South Central Area Committee (Wed, 21st Mar 2018 - 3:00 pm) 

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  1. 1 Minutes of Meeting held on 21st February 2018

  2. 2 Questions to the South Central Area Manager

  3. 3 Housing Matters

  4. Response to submitted questions

  5. 4 Roads & Traffic Matters

  6. Roads & Traffic Matters (a) Minutes of the Traffic Advisory Group held on the 27th February 2018 in relation to the Traffic Matters in the South Central Area.

  7. Roads & Traffic Matters (b) Traffic Service Requests Status Report at the 15th February 2018.

  8. 5 South Central Area Matters

  9. South Central Area Matters (a) Presentation on the Liberty Business Forum

  10. South Central Area Matters (b) Naming and numbering proposal for a new development on a site at the rear of 486 Bluebell Avenue, Bluebell, Dublin 12.

  11. South Central Area Matters (c) Naming and numbering proposal for a new development at a site at Kylemore Road and the Old Naas Road, Bluebell, Dublin 12.

  12. South Central Area Matters (d) Gully Cleaning Programme Report for the South Central Area.

  13. South Central Area Matters (e) Area Manager’s Report.

  14. 6 Community, Culture, Economic and Emergency Services

  15. Community, Culture, Economic & Emergency Services (a) Public Library Events for March 2018 – South Central Area

  16. Community, Culture, Economic & Emergency Services (b) Sports and Recreation Report for March 2018 – South Central Area.

  17. 7 Planning and Economic Development Matters

  18. Planning & Economic Development Matters (a) Proposed disposal of the Council’s fee simple interest in a site at Davitt Road close to intersection with Benbulbin Road, Inchicore, Dublin 8.

  19. Planning & Economic Development Matters (b) Proposed disposal of a plot of land at Sarsfield Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10, to CIE.

  20. 8 Emergency Motions

  21. 9 March 2018 Motions

  22. Motion 578. Councillor Greg Kelly - This Area Committee expresses its anger at Irish Water, who have left constituents in the Dublin 8 and Dublin 10 area without water after the recent bad weather. While Irish Water announced water pressure reduction we have seen areas been left without any water at all. This we know is due to the lack of investment in the water infrastructure over the years. We call on Irish Water to outline to this Area Committee its plan to upgrade the water infrastructure in the whole Dublin South Central Area, and we ask for full details of works and a timeline.

  23. Motion 579. Councillor Paul Hand - That this Area Committee commends all the staff and volunteers in the Orchard Centre in Cherry Orchard who provided homeless accommodation and a community outreach service over the recent bad weather. To this end we request that this motion be sent to the Lord Mayor's office and for all staff and volunteers to receive a civic award for their selfless dedication in helping others.

  24. Motion 580. Councillor Greg Kelly - This Area Committee supports the call from De La Salle GAA club for a GAA pitch in the Cherry Orchard area as part of the Local Area Plans for Cherry Orchard.

  25. Motion 581. Councillor Cllr. Vincent Jackson - For many years I have sought without success the introduction of a refundable deposit scheme on all plastic bottles, beverage cans, soft drinks cans etc. I am asking that Dublin City Council lobby aggressively the Department of Environment Housing & Local Government for the introduction of such a scheme here, similar to Germany, Denmark etc. who levy 25 cents, which is refundable when you return the empty bottles, cans etc.

  26. Motion 582. Cllrs Daithi Doolan & Greg Kelly -This Area Committee notes with thanks the huge effort made by Dublin City Council staff, emergency services and community activists during the recent Storm Emma. We especially thank those involved who kept the Orchard Centre open to provide food, shelter and warmth to homeless and vulnerable people.

  27. Motion 583. Cllrs Daithi Doolan & Greg Kelly - This Area Committee expresses frustration at the delay in development of the Corna Mona site and in the refurbishment of the Jamestown Court site. We urge all those involved to ensure both sites are developed without further delay.

  28. Motion 584. Councillor Críona Ní Dhálaigh - That this Area Committee, in supporting the regeneration of the Liberties area and welcoming the improvement works on Francis Street, request that a feasibility study be carried out on the future for Meath Street. This street has a proud history but of late has been neglected and dereliction is an issue. The local community want to make Meath Street great again and are organising a proactive working group to ensure the street gets the much needed make over and support.

  29. 10 February Questions and Answers