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[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:00:00]

presentation we went through the whole thing last week this is a single issue only its relation to St Paul's strokes a dance so let Rangers presentation thank you
Good morning Members and members of the public

[Brian St Pauls - 0:00:18]

and just are following on their Yes we had our first presentation on the 15th January which went through the development in the round I am not going to go through that presentation again but what I will do is give a brief summary overview of the development and followed by a look at the traffic impact Assessment and the nature or impact assess and statement which was requested by members and finish up with an overview of the developments in terms of the key dates in terms of and submissions to be made to the board and a decision made by the board and then taken a look at the Act and in relation to the process of bringing the strategic housing development proposals before an Area Committee and and the The role of taken a summary of the Commons be made and to be attached to the Chief Executive's report
just to have a quick recap of what's strategic housing development is and it relates to proposals for over one hundred or Two Hundred one hundred houses or to hundreds student accommodation bedspaces and since the 13th July any proposal for development in that category has to be made directly to an Bord Pleanala and as part of that process there is a mandatory pre application process with the local authority followed by a mandatory pre-App process would on Bord Pleanala then followed by the planning application the
the preapp with a planning authority has to happen within four weeks the seven weeks for their pre-app with An Bord Pleanala after which on board and all issues an opinion
and all they're really doing at that stage is deciding whether the applicant or other details submitted to the Board constitute a reasonable basis for an application it's not an assessment of the application and then the applicant can submit an application and they have 16 weeks the Board has 16 weeks to make a decision that's the process that we are in now the moment there's a requirement to inform the relevant Area Committee and which is part of this process here there's two presentations going on in relation to this application or ultimately the Chief Executive has to make a report to a more normal within 8 weeks I suppose the key difference between the the the normal planning system is normally the Chief Executive actually makes a decision to it to grant or refuse or to seek additional information whereas in this process the Chief Executive makes a recommendation essentially to the Board in terms of which way the that the planning authority is thinking and also as part of this process there is there's no ability to seek further information whether it be from a local authority level or the Member Panel and ultimately then the report will include a summary of the views expressed by elected members that the Area Committee meeting in this case there's two to meetings and the report and will recommend that permission be granted or refused having regard to the proper planning and sustainable development and the objectives of the Development Plan
in terms of this proposal the that the Register reference numbers for Dublin city council and An Bord Pleanala are up there the site is to the east of St Paul's College of civil Hill Road and in terms of a summary of the proposed development and the applicant is proposing to widen and realign an existing entrance on civil Hill Road there are proposing to construct Five Hundred and Thirty six new dwellings One Hundred and four of which will be houses and 4 Hundred and Thirty 2 will be apartments all the houses are three storeys in height and there would be 90 6 terraced houses and eight detached units and the apartments are in six blocks and they range in heights between 5 to 8 storeys with the higher blocks mean located to the northern end of the site adjacent to St Anne's Park and if there's a community rooms and block 1 and a gym and a crash facility in block 6 of the apartments those four Hundred and Thirty for number car parking spaces and 8 hundreds and 60 for bicycle parking spaces at basement level within the apartments and full details of the drawings and the submitted supporting documentation is available on that website there which is w w dot St Paul's s h d dot I I mentioned members before that in the long term the intention is that on board penodol host these and these that this information but it's just at the moment there on an overhaul of their IT system so it's the applicants or our host in it
just to remind or there or where the site is in terms of the zoning plan and the large green area there is and what it with the at the hatching is St. anne's Park and the hatch in is that it's a conservation area the site is outlined in red which is a blue but blue background which in the Dublin city council development plan is zone objective Z 15 which is institutional and community uses and most of the lands around other than that are that kind of cream colour which is said one residential
just to give the layout of the site here really you can see that the at the purple blocks towards the top they are the apartment blocks with
a block 1 being adjacent to closest to the Meadows housing estate and and then all the way across to park their block 6 which is in one corner then in the lower part of the site we've got four 4 quadrangles there there the housing element of the development there is a concurrent application for the remaining and sports or playing pitches at St Paul's which is for an upgrade of those pitches to a 4G pitch the floodlighting and whatnot that's currently out on a request for additional information
in terms of the traffic impact Assessment mobility Management Plan I've just m are taken out a few of the slides and key bits of information here the traffic impact assessment is shown the proximity of the site two key public transport in terms of bus stops there showing that there is both stops you within three or four to eight minutes walk and importantly Harman's town rail station and cluster rail station are between 10 to 11 minutes walk away on those routes
an extract showing the local bus routes and obviously there's a significant amount bosses going up and down the whole road and there but there's also the the route 1 0 4 which are shown Green there and route one third to use the Key route in Clontarf area shown in blue
in terms of the amount of car parking proposed as a breakdown here which shows that the Departments for Hundred and Thirty to apartments there is one space per unit at the houses have one and a half spaces per unit there's various other spaces being provided for instance for the crash some visitors crash drop off electric car to go cars and it all adds up to six Hundred and Thirty for car parking spaces now of course that's different to the previous figure but it's the start includes the surface car parking as well
in terms of what the traffic impact Assessment actually says it says that the site is well served by bus and rail services within walking distance and it's based on traffic count data primarily in 2 thousand 15 but they had they went out and did more traffic accounts in two thousand seventeen and they say the impact will be very low on civil Hill Road on an unvarying an avenue traffic flows and they say they acknowledged that the Holt Road Sybil Hill Road junction is heavily used at peak times and they predict that the traffic flow at that juncture would increase by 3 point 3 percent in the morning peak and four-point 1 percent in the afternoon peak now there is an acknowledgement that the Brookwood Avenue Sybil Hill Road M junction is already at or near capacity and so they are suggesting two things one is the their modelling Dave acknowledged that and as cars approach Holt Road at that junction that effectively it splits into two lanes and their suggesting that Dublin City Council traffic division allowed three seconds greentime extra on both Brookwood Avenue and civil Hill Road they indicate that if this is done that the Brookwood Avenue civil Hill Road junction would operate within capacity during peak hours and on the basis that they say that the traffic impact could be readily accommodated within the road network I need to click then you don't want to clarify here that this is all part of the applicants then submit a traffic impact assessment obviously all of this information will have to be assessed by our own Dublin City Council and Trafford traffic planning division and a report will be made on site
in terms of the Natura impact statement
there was a nature impact statements submitted in relation to this application and that is essentially because we are proximate to an area of several nature 2 thousand sites no Natura 2 thousand sites are a network of ecological conservation area is designated under the Habitats Directive there is an four in Dublin there and generally out in the bay and the EU have it normally you'd have an A screening report which which takes a look to see if you can exclude any potential negative impact on on those conservation areas in this case the screening report could not excluded so they submitted a stage 2 report which is the nature or impact statement now the statement and assesses potential adverse effects on the integrity of the nature or 2 thousand sites both individually or in combination with other plans and projects
this nature or impact Statement assesses the impact on seven Natura sites with the closest one being the Northern Ireland and the focus of the study is the potential loss of in inland feeding habitat for light bellied Brent geese these are a protected species under the Habitats Directive
there has been a considerable amount of wintering bird surveys done over the years and this is there an example given which takes a look at the surveys taken place and a lot in the last winter in season two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen that shown on the blue lines and than the previous season March 2 thousand 15 to 2 thousand 16 winter season which is shown on the green lines it's in relation to St Paul's only and what you get there as you can see from the bottom one across the 20 4 is that Brent geese were identified on St Paul's for most of the site visits and also it was found that there was an increase January I would say and the number of Brent geese found in the last season compared to the previous season and and then what you get is the red line and the yellow line that crossed the chart the red line shows what is considered to be an internationally significant population of Brent geese the yellow line being a nationally significant level of Frankie's
that would be equivalent to 1 percent so the red line for hundred birds is
essentially its 1 1 percent of the international and population of Brent geese so what we can see here is for
a significant number of days in the last wintering season there was an internationally significant population of a protected species on the bread or on the St Paul's site
just taken a look at some of the figures in the last AGM wintering season St Paul's the highest peak count of Brent geese was 1 thousand Five Hundred and Thirty birds and in the previous season it was eight hundreds and 20
just reiterating their that at the national level and international level of importance is Three Hundred and 60 m hundred Bankes respectively the NIS acknowledges that St Paul's is one of 15 major sites or sites of major importance that's 400 and 1 birds plus and that in two thousand seventeen the highest peak counts 1 thousand 530
it it sorry St Paul's it recognises that is the most important exit you site within the network known in-line feeding sites
just to give you an idea there's many maps in the nature or impact statement but as this one here which shows and Bull Island and here in the corner and our site here and they've just highlighted the site in terms of major high or moderate importance with the major sites being outlined in red so the birds do feed in a wider area they do there's another mouth they show they go down it is to the south of the city as well most of them are on this side and that they feed across a wide area and also open to Fingal
how the nature or impact statement indicates that there is potentially

[Cllr Paddy Bourke, Ind - 0:13:22]

one hundred and 61 inland feeding sites that are Dublin City and the wider environments and in any case the One Hundred and Thirty three of these are zoned open space and amenity that's 80 3 percent of all sites that's equivalent to Dublin City of Z 9 zoning now this is where the nature or impact statement that turns round and indicates that the availability of other potential sites ensures adequate capacity and the potential network to absorb the loss of St Paul's on the indicate that there will be no impact on population trend or distribution of Brent geese so I mean in essence what the nature or impact statement design as that and I've barely Brent geese are an important protected species St Paul's is an important site for them but the ecologists have indicated that there are sufficient alternative sites for the bars defeat on should St Paul's be lost now again that's the applicant's nature impact statement we are asking our Biodiversity Officer in the Parks Department to prepare a report on that study 2 comma 2 comma 2 m to a view
in terms of a summary of the overall development again and there's M Hundred and Thirty six units being proposed One Hundred and four houses informed two thirds to apartments and members' comments at meetings will be summarised and central Bord Pleanala with the Chief Executive's report and formal observer observations these are the written observations need to be submitted to and bore people by the

[Naoise - 0:14:51]

5th February 2 thousand 18 the reference number there and further details can be found on the website www dot St Paul's S H D dot I
now there is also a considerable range of guidance being provided on the onboard Pinola website and in relation to the Strategic Housing Development provisions the Chief Executive's report is due by the 26 February 2 thousand 18 An Bord Pleanala is due to decide the case but the 23rd of April 2 thousand 18
just to wrap of just them how they're an extract from the planning and development housing and residential Tenancies Act
to me and in relation to strategic housing developments and the Act indicates that end after the submission of an application at the next meeting of an area committee concerned that the Local Authority will inform the relevant elected members of the details of the application and and then within eight weeks of the receipt of the application the chief executive as set out in the report and as part of that the actors that where a meeting or meetings referred to what the Area Committee have taken place a summary of the views of the relevant elected members on that proposed development as expressed at such meetings or meeting or meetings shall be attached to the Chief Executive's report so in that context I should clarify that I've had a number of e-mails and looking to have those e-mails and taken into account in in in this way and that it would not be possible I mean what the process here is that the comments expressed at the here at the Area Committee expressed at the previous meeting and after this meeting will be summarised and taken into account and attach the Chief Executive's report there is of course the opportunity to make written submissions and which will be taken into account as part of that process
thank you

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:16:51]

OK thanks Brian Banks the lush there's a holistic Councillors to come in now with Sartre cultural Brian

[Michael O Brien - 0:16:58]

I said Cherwell position that throughout this has remained basically

[Cllr Damian O'Farrell Ind. - 0:17:05]

people recalled the Development Plan

[Cllr Sean Paul Mahon FF - 0:17:12]

process in 20 16 which coincided with an attempt by crack off to a failed attempt to develop the site in question I brought a motion to the Development Plan process seeking to have the land in question

[Michael O Brien - 0:17:22]

designed into amenity

[Naoise O'Muiri - 0:17:26]

or tinker going to retrieve the voting records that up because my recollection was that would retain their majority support among local councils find out there was a late intervention on the part of the Council's legal Officer basically saying that if these owning place the crack of a coder sue those who would support these owning effort damages in Lhasa unfortunately
Councillor predominantly from elsewhere in the area and voted not to design and unfortunately Councillor in this room here I failed to bring their party colleagues with them in large measure but I will retrieve that of our voting record and remind all and sundry of of what took place that was our best opportunity to HSE safeguard the future
of a safe hands Park in the St Paul's lands just then I want restated the points that have been already set submitted to embark phenomena in large measure from residents from public representatives as well as making me on submission as an individual citizen put your staff

[Michael O Brien - 0:18:22]

in addition to that I will say that you know there is obviously an onus on all public representatives that are concerned about the housing crisis to actually justify what you wouldn't support a particular development and you know I'm
quite vocal around that he showed a housing crisis accommodation crisis in Dublin City Council area so I will reconcile that with my opposition to this particular development and you know we know from questions put to the Chief Executive that there is already enough land zoned for residential development in the Dublin city council area to construct a 50 tells and Unit stutts put publicly and privately owned land and you know what a proper plan in place and proper resourcing we could actually make a serious dent into the housing crisis both for those on the list process those that have a private housing need are ineligible for the housing list so I think we have seen a pattern here in the course of the crisis where you know we've been kind of strong and the government has been strong-armed into dancing to the tune of the developers or developers who were engaged predominately in a strike of capital by not investing in affordable housing but in this instance obviously to see a lucrative opportunity and you know today the revised new process would embark Planalto the fast-track process at lowering a building standards changing in terms of height restrictions and so on and so far
the developer lobby in this country have not wasted a good crisis to try and get their own way on an on a number of that different Aaccounts just to say that part of the propaganda offensive from crack of will be destroyed the fact that there will be part 5 units available if this construction goes ahead but again I would caution
people that you know we have already encountered a situation where you have very high end apartments
sold at a Council ostensibly part 4 part 5 and then the Council is lumbered with very own estate management fees no dust the scale and the style of the blocks in question are you have an atrium as someone lift maintenance start it's you know if you were to do a comparison would estate management fees and other parts of Dublin for similar services and gated apartment than someone you're talking of estate manager fees in the order of 2 to 3 ground per unit per year and appeared in the main would fall into the City Council although there is a 10 ended a wedge going on where from this year on
a contribution has been sought from an from council tenants who have been housed in Part 4 of developments in gated and apartments just
issue diners is a question of the zoning of Z 15 and what that means if this development was to go ahead as proposed basically it makes Z 15 indistinguishable turmoil from Z one regular
residential as owning the link to the popular understanding of that 15 was that it was institutional land that are permitted maybe a very small scale of development an auditor to be financially support the activity of that institution whereas it just doesn't fit that description by any way shape or form sorting for all those reasons it is deserves to be rejected on a posed by all the local Councillors things

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:21:22]

OK tanks cancer Councillor Flanagan
thanks Chair yeah just like previous speakers I think we are all in

[Declan Flanagan - 0:21:26]

unison on this proposed development at its way out of character with

[Tom Brabazon - 0:21:31]

the area without going over each of the points I suppose the biggest

[Cllr Éilis Ryan, The Workers' Party - 0:21:35]

one I have is just the sheer density of the projects being eight storeys and any implications for surrounding estates and such as tomatoes then obviously to traffic implications and conservation etc so I would ask the decisio relay and in great detail each of her two Councillors M feedback on this as I say it is very much a Unison estimates on it so where I think we need to we need to put a strong case forward are on board Pleanala in relation to this matter take you

[Declan Flanagan - 0:22:07]

thanks cancer comes from
Grassmarket Carharrack

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:22:14]

[Michael - 0:22:18]

well I have to say it is reluctant stash am I have to express serious concern about this Plan which which I can't support and I want to be able to come here and to express support for well planned housing developments because as we all know we're in the middle of a severe housing crisis and we need our homes redeveloped quickly comprehensively including here in the North Central area
however the situation is because of
Central Government's almost total reliance on the private sector for housing and we're left with a situation where development is driven primarily now by the maximisation of property developers rather than by housing need properly identified housing need on good planning
no does a number of reasons which some of which have already been in outline but our further and outlined in the position of the Sinn Fein councils which I think
you'll be outlining and we will be submitted to and bar piñata and for the record here and of this Committee
that we have to conclude that this is a poor plan it's not an appropriate plan and as campy supported requirement

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:23:34]

carer was concerned

[Cllr Deirdre Heney, FF - 0:23:37]

Margot Margot career look
because of the the the hugely negative impact that this huge scale proposal is going to have on the surrounding environment Chair I believe that this proposed development should never be given permission the damage to the flora and fauna there is a Unesco biosphere at below island the disturbance to the wildlife in the surrounding area of parkland and the potentially detrimental effect on the bird life that visit Thierry and we've just heard I I hadn't read the specifics on what the the presenter told us about at last year at 1 thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Brent geese visited the specific size and there's going to be a huge loss
of a beautiful amenity or visual amenity as well as everything else I enjoyed whether citizens and that use it and Lord Mayor or a career look I just on those and on that basis and cannot support any such proposal I know a group of us and the the six Clontarf Councillors have agreed 2 am and indeed I suppose a collective as submission I know that that's going to be read into the record and but for me I don't think that this plan should ever be given a big be given permission and one of the things that I suppose is going to have would have a hugely negative impact on everything that I have mentioned to date is the construction phase the construction phase of such a vast proposal will have a detrimental effect and I think that will never be recovered and by the the was life that exists in that beautiful part of the city I am not sure if we're going to read out the submission so I'm not sure how that's going to go but I think one after the other is going to read one after the other of the six of us is going to take an opportunity to read some of the submission tanks

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:25:43]

K thanks cancer Naish
Ms Carla

[Naoise - 0:25:46]

we just won't want to start by just welcoming
Georgina Moore from Isle of St. anne's and the audience and members of

[Declan Flanagan - 0:25:55]

her Heaney heritage and others who are very exercised about this issue

[Naoise - 0:26:00]

and rightly so as cancer Heaney mentioned
we had an Area Committee previously we wanted to take the opportunity to consult and talk to people locally and then work on a submission jointly and that submission we wish to write read into the record today here for this area committee you Brian you have a copy of it there
so basically it's a joint submission on the application and we wish to highlight the following issues the inappropriate use of Z 15 zoning the development as proposed is entirely inappropriate and Azad 15 residential is included as open for consideration use under Z 15 in order to secure the retention of existing and Community institutional community uses a typical example and one that we've spoken here before Kieran is uses at 15 for student accommodation for example for Education's of DCU needs student accommodation this development both the virtue of its enormous scale and intensity can constitute a material contravention of the 20 16 to 20 20 to Development Plan

[Cllr Damian O'Farrell Ind. - 0:27:15]

thank you Loss of existing amenity value to community users the landing questions are zones at 15 and where until January 2 thousand 18 access by a large number of local sporting organisations loss of access to these grasslands would leave hundreds of children youth and adult teams with no place to play
Dublin City Council's Development Plan 2 thousand 16 to 2 thousand 20 2 states that the objective of Z
15 zoned land is to protect and provide for institutional and community use the plan goes onto state that any residential development open to consideration and Z 15 land must demonstrate
how it secures the retention of the main institutions and community uses on the lands including space for any necessary expansion of such issues
how the proposal assists in securing the aims of the Z fifteen's owning objective
these lands are far from surplus to requirements for local clubs and schools as they are an essential as they are essential active use this development would result in a serious loss of an established community use and is therefore incompatible with Z 15 objectives

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:28:30]

[Cllr Sean Paul Mahon FF - 0:28:32]

to thank you and before I read my section in its
said 15 in my opinion
and my opinion was never meant for this to facilitate this type of facility at Llanddew sounding objective to protect and provide for institutional and community uses to ensure that existing amenities are protected
we have hundreds we had hundreds of
children playing in these fields for the last
so many years and this would be a huge loss to our community and
it is the sad that should never been this set 15 was never meant for this type of development as outlined earlier on and the impact on the City Council to facilitate all of those groups is going to be enormous and we don't have the capacity to to look after the clubs that have lost their playing facilities
at damage to the brand Greece A geese grasslands curlew feeding areas and the biosphere these lands are late located within the Dublin Bay S PA and are part of the Dublin Bay Biosphere catchment
their feeding grounds for Brent geese and for The Curlew Dublin City Council's Parks division when accessing the impact of a related application
DC see reg reference tree seven seven 7th stroke Seventeen raise serious concerns about the impact of that proposal on feeding grounds concluding in this regard the propose migration IAA the capacity of the network alternative feeding sites to have spare sob the loss of St Paul's is not considered sufficient and practical it practically are unachievable
this neighbouring application is or is of a much greater scale so those concerns are even more relevant here
there is also no evidence that that the applicant has sufficient management control over the network of alternative feeding sites identified to be able to efficiently manage that displacement this site as a feeding ground

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:30:57]

thank sculpture country any just to finish it

[Cllr Deirdre Heney, FF - 0:31:02]

well I finish it out
please surface water drainage the applicant proposes discharging surface water directly into the Manneken Reverend St. anne's park there ever has no capacity to take additional water and floods regularly up to now this water has been absorbed by the natural grasslands of the site but the surface water run off road from over 500 homes into the river it will be catastrophic for the downstream flooding traffic congestion the junction of civil Hill Road and the Holt Road is already subject of serious traffic congestion the addition of Five Hundred and Thirty six residential units at this location will greatly exacerbate this problem there are two main roads that can be used by residents locally to travel towards the city centre that is the whole road on the Clontarf Road both of which roof traffic through the Fairview bottleneck the additional 500 36 residential units will invariably lead to a significant increase in congestion at this location loss of visual amenity the development if approved will damage for ever the positive visual amenity enjoyed by all recreational users on the main avenue into the park as Councillors we stand full square was our communities who wish to protect the amenity value of amateur Parklands for current and future generations on Bord Pleanala should reject this application for the reasons as laid out above please forward our detailed submission to the Chief Executive prior to his making his recommendation to amber pianola and please also transmit our submission directly to on-board Prunella officials responsible for assessing this application yours faithfully Councillor Nisha and worry because their dirge Hainey cansler Jane Horgan Jones Councillor Sean Paul Monaghan fansler Jamia for cancer care and more

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:32:55]

thanks kosher

[Alison Gilliland - 0:32:58]

Grandma Got chair and
we appreciate the MS unit and I think everyone has more or less said
and given their views are very conscious of my colleague Jane Horgan Jones isn't here today and its future court appearance as in work not having to be in front of it as a criminal record and also acknowledged people in they are in the Gallery in pledging my colleague A on arrears and I think my colleagues have indicated that you know housing there is a great need for it particularly in this area but it's well-planned housing and housing that doesn't contradict the zoning that this particular site has been given
while we acknowledge that the land is privately owned and that the new sports facilities that will be provided to the school would be a significant enhancement to them I don't think we can turn our backs on the historic Providence and the recreational use of this site as part of St Ann's estate
A the zoning to me is being challenged and significantly challenged we've identified that zone 15 provides to protect and provide for institutional community use its open to residential development however that residential development must demonstrate how it secures the retention of the main institutional community use of the lands including space for any necessary expansion of service users and I think this is the crux of the matter
I would argue that no space has been left for that educational Institute for the School of samples to develop a in their provision of education and indeed the application actually removes the community use of the lands in question and this will have a significant impact on the use of the playing fields on local clubs technically the removing 6 grass pitches and replacing them with 3 am I think we all know that that's more or less have having the facility and this is going to have a serious impact on the local clubs on an annual basis who continuously use these for example I've representation from rainy United FC they support Thirty A-Team's thirty four of them are schoolboy and schoolgirl teams as it stands the already struggle to compete for pitches and facilities so the removal of these pictures just on this one club alone will have a devastating impact on the young people in the area
that and the application does not provide adequate evidence as to how the needs of these displaced clubs and the community amenity provided to them would be accommodated with within the three pictures and I think that was actually highlighted by the Deputy City planner may recall away in the pre-planning consultation report dated 4th October A 20 17
with regard to the design itself the planning permission takes advantages of The Heights allowable within the Five hundred metres of a local Dart station though it must be noted that some areas and the apartment blocks are outside this radius and therefore could be argued that this is a technical non-compliance
however more significantly is that the high rise high density apartment blocks of development do not integrate with the nature or the scale of the local environment which we know is mainly 2 storey
I am particularly concerned by the impact the design will have on the residents of the Meadows normally and we have seen this in our in our own planning consideration would be given to the boundary neighbours in time in terms of shadowing and overlooking on while there's a green buffer zone and shadow impact might comply with the planning criteria and this I would be concerned that the private enjoyment of the back gardens of those in the meadows would be overlooked and their enjoyment will be there for current curtailed by the apartment block nearest that boundary wall
you've given a very good presentation Brian on the traffic implications and I think we need to remember that the rationale for an 8 storey height in this area is regarding the 500 metre radius of the dart and its well argued and well evidenced in the Planning that the Eight hundred and 60 for cycle parking spaces would encourage the non use of the private car and the use of public transport and that public transport is predominantly to and from the city or to and from haute so if you're going elsewhere a car might be needed however the provision of six Hundred and Thirty for car parking spaces which greatly exceeds the Development Plan maximum requirement for such a development seems to contradict the argument that the predominant mode of transport of these units would be either safe pedestrian cycle or walk in and I think it also contradicts the traffic impact Assessment for peak departure hours arrivals and I note that the applicant does acknowledge that the capacity of civil Hillbrook Wood Avenue is at a max and should not be added to this is particularly relevant given that they only entrance into the development is a single entrance off Sybil Hill and I think we also need to remember that Sybil Hill wrote cannot be accessed coming from town north bound from the Health Road there's no right hand turn there and therefore that would indicate that the would-be
possibly rat running through the neighbouring estates to get onto Sybil Hale particularly in the evenings coming home from from work
and evaluate evaluate line they potential impact on the grazing of the Brent geese and despite the applicant's assertion that the country will be the case I think that still a concern particularly of local residents there's also local concerns about the potential adverse flooding of the surface water running underground into the Nonagon river which we well know floods in that area on regular occasions so in conclusion I would welcome Five hundred and 60 three new housing units in our area however not within this application I think it's a gross over development of the Zone 15 land and it removes key sporting amenities from hundreds of local children in the area and in this and as the rationale for my non support of gurmukhi

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:39:33]

OK because of the number of people have indicated the once in a second time but are going to go through those forced the haven't spoken so coastal lines

[John Lyons - 0:39:46]

Manchester thanks for the presentation just a state at the outset I suppose
my opposition to the the former iteration of this plan that we had that was ultimately withdrawn
and I think when you step back and you look at our own development plan and we're folks in off the underside 15 was within the Housing chapter after development plan it does talk about there being a good distribution of zone and serviced land for residential development to the tune of 440 acres Hector's actually formed and for 400 40 hectares of land that's actually ready to go that's in good locations that sound and service for residential use and I think that's where we need to focus that's where we need to actually ensure that we don't allow that the housing crisis there were currently experiencing
to facilitate any bad planning decisions and I think if we were to allow this to this development to proceed it will be a gross abuse of the planning process and of our own guidelines in terms of the Z 15 because when you step back and you look at the the city are Dobbin right now and I can see some of their the arguments are going to be put to us what you're always on about heroism board you are against this particular proposal was not just not only technology the residents here in the in the gallery but we are receiving hundreds upon hundreds of e-mails in relation to this and what comes forth with each and every one of them is a very strong connection between the people in the local area and St Albans Park on
the fields of St Paul's and I do think that if we were to allow a means a small segment returns on 15 is open to other considerations in terms of residential I think we if we were allowed out small and facility to be used to facilitate its development of over 500
50 residential units I think it would cause such a follow within the City Council on board Manolo with with residents of
the city in that particular parts of the city and just to say when you look at it and it's been well aired here today in terms of the various objections that we do have but I don't see how we can reconcile the loss of seven sporting pitches down to 3 how can that be reconciled I don't see is and so I would be very interested to see what's going to come back in terms of what already has been alerted to in terms of and the reduction and the huge follow for not only the sports clubs in the area but the many individuals and families to bring their children along to play on those fields how we can actually reconcile us secondly the importance of us as a winter feeding ground for the Brent geese again I don't see how this is going to be reconciled and to my mind I just I I don't say is and I welcome the Ward Councillors from Clontarf and there are very clear and documented their letter which of course I fully support so again I don't see what kind of response we're going to get from the developer in terms of those to which I think are the most important issue in terms of the traffic assessment he said the majority of what was carried out in 20 15 and again some of us in 20 17 I think you know well you know when you look at us and the impact of having I think 14 Jan over forum to car park spaces and in terms of the impact that's going to have in the wider area and again this is about Dublin City Council to Belarus's Councillors as people with a role in the spatial strategy for the city in terms of housing in the city ensuring that we actually planned these things properly and I don't think that area could take that number of extra of additional cars we already other AM peak and I think traffic problems common Oakfield Road particularly in the evening times and I just don't think again from a travel point of view what's been presented to us already I don't see how that can be reconciled again in terms of making that a suitable development but just more broadly speaking and
you know we we this is their over a hundred units so goes to embark on a dollar and our commentary today and our own individual observations which we all as Councillors and citizens will make will be fed into the process but my fair would be and I don't know how this
will be reconciled at the end of the day but I would imagine I would hope that the importance of all the elected members of all the residents who have taken to time to normally contact us but to make their own individual observations timber panel will be you know listen to will be wasted and that Dublin City Council zone input into this process would ensure that the development will go ahead because it clearly breaches the cormorants owning it would be an abuse of the current ceremony at to allow such a development to occur and I think what we need to do ourselves as to be looking at where we do have lands which are ready for residential development two to ensure that we do our own job and proceed with our own part in alleviating the housing crisis that is afflicting there the people of this city right now because right now and manager know finish on this we're not only failing the people of Dublin city right now but when you actually look at the projected increase in the population of the Twenty Twenty Two it's got to be an extra 60 thousand people in the city has done so we are in a major crisis I imagine I can foresee many other development similar to this coming down the tracks ADASS and I think this is an important line in the sand that we ensure that we protect our amenities that we protect our sports fields that we protect our zoning and that we actually respect
thank you

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:45:25]

Kermorgant's comes from

[Cllr Paddy Bourke, Ind - 0:45:31]

the government kink Air should take some responsibility for where we find ourselves today
they took away
our right to make a decision in relation to
development of over a hundred houses
we would have far more power if that I hadn't been am enacted in June of last year
however we are where we are today and I want to refer to the act in relation to
a statement in which says relevant
Councillors now I don't know whether my attendance here today is relevant or not
because I represent the Beaumont doner meat electoral area
at but I am part of the North Central Area Committee and I was called to this meeting now I believe that
it is relevant for me to be here
because I was part of the enactment of our development plan and does add 15 zoning which I never intended and I'm sure my colleagues and an environment dominated electoral area never intended to be abused
and torture fashion at by such a monstrous development
I also feel I have the right to be here as an elected representative because St Albans Park I believe is one of the jewels in the crown of our city and I wouldn't allow one inch of that to be developed under any circumstances
and this is going to have
a dreadful effect I believe on St Anne's even walk on up the main avenue
days 8 storey blocks will be as destroying our view our amenity and it's just not acceptable to me and I want I want a determination on on who is relevant and who was not relevant in this I reckon all of our 60 Tree Councillors in this city are very relevant in this and particularly the ones in the north central area and I say there's a document signed by
six there next public representatives Councillors for two Clontarf electoral area but I would love to give I want to give my support about in whatever way I can and I'm sure my colleagues in IT environment Runnymede we should do about as well thank you

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:48:18]

thanks cancer book your help and your relevance is very much appreciated here and the people of Clontarf Rouhani and all this is Dublin welcome you here for your presence grandmothers
Mourne plays

[Edel Moran - 0:48:37]

Chair and tanks Brian I just want say everything has already been said so I'm not going to go back over everything I want to say that I won't be able to support this development Charlie true density of and I don't think it's right and the people of the area the PAC and a sports clubs to have two so far so good market

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:48:53]

thanks consulted

[Larry O Toole - 0:48:57]

first of all I want to time numerous residents who got in touch with me and I know some of them are in the Gallery today
I tried to get back to some of the numbers
that be it because I became a bit overwhelmed then and we're tank you and take their residents and concern people are gone toe-to-toe
are to be applauded for their interest in this and I want to first of all
recognise our dire need for housing
and we all know that we all acknowledge that both this this development is proposed development is not the answer to that
overpriced and unaffordable housing these will bait no doubt about it will not be the answer and will not really give us one tiny little bit funny at housing for people who who either Konta forward our cost certainty can't afford to pay the process will be expected
in this development
childcare luck I I I look on this as a very greedy application
is greedy Bill Bailey the developer who is going to he knows there's a market out there for what for what he wants to do here he knows
but he doesn't care about the people who can't get up to that market so it's a greedy development and also want to remind
we should remind ourselves about this found was given to the Vincente is by Dublin City Council in good faith now I consider what's happening now is not in good faith
the institution and
didn't feel they had any more need for the land of the right Fontaine was to give us back to Dublin City Council governance city council development for which homes that people could afford to live in
so we are good faith has gone out the window there
I want to win
no I will not be supporting this application and Councillor R L Moore in the Chair would be reading into direct out of this meeting
to Sinn Fein at submission
from our TD Denise mention Andy the five councillors in Dublin Bay Nork so I would I would ask you at some stage to read the Hansard record Councillor ALMO government

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:51:33]

thank you Councillor niche

[Naoise - 0:51:37]

Kermorgant's and karaoke am I suppose St. anne's Parker's comes to broker said was always regarded does that as the jewel in the crown but I suppose from a planning perspective we have the look of it the zoning said 15 and just 15 means essentially means a residential

[Tom Brabazon - 0:52:01]

development is only open for consideration this is a peripheral to my understanding as a peripheral kind of an open to consideration in other words like a house for the first sanction or a gatehouse Harrogate Lodge or something of that nature what Councillor Towler has just said as this is a greedy application with over 400 units being shoehorned into disc into this site is absolutely outrageous and it is a greedy application and it goes away above and beyond what Z 15 officers councillors when we passed the development plan as intended there is no doubt if the Member Panel golfer that go for this development if we may as well just tear up the development plan and try it out because it will have no meaning whatsoever if that happens and I am opposed to this development because it will reduce as the major green longer that St. anne's Park is and it will reduce the buffer zone to the Unesco Biosphere site all-island
as has been highlighted earlier on theirs air
with the traffic that there will be major exacerbation of the of the traffic the traffic problems that are experienced on the Hull Road and into Clontarf already and you know that the siting of the Dart station or you know as the crow flies would enforce it within a particular distance to me is dishonest and there it should or should not be considered an in in that life
I think the huge difficulties in replacing the last playing pitches for the low local sports clubs and M I think it's
if if those sites that are going to have not just the loss of those sites but where the kids going to play with the honest is going to fall back on those as a Local Authority to provide alternative pitches and as we are now around around the Spice room decked out there there is huge pressure on all the pitches around the north Antrim area and if there are no pictures to play on the kids are going to fall back into anti-social behaviour and low level crime and this is just to conclude because it onto a page everything has been said already but just to conclude this development is completely and totally out of character and it what we need an in in in in in the north or the Dublin in relation to housing is the same sustainable development both sustainable from an environmental point of view and sustainable from a community perspective and I think this application falls down very very badly and on both counts
and you know this
I thought about this lung and heart and this Is this application because of the zoning issues it's a brass neck application and that's the only way to describe it and I would call on a bar Pleanala to reject this application overweight because if it's enough I can see this matter before the courts because one of the hundreds of people who e-mailed air all of us over the last number of days in relation to this matter and will will take a brave stand and bring this before the cards I've no doubt about that grow Margot

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:54:54]

OK thanks consternation

[Naoise - 0:54:56]

yet thanks Kiir liquidating its fairly clear what the meeting has the meeting fears about the application Carla put just just does a test would NZ 15 04 for residential the land has to be soaked surplus to requirements okay and this is the opposite here this is we all know these lands have been in constant use by the community for playing and games and training and the school only up to the end of December it's the opposite they're not surplus to requirement third current they were an intensive use and that's the use that the land was given to that's the basis on which the land was given to
the order by the bye double corporation all those years ago they have been in intensive use of the very use that there were given four okay so the idea that all of a sudden these lands are surplus to requirements here is nonsensical okay so I think that on that issue alone that test is clearly failing here I hope and Bord Pleanala will see that for water days and will mean that that ground alone is a ground for rejection of this those lands are current where open till the 31st December in intensive use by the community it's the opposite thank you

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 0:56:13]

located culture how far
thank you Chair thank you Brian for coming in and I want to thank

[Cllr Damian O'Farrell Ind. - 0:56:20]

everyone here in the gallery governing today and all the people who e-mailed us over the last of the last years I suppose this this voice has been has been going on
and I won't be supporting at this proposal and I will be supporting any proposal on this site in the future this is our Park I think that that should be said I want to put on the record that's the way the local Councillors feel and the local people feel this is this is our park
and Councillor Brian mentioned a motion there in 2 thousand 16 we tried I was one of the Council's we tried to take their change the said 15 into Z 9 but it wasn't supported by one-off cancers and back in two thousand eleven some Independent Councillors initially tried to air changed tried to take out from Z 15 Oak residential open to consideration but that was eventually defeated to the courts or have been opposing this building on this site for for quite a while I want to ask Air Bryan Air for some questions about your presentation if I can do that because there's some like this false facts I presume this is this some of this stuff is from the
the builder is the
sorry all all of this submission is just presenting information from

[Brian St Pauls - 0:57:27]

their planning application you realise that's not

[Cllr Damian O'Farrell Ind. - 0:57:31]

actually the slide I wanted to bring your attention to yes like that that's that's not accurate
that the onboard the unbroken line they're up on the top the broken line that's the railway track
OK if you're taking that route and by walking you have to cross over the railway track if you're going to Brookwood Avenue to 2 to enter harm in turn state you have to cross over that track and if we're going through the estate and effort it's quite a bit down to the right you have to park and you actually pass the train the railway station as the crow flies and go back into any effort to double back to it so it's totally inaccurate and it does a false information it going out there and if we keep saying it enough people will believe that this is 500 metres away if it's not 500 metres it's it's more like six or seven hundred metres and I think I want to put that want to put that on the record you met you mentioned earlier about their changing needs this traffic issues in the area and their their recognising their

[Cllr Damian O'Farrell Ind. - 0:58:23]

agreed and we talked about them changing the timing didn't mention three seconds or three minutes at the
three seconds in if three second year additional green That's not OK and there's a backlog there just when those cars come up several here road and turn left on to Holme Road there's a backlog there the pedestrian lights at the church there and that the school there's a back so often with the three seconds you can turn and at the moment Dublin City Council are proposing to take a traffic laying out a firm view that's going to have a mass of knock on effect back to this area I want to put that on the record the record as well and the meeting I noticed that the pre application meeting
the pre application report that we got from Bord Pleanala was dated back in November and that and they mentioned on board panel at its Five Hundred and Thirty six units so that it doesn't seem to it's the same he looking for the same mounted units in the pre application meetings
as you looking for an out to me that doesn't it doesn't really make sense it would seem to me that I do know is Dublin City Council at this pre application meeting and on board panel are they not
impacting on him the difficulties he's gone to Harvey doesn't seem to be listening I don't know or else dump City Council aren't impressing upon him and the need to roll back on this they just seen and that's something I'd like to maybe to know more about and lastly m the data of the the CEO's report is dash m that's the 20 turd of February's that rife
Brian that he
will resign on Thursday Lloyds

[Cllr Damian O'Farrell Ind. - 1:00:02]

26th February yet like I think that we should be speaking to the CEO now we would have an opportunity m at the next city council meeting in here and possibly under Lord Mayor's basis I don't know but something at that meeting we should be directing he'll be sitting in that Chair I think all the Councillors as Councillor Burke said that it's it's all councils in Dublin City Council are relevant when we're trying to put a development such as this onto A-Z 15 site so maybe they'll be an opportunity at the meeting coming up on the first and if there isn't an opportunity and if we don't get enough we possibly could have a special meeting on this because all the Council should be interested in this and the sea before the 26 there is ample time because he's the one that's going to be right in the report and we need to impress on him what we feel and I feel that he should be he should be doing our bidding
that's what works for where the members of the thing and I don't see from as I mentioned earlier from air this planning this proposal we have at the moment the message doesn't seem to be getting through to the developer that this isn't acceptable for he is looking for 5 30 06 in the pre-application meeting he looking for still looking for Five Thirty six or the messages that seem to be getting across and I think we should be getting that message to the CEO to pass onto a month to pass onto onboard pianola so again thank you very much

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 1:01:14]

OK thanks in or a councillor indicated the want going again for swallow and to read in the statement from the submission from at Shinsei not Dublin Bay
a Cara we are writing to express our serious concerns about the proposed development at the rear of St Paul's culinary Hainey reference A bathed 3 0 0 5 5 9 dash 18 the status in a housing crisis and the development of the well-planned housing is acute necessary however the St Paul's plan is fundamentally flawed and example of bad planning we are deeply concerned by the proposed plan to build 500 over 500 residents units on the civil Hill Road site the sheer density of this proposal would put enormous strain on local services such as public transport the site itself as landlocked with only a single point through the school already onto a busy road leading into a very congested junction at the whole throat there is no doubt this will lead to further traffic congestion saying towns Park as a fantastic amenity to the local it's used by huge numbers of residents every day for sports and leisure activities the proposed development will seriously impact other A availability of sports pitches and recreation space for community use in particular we are concerned how this development were like fat affect effect the soccer the rugby and GAA clubs in the area along with other community groups have used this facility for over 60 years it would if this proposal goes ahead before so find alternative venues for training fixtures we understand there's no guarantees in terms of the proposed sports hall are weather pitches for these clubs I anyhow for the more we have serious concerns about the environmental and ecological impact of this proposed development what have the St Anne's power dynamic in river and the wider Dublin Bay biosphere we wish to draw your attention to the findings of the developer natural Nora impact assessments which admits that the land is the most densely use for the Brent geese and Dublin after Bull island to which it serves a vital role as their main stage around to access in line grazing is set etc an application has been lodged in conjunction with the planning application to Dublin City three seven seven seven dash 17 which will provide accessible as an auxiliary services the St haitch Dublin City Council have requested more information in relation to this it would be injurious for an APB to make decision why no conclusion has been given by the City Council finally it must be recognised that this land is zoned Z 15 which means is far the Community institutional use which requires existing means is are protected we dash you take this into consideration these concerns were coming to a decision is mission Limousin miss-match Ltd Councillor care on a more Councillor Mohammed Donkor councillor Adele Mourne CouncilArea 2 and Councillor Darren early intervention fine art or market
i'm sorry Heaney plays

[Cllr Deirdre Heney, FF - 1:04:28]

one of the things that Sam Bryan mentioned at our last meeting
was the impact of the Dublin development that our City Development Plan
i'm Bord Pleanala and whether or not they have to take into account what we have set out in our Development Plan I think the response to that was no they don't they're not oblige the envelope Manolas not obliged
to take into account what we specify in our development plan and I think I'm correct in that and on that basis and Carharrack I suppose I'm looking for the advice of of the official from Dublin City Council with regard to and our own individuals submissions and is it best and I believe that this is the the the the way I'm going to
I suppose approaches is it best to specifically and concentrate on the negative impacts that this proposal is going to have on the environment in the Park and its surrounds and the biosphere North at The Bull island because I would prefer not to I suppose argue a case that An Bord Pleanala are not going to be obliged to pay attention to so I suppose what I would like your advice on for the Committee is what's the best I suppose points to force the argument tanks carelock
garages cultures

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 1:06:09]

[Alison Gilliland - 1:06:12]

yeah Carmichael Chair get very very much in a similar vein it's around the status of our Development Plan and that particular zoning because that when we benchmark this application against their own 15 it falls down is absolutely challenges they underpinning principle of that and if I'm Bord Pleanala cannot have due respect to how we as a city manage our land and provides green space and amenities for our communities then we may always always pack up our bags and go home so you know you're your advice on the status of that with onboard panel will be greatly M appreciated thank you

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 1:06:51]

go off stump

[Cllr Sean Paul Mahon FF - 1:06:55]

advertised for let me back in first while I've been over the years this area committee along since 2 thousand and tree and I've never seen a special Area meeting that had a full attendance
and I think that's because of the importance of this issue and it's not just him for Romanian say and Clontarf
I have had e-mails from all across the city
especially sporting organisations and sporting clubs who have said they can't believe that because a lot of them visit St Paul's the play football matches they can leave that as Councillors we are going to let
we're going to throw away seven good playing fields
these will never be replaced again we had this a few years ago with contact golf club where they wanted to get rid of the golf club and put it out to North County Dublin somewhere that's an amenity how would have been immediately that's last forever and in this case it's the same it's gone
you know we're still a living city we still have to perform it for young people what we want a city that only has a certain section golden player football matches
in somewhere TAN 15 miles away from where we live that's not good enough that's not help clubs strive most clubs want to get back to where communities are because it's easy for them it's it's it's the way they grow
I want to thank Brian for dissent they sexting the planning application at and I think at the last meeting we looked for the second meeting and that's it we're going to have more and more of these meetings as in planning applications and I think its so important
that before we go to discuss these applications
we have pre-planning meetings you know a huge amount of material involved in this I didn't i didn't go through it all Brian did just on the presentation that gate today Brian I know I looked for the presentation on the last day and thank you for
asking Can we have directed the stuff that you got today that you took out at the planning application was very useful per hour at 4 Paros as individuals who are going to make a planning observations thanks

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 1:09:22]

OK thanks before that Brian Eno Sultan asked the
previous night up in the rainy club when we had a meeting that
Lord WA Siobhain
the 25 Council's Role of the AME same since hymn-sheet but no repairs of North Central area are also on the same hymn sheet and unusual to see each and every one of the Councillors in agreement with us so hopefully we can do as part of growth

[Brian St Pauls - 1:09:54]

I want to come back and yes and thank you for those comments Members and officers is a very wide range of issues being raised there and it just clarify at this stage this application has not been assessed and are in the process of doing so and will do so over the following month and take into account internal reports so at this stage what I really want to do is try and address some some key questions that were raised by members and trying to work and backwards and certainly can have a copy of the presentation and can be e-mailed to yourselves and and there was a questions about An Bord Pleanala the develop the stages of the development plan and I am trying to recall this because it's basically to do with legislation and my understanding is that the board is bound by our zoning objectors or certainly there is no scope to apply for a strategic housing development application on a site which is contrary to the zoning objective or if it's not zoned for residential development and I I think essentially that provision was put in to try and prevent applications so that anywhere around the country on land that answer and I am now if you set aside the Strategic Housing Development provisions on Bord Pleanala was always entitled to make a decision and and to grant permission where the local authority refused it as a material contravention of the development plan but the legislation sets out a number of reasons or basis on which that can actually be made now off the top of my head it includes issues such as if the decision of the local authority or in this case the recommendation of the local authority would be contrary to national guidance regional guidance and if there was inconsistent provisions in the development plan or if there had been a precedent for a similar scheme or similar schemes being granted permission and yet the local authority was then looking to refuse permission for something else within the same time period so the certain kind of controls on it like that now what I would say is I'm Bord Pleanala ward and January look to make decisions that have regard to a development plan any development plan that it sees as being reasonable
decision that would be based on the proper and planning in a sustainable development of the area and I would expect that Board to do so in this particular case
there was a query there about am
I think was Councillor Burke talking
query about who is the relevant Members I think that's just the terminology used in the legislation Councillor in terms of that in certain Councils like the City Councils like herself would be brought before an Area Committee bought in other authorities it might be a municipal accounts on or whatever so what they're really just saying is that it's the comments of the Members on that area committee all of them whether they're adjacent representing a Ward adjacent to the Site are not so it's it's it's the Commons of the members on the Area Committee as opposed to the comments of Members on the wider Council
I just to sort of focus as well on the issue of the zone in objective and the issue of his own objective was raised and one is a significant issue at the pre-app with a local authority under onboard Pinola and the zoning objectives sets out criteria effectively for unforeseen which which which Watlans might be surplus to requirements and it was at the point was made strenuous strenuously to the applicant that they need to demonstrate that the development land are genuinely surface litter to requirements that's in terms of the institutional use on site and school in this case and the community uses on site the sports facilities and we have to examine the details submitted to see if that is the case and to see whether it is inconsistent with the with the Zone in objective in relation to the Board I think those comments are about to as Five Hundred and Thirty six units proposed go into the board and it still went in as 500 third six units I think it needs to be clarified that all the board's process and a part 8 is that they're not
there are pains to point out they're not assessing the application literally the applicant is applying for what they think they want or as reasonable on the site the board is literally taken a review of the submitted documentation to see if they consider it a reasonable basis for an application in other words have you submitted the correct documentation in terms of if you need a traffic impact assessment or any Tory impacts Assessment and the Board did come back with some comments indication that we could do with some further information on a range of areas and the zoning objective was one of them and but there is no requirement on the applicant to change the number of units and in that regard and other than that I think the applicant then all all these comments will be will be summarised and an added to the that the Council's comments for this particular area committee meeting and those and the comments attached to the previous committee meeting will be circulated to members and 4 4 2 2 to ensure that there is satisfactory and those comments will be attached to and the Chief Executive's report in due course

[Cllr Ciarán O'Moore, SF - 1:15:21]

OK thanks a lot Brian and thanks to the Members of attending garages