South Central Area Committee (Wed, 18th Apr 2018 - 3:00 pm) 

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  1. 1 Minutes of Meeting held on 21st March 2018

  2. 2 Questions to the South Central Area Manager

  3. 3 Roads & Traffic Matters

  4. Roads & Traffic Matters • Minutes of Traffic Advisory Group held on the 27th March 2018 in relation to Traffic Matters in the South Central Area.

  5. Roads & Traffic Matters • Traffic service Request Status Report at 18th March 2018

  6. 4 South Central Area Matters

  7. South Central Area Matters • Presentation from Cathy Scuffil, Historian in Residence - overview of actions

  8. South Central Area Matters • Gully Cleaning Programme Report for the South Central Area.

  9. South Central Area Matters • Area Manager’s Report.

  10. 5 Community, Culture, Economic and Emergency Services

  11. Community, Culture, Economic and Emergency Services • Public Library Events for April 2018 – South Central Area.

  12. Community, Culture, Economic and Emergency Services • Sports and Recreation Report for April 2018 – South Central Area.

  13. 6 Emergency Motions

  14. 7 April 2018 Motions

  15. Motion 585. Councillor Michael Mullooly - This Area Committee calls for a Litter Management Plan, pursuant to The Litter Pollution Act 1997, for Drimnagh.

  16. Motion 586. Councillor Vincent Jackson - Can the Area Manager please address the serious concerns I have of the proposed threat to the future of Rent Assessment in the Ballyfermot Area Office. Can this be addressed as a matter of urgency as this office offers an excellent service to the people of Ballyfermot / Cherry Orchard? It ensures all rent related issues and assessments can be updated in a speedy manner. The current Community Development Team needs to be strengthened.

  17. Motion 587. Councillor Paul Hand - That this Area Committee welcomes the purchase of the former Ard Scoil Eanna on the Crumlin Road by Dublin City Council. Furthermore, this Area Committee welcomes any proposals for public housing on this site but also requests that a portion of the site be developed as a public library for the people of Drimnagh. This Area Committee requests that the process to suitably re-zone the site begins as soon as possible by Dublin City Council.

  18. Motion 588. Councillor Michael Mullooly - Where public money is spent by Dublin City Council for privately owned sports facilities by way of sports grant, community grant or discretionary funding or other funding, that this funding only be made available on condition that it include a community benefit and benefit local clubs and organisations by making the facilities available free to local clubs at certain times and at a reduced rate at other times and that this form part of the application process for such funding.

  19. Motion 589. Councillor Vincent Jackson - Can the Area Manager please intervene with Dublin Bus and the NTA in relation to the serious changes recently introduced by Dublin Bus on the 68B route from Bulfin Estate, Inchicore, Dublin 8. These changes were brought in without any proper consultations with local residents.

  20. Motion 590. Councillor Paul Hand - That this Area Committee condemns the illegal development at 80/82 Naas Road, Bluebell, Dublin 12 and the site owners continued and flagrant disregard for the planning process. The site owner has demolished 2 habitable properties and replaced them with a dangerous, unsuitable, inappropriate structure in it's place, which will contain at least 11 bedsit style apartments upon completion. This Area Committee requests that legal action be taken against the site owner to rebuild and re-instate the houses as they were.

  21. Motion 591. Councillor Vincent Jackson - That the employment of area based Traffic Wardens be seen as an essential tool in effective traffic management, particularly in the suburbs, from the level of non payment. I currently see these positions would almost certainly be self financing. In addition we need area based Litter Wardens to ensure all play their part in keeping the area clean.

  22. Motion 592. Councillor Vincent Jackson - In view of the recent purchase of the Ard Scoil Eanna Site on the Crumlin Road by Dublin City Council and possibility of Dublin City Council purchasing the funeral home adjoining this site, that future redevelopment of this site incorporate community facilities such as a modern public library, community facilities etc.

  23. 8 March Questions and Answers