the headline Councillor Walker's that bridge there's an archway and 13 towards City that benefits the financial

[Cllr Gary Gannon, S.D. - 2:11:03]

companies down their benefits the new company sets new of an end to a benefits the Tories that's coming from the docks in many ways I think there needs to be a multitude of different interested parties probably brought around the table and if the contribution because VI and details of our budget at a time when there's a lot of need in the north inner city I think that's probably about deal for us and I think those financial companies don't get rich given away money and I think we probably need to employ the same standard in terms of how we approach our own budgets
motion to
i'm going to what we're trot out motion because I had got the response

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 2:11:40]

and back from the Department but can I just want to speak on the response if I can't place and why I wasn't very happy with the

[Cllr Janice Boylan, SF - 2:11:48]

response it's not it's not OK as far as I am concerned to say that that money is not there for the north-west sympathy if not that amount some amount should be given am there's people out there who are affected with what has happened in the North East Inner City as well as those projects out there who are in in in and in a bad need of providing the service to those people and they could do with some funding so if I could just maybe
get another
letter sent to the tea shop again to ask for some amount of funding are not looking for the exact amount would if we can get some amount of phone and I appreciate that and I'd like support on that as well from this Chamber
that might be worth watching the national development plan and launch on Friday you might be able to see some information on that Councillor work
national development plan 10 year plan 15 billion euros

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 2:12:41]

I actually I seconded the motion
talked about
the response pretty negative sort of you know it's the normal response from government

[Cllr Christy Burke, Ind. - 2:12:53]

Minister Manager way hardwicke Street and George St Blaise is not in the loop in relation to add an artiste in our city I mean I don't want the Gwynedd
I don't want to go in the grass is can we get to phones out of the Chamber
could I ask at dust we in the name of God as Hard Rock Street not included our Georges Place now in our privately I speak to the manager I was rare down me life in Hardwicke Street are issues at the same as any other area push it's on the doorstep
it of the north east inner city they have a football club they have a garden club they have a women's knitting club they have a women's groups they have a little flair Planning Group which now at Bayern is very good too they have a good resilient very good community and community reps and they start to feel left out of the loop No I was challenged and over the weekend
and I had hopefully got that through the discretionary fund that a few quid that was due to them that I proposed for them when they went through today but they were what I ask way it's not included
in in the M present starters of an artist
physician Councillor Carter respond
yet again there it there is a boundary line that was initially there always has to be a boundary or forestry but just to say there is a

[Mr Karl Mitchell - 2:14:39]

boundary and we in the office have not been already fixated with our boundary line so we've done work endorsed the street we weave were happy we're happy again to walk or communities again that there are always has to be that boundary which again
unfortunately for Councillor boiler that is a difficulty but it's not far off in the office to be saying you go to hear and we walk only forward so we are quite fluid a narrow taking in terms of what we are happy to work with anyone in the Area Grant item 3
to start just to comment on on that motion but the answer is
just it's about

[Cllr Ray Mc Adam FG - 2:15:18]

casual traders last Notting today but I understand the manager is going to attend DM special Committee double set up by the Minister on

[Cllr Nial Ring Ind. - 2:15:24]

more street so that will be addressed at us until stair just on and the question of the boundaries it's actually I am sure Mountjoy Square were very lucky to get inside the boundary and Heritage Society
that agreed great