Central Area JPC
Monday, 25th March 2019 at 10:00am 









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1 Minutes of the Central Area Joint Policing Forum held on 10th December, 2018
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2 Progress on actions agreed at last meeting
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4 Updates on the following: Policing Report for 3 Arena Concerts, Community Policing Plan, and scrambler bikes in the North Strand Area
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  1. Sergeant David Moulton
  2. Cllr Ray McAdam Chair
  3. Chief Supt Sean Ward
  4. Insp Brian Cullen
  5. Supt Dan Flavin
  6. Cllr Ray McAdam Chair
  7. Chief Supt Sean Ward
  8. Deputy Maureeen O'Sullivan
  9. Cllr Ray McAdam Chair
  10. Chief Supt Sean Ward
  11. Supt Gerry Murphy
  12. Supt Anne Markey
  13. Chief Supt Sean Ward
  14. Supt Dan Flavin
  15. Deputy Maureeen O'Sullivan
  16. Supt Dan Flavin
  17. Cllr Ray McAdam Chair
  18. Supt Anne Markey
  19. Cllr Ray McAdam Chair
  20. Chief Supt Sean Ward
  21. Supt Dan Flavin
  22. Karl Mitchell Area Manager
  23. Supt Dan Flavin
  24. Cllr Ray McAdam Chair
  25. Marie Metcalfe
  26. Cllr Ray McAdam Chair
5 Reports a) Policing Forum Report b) Drugs Task Force Report and c) Community Report
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  1. Mel Mac Giobhain
  2. Cllr Ray McAdam Chair
  3. Marie Metcalfe
  4. Mary Reilly
  5. Chief Supt Sean Ward
  6. Mary Reilly
  7. Cllr Ray McAdam Chair
6 Annual Work Plan Updates
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7 A.O.B.
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  1. Mary Reilly
  2. Cllr Ray McAdam Chair